No-Cost Paper Grocery Bag Valentines!


  If I had to name my blog crushes, Erin from Lansdowne Life would be right up there! Post after post she comes up with amazingly creative ideas, DIY, and repurposes things you wouldn’t have even thought of. They live in an 81 year old house and are constantly renovating (love!). Her blog is a HUGE source of inspiration and you could fill a pinboard with pretty much everything on … [Read more...]

Basement Laundry Room Clean-up


Two weekends ago on our facebook page, I mentioned that we had a little mishap with our septic system. Not little, kinda big. As in it needed to be emptied and we had septic poo water back up into our washing machine and into our basement. Gross. In our defense, there was an issue with the pipe leading to the septic field, but it’s fixed now! And the area was ready for cleaning, … [Read more...]

Happy Home Giveaway!


This giveaway is now closed. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in A Blogtastic Extravaganza this week! A Blogtastic Extravaganza, or ABE3, is a huge giveaway event involving 60 blogs. Each blog is hosting a giveaway package (worth $100 or more!) for you to win. Each blog will have a linky at the bottom of their post so that you can hop from blog to blog entering each one! It … [Read more...]

Kids’ Playroom in an Unfinished Basement


Recently, Doug showed you how to make a basement storage shelf and today, I’m showing you what we’ve done with it. Filled it with toys! Not taking over my house, in the closets, in the baskets, in their room, but in the basement! *happy dance* The cost of the shelf was only $60 – I know we would have paid double that if we were to buy it and the shelf wouldn’t have nearly been as sturdy. … [Read more...]

While I Was Cleaning


I have pineapple in my tealight holders, completely emptied toy bins and repurposed laundry baskets in the living room, a sleeping little guy “raising the roof” in my bed, a kitchen, in my kitchen (What? Why? How? When did they get this strong?), aaaaaaaaand... a cleaned out, sorted, and semi-organized closet. :) So while this might not be the look I’m going for in here, this … [Read more...]

How to Make a Basement Storage Shelf

how to create basement storage in one evening for only $60.

So here’s the deal – the kids got a ton of toys for Christmas, plus we already had way too many toys in this house. There was just nowhere to put them all. So after an impromptu trip to Menards (their lumber is decent and their prices are good) and an evening of work, we finally have a place to put them. Here's how to make a basement storage shelf. Tools Required: - Power Drill - Circular … [Read more...]

To-Do List for 2012


It’s that time of year – who knows what we’ll get done in the coming year, but here are some goals I’m setting for myself! Source: via Anna on Pinterest     1.) Tackle and blog about more DIY and house projects. We’ve done more here than I’ve posted about in the last year. We added a whole house water filter, did a lot of clean-up in the … [Read more...]

What Happened Here?


the above post title is the response I get when I ask Lily what happened... she gets a look of confusion and acts as if she has no clue why the milk is all over the floor. Thank you for all your comments and love on our announcement post, and on our photos and updates on facebook! Things are going great here. Last week we kinda sat back and relaxed, woke up late, took a lot of naps, visited with … [Read more...]