Fall-ing All Over the Place

Hello, pumpkins! Sorry for disappearing, we’ve been enjoying a few unseasonably warm days! At the zoo with cousins, at the pumpkin patch with friends, replacing morning blogging with wagon rides, and night blogging with bonfires. :) Sweaters and jeans one day, short sleeves and skirts the next… that’s fall in Chicago for ya. I’m not really doing Halloween this year, just … [Read more...]

Apple Picking

This past Sunday we went on our second annual trip to Edward’s Orchard. :)     Lily had about 4 apples while we were at the orchard, she loves them! Doug and Lily finding an apple for me and Ben. :) probably wondering why all the apples are on the ground, that’s an “uh oh” when she does it… mommy’s helper my two cuties and I finally got a pic with both kids! 24 lbs of apples, … [Read more...]

It’s Been a Long Day…

I seriously don’t know what I’d do without coffee or Elmo today. It’s been a rough one. Ben was up most of the night with a sniffly nose and Lily woke up this morning with similar symptoms. I’m thinking allergies, but oh. Bedtime (mine included) couldn’t have come fast enough.   Since I’m busy helping this guy battle his bug, (and mommy NEEDS to go to bed right now) I’ve decided … [Read more...]

Simple Tip – Removing that Little Eggshell

Ever have this happen? No matter how hard you try, it happens. You find a little piece of eggshell left behind. It takes FOREVER and a day to remove, you can try to use a fork, or even your fingers, but it doesn’t always work.   Your simple tip for Saturday on removing that last little bit of eggshell? Use the rest of the eggshell! Dip it in, scoop it up, You may scoop up … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Stuffed Shells

Last Wednesday, Doug was having a rough day, and I wanted to cheer him up when he got home from work. Since I’m Italian, the best way I know to show my love is with a heaping plate of yum: Stuffed shells are always good no matter how you make them but you want a secret on how to make them irresistable? One that neither the back of the ricotta cheese or the box of shells knows… or even most … [Read more...]

Simple Tip – Cleaning Spray Paint off Skin

While painting 16 pairs of shutters this weekend, I’ve lost a few million brain cells and ruined my comfiest pair of flip flops. Uh-oh. If my flip flops look like that, then what do my feet look like…   Your simple tip for Saturday, if you want to clean spray paint off skin QUICKLY and SAFELY: you ready? use OLIVE OIL!   Spread a bit of olive oil on the painted skin, scrub … [Read more...]

Tan House, Black Shutters

Could it be? Are we actually getting closer to having at least one part of our blog name be true? YES! As we speak (and I’m sitting inside blogging, haha), Doug and his brother are cleaning the shutters and prepping them to be painted. After my 10 month pregnancy hiatus from spray-painting, it’s safe to say I’m the only one that I trust spray painting anything around here… ;) If there’s any … [Read more...]

Help Me Wednesday – Bedroom Progress

Welcome to the fourth edition of Help Me Wednesday!grab a button! <a href="http://whitehouseblackshutters.com"><img alt="White House, Black Shutters" src="http://i874.photobucket.com/albums/ab305/whitehouseblackshutters/Badges/helpme.jpg" width="150" height="150" /></a> Melissa from Kensington Cottage, her living room was the most clicked on link!Mari from Back to the Best (my … [Read more...]