40 BAGS 40 DAYS Week One Progress

This past Wednesday, we kicked off our third annual 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS decluttering challenge. Want to join in? It’s not too late! Check out this post, get our printable calendar, and join the closed facebook group for support. Are you already joining us or want to see blogs who are? Link up at the bottom of this post!

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This week, I wanted to start small and tackle the places that were out in the open and had collected clutter. Papers, junk, stuff that was staring me in the face and getting in the way.

One of my goals for this project was to sell some of the big furniture we have and like, but aren’t using. Thanks to a reader on our facebook page, on Monday I sold a big roll top desk that was going from room to room and getting in the way. YAY! :)

I also failed at giving my husband clues that I had sold it, and instead convinced him we were robbed:

290838_10100750935116938_13701168_62332636_412572808_o IMG_8913

But then on Tuesday, I had a clutter-iffic pile leftover from the desk staring me in the face. YAY. :(

For my day one on Wendesday, I tackled that pile.

I got one bag of garbage out of it: old receipts, tons of old ACT tests from my tutoring days, and lots of junk. The rest was paperwork that was filed, old pictures and mementos headed to a storage box, tools, and office supplies that were put in their spot. I also cleared the picture ledges to make way for the new and moved the Goodwill “steal” that I shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

IMG_8941 IMG_8946

On Thursday, I decided to go after the toys that had gotten a bit out of control. I usually keep two baskets of toys in here: one for randoms, one for legos, but you know how toy migration is.

I told myself I could decorate a little bit if I finished it quickly.


I timed it, and bam! Lunch and kid distractions included, the room was completely done in two hours. I thinned the toys and books out with stuff we no longer needed, and filled a laundry basket of toys and stuffed animals to put away. One bag off to be donated!

so I got to make the space pretty! I hung a bookshelf, rearranged the picture ledges, and hung a frame.


On Friday, I decided to tackle the foyer area. It wasn’t bad, but with the kids growing and seasons changing, I found a bag’s worth of shoes (in our wine crate shoe storage) and coats to donate.


We also finally hung this shelf with hooks, and added some baskets to fix the mail/keys/wallet situation.

I had a mirror I’ve been saving for three years but couldn’t find a spot for it. I thought it would work here but nope! I’m too short. :)  Back it goes to my sister-in-law who found it at a garage sale. Three years ago.

IMG_8975 IMG_8959


Week one: Three days, three bags and a mirror out!



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What did you tackle this week?

If you didn’t, have I convinced you to join us? It’s not too late and we would love to have you! :)


  1. Rob says

    I’m working on this; probably one of only a few guys. In the first two days I’ve gotten rid of one box and 5 bags (camera bags, extra computer bags). I’ve printed the calendar and consulted with my wife in what we’re tackling when. Looking forward to clearing out, and hoping it helps weed out some consumerism at the same time.

  2. michelle says

    Hi there,
    I didn’t take pictures but in the past week I have purged 8 industrial sized bags of garbage, 6 of the same size in stuff to go to good will, and am still continuing!! Thank you so much for the inspiration

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