Sailing the Garage Sea 2012


  I didn’t do a lot of garage sailing last year (yes I know it’s a garage “sale" , but I like saying “sailing”). Two years ago, I was out every weekend. Maybe that’s a bit much, maybe not, but I missed them. Goodwill just doesn’t cut it sometimes. I hit up a neighborhood wide sale last Friday and scored! Wanna see what I got? These sweet mini oil paintings, about 8” long, $4 each. … [Read more...]

Handprint Flower Planter


    This Mother's Day, I wanted something that my mom could actually use. Something that my young kids could help with. And something that didn’t scream “my young kids helped with this”. I decided to use flower stencils, paints, and brushes to make my daughter’s handprints into flowers on a planter. Here’s what you need: -large planter (mine is from IKEA) -Martha Stewart Crafts sea … [Read more...]

It’s Coming Along! (Wood Floor Update)


So here’s where we left off. Day One: The laminate tile was taken out, staples removed, and all the junk was scraped out. Furniture was cleared out, the floor was started. These registers had to be refigured and cut, because they were originally right up against the wall. These will later be stained and poly-ed to match the floor. Day Two: Got farther, but also reconfigured … [Read more...]

How to quickly Cut Pancakes


Yes, I guess you could use a fork or fork and knife. BUT! there is a quick way to cut your stack of buttery, syrupy, and peanut buttery (if you’re like me) pancakes without everything getting all sloppy. Use a pizza cutter! Perfect for when they’re eating ‘em faster than you can cut ‘em. Which is pretty much all the time! ;) How do you like your pancakes? … [Read more...]

Let Your Mess Make You Money with


Although we just finished the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, things are still gonna get messy around here. I’m sure everyone has that one room that has a hard time staying clean, for us it’s our bedroom. Something needs to be moved? Put it in our room. No room in the linen closet? Don’t make space for it, just put it in our room. Laundry not finished and people are coming over? You get the … [Read more...]



I have to get some thoughts out of my head. I feel like I’m losing my ever-lovin’ mind lately. I feel like my fuse is an inch long and my patience is tested daily hourly minutely. I am wearing a bib (per my kid’s instructions). I just found a lovely masterpiece on the wall done in crayon. I just refilled my coffee cup. Ben is climbing on my shoulder singing “bee-yowk! bee-yowk!” (milk! milk!). … [Read more...]

The State of the Family Room


Here are things on the opposite side of the foyer, how they stand right now. Doug ripped up all the carpet except for the little area around the entertainment center (see it, see it?). We got a big ole pile of wood flooring, and a new couch. HEY?! A new couch?! You may remember that we had these two leather couches, a hand-me-down from Doug’s grandparents. But as the years went on, they got all … [Read more...]

Mod Straps Review and Giveaway! (closed)


Recently, I was looking for a camera strap and asked a few friends for their recommendations. I wanted a quality strap that my husband wouldn’t be ashamed to carry, but was also cute! Several friends recommended that I look at mod. and said that they were the best. I went to their site, and was blown away by all of the color choices and options! I believe what style you wear says a lot about … [Read more...]

Foyer Progress–Redesign and Building


A quick recap for ya: our entry way was too small, we’re getting wood floors, so while we’re ripping up flooring, why not tear out some of the floor and redesign it? Sounds like a walk in the park right? I had to leave to do some tests on Saturday and of course right as I was leaving, Lowe’s delivery man decided to show up. GAH! I didn’t want to miss it! But I did, he delivered it with his fancy … [Read more...]

Out with the Carpet, In with the Wood


The day has come. Last Saturday, we started ripping out our 30 year old, nasty carpet and tile to replace it with wood! We went to Lumber Liquidators (who had decent prices, a great selection), local flooring places, Home Depot, Menard’s, but went with Lowe’s. They had what we were looking for, which was: cheap Haha, okay kidding! While we’d love to go with bamboo, or something dark and … [Read more...]