Simple Tip: Peel a Bulb of Garlic in 10 Seconds

Garlic is sooo good. If I had to list the foods that I couldn't live without, they would probably be garlic, butter, eggs, and bacon. And salt. Tomatoes. And maybe steak and goat cheese. But garlic is also so good for you! Did you know it's a natural antibiotic? When we're sick and loading up or making food for a large crowd, we need a lot of garlic. The part I hate the most about using … [Read more...]

Faux Candle Chandelier Socket Covers

How-To: Faux Candle Chandelier Socket Covers

Want to make your chandelier socket covers (those little white tubes) schnazzy? Fancy-schmancy? Classy? Remove your tubes from the chandelier, line them all up, and drip hot glue down the sides of the plastic tube. It is a little bit more of an art form than it looks, but you'll get the hang of it after doing just one. Don't like how your first one looks? ('Cause at that point you … [Read more...]

Ben’s Dress

Want to tick off a 2.5 year old girl? Make a normally sweet and adorable kid into an absolute monster for a good 20 minutes? (I hope not, that’d kinda make you a sick individual.) Put her in an adorable blue, plaid dress bought lovingly from Grandma from Janie and Jack. She INSISTED that because this dress is a.) plaid, and b.) blue, that it was “Benny’s dress.” I don’t know where she got that … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Kids

Ben’s new thing is climbing. He’ll get up onto a coffee table, chair, stool, you name it, stand up, get a huge smile on his face and say “rah!” I think he’s trying to scare me, so I usually act scared when he does it :) I know I probably should be trying to stop him, but this is not going to last. He’s not always going to want to climb on top of a chair to scare mommy. Lily likes to do it too :) … [Read more...]

The Big Bed is OUT!

Well not, completely gone. Still in our garage and still very much for sale – but it’s out of our room! I love our bed, it’s beautiful, but just too big for our super small bedroom. We went from this:   to this: To this! Haha, you would think this would be the “before” not the “after?” It’s like a blank slate. I love it. :) The bedspread is a full, but we have a BIG comfy queen that … [Read more...]

Spent a Week Under a Rock

At the risk of sounding like a slacker, this last week was a rough week and I wasn’t feeling a blog post for the sake of a blog post. I was debating even telling you this, BUT! I don’t feel like I can jump right into regular posting like nothing happened. My leg/skin thing felt like it got worse. My legs look I got attacked by a zombie (no joke – it’s gross), and every step I took felt like my … [Read more...]

Shrunken Sweater Leg Warmers

wow, take 30 seconds and #upcycle an old sweater or sweatshirt into leg warmers! #tutorial #legwarmers

I heart upcycling, especially with old clothing. I also heart quick, no-sew projects, this one took me all of, oh I don’t know… 30 seconds! Take a sweater that no longer fits, use your fabric scissors to cut the arms off, and slip them on your legs. Bam. Done. No sewing required. ;) Although I probably will need to sew these before or after washing them… and possibly add … [Read more...]

Tape Magnets and Other Ideas

I’m not a huge magnet person, I don’t know why. But I am most definitely a hanging-up-kid-drawings-on-the-fridge person, so I needed something. Thank you pinterest :) Source: via AM on Pinterest I used the tutorial above for Washi Tape Magnets from Twirling Betty and it took me all of 10-15 min to do. Best kind of project! Sadly, I don’t have washi tape but until I … [Read more...]