Woo hoo, week 7! Today is day 39! Are you proud of yourself? I am. :)

Since we technically still have today and tomorrow left, I am going to hold a link up next Friday. It’ll be more like a reflection of the whole challenge: what you got out of it, how you feel about your home now, what you learned, are happy about, all that stuff.

So you’re not off the hook, and we’re not completely done yet!!


This week I tackled two areas in our hallway that needed to be finished: the linen closet and what was behind the door opposite the closet. The ATTIC!

Here’s a B&A of the linen closet. I took some baskets in the basement I had found at the dollar store and at garage sales and put them to use.

image IMG_6312

It isn’t perfect, but it looks a lot better! Next, I decided to just go with it and finish the attic.

Monday was garbage day and I wanted to finish this space before today, so I went up there and like a madwoman started throwing crap away. Why am I saving it if I don’t know where to put it!? I got three more bags, and threw them all out the window. I dragged the last bag to the curb as the garbage man pulled up, so unfort, no pics of bags. I had six bags, four boxes, and some other crap.

But I do have pictures of a VERY CLEAN ATTIC!!! Wanna see?


Here’s the floor plan to give you an idea of the space. It’s not finished off yet, but we hope to do that someday in the future. We currently only have 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, so we’d like to add a large bedroom and a full bathroom up here. The space is about 30 feet long, 13 feet across, from shoulder height to shoulder height (it’s peaked).image

The storage room is about 12 by 12? But it’s peaked too, so not as much room as that sounds. But it gives a lot of room! And the best part is that when we finish this space off, we won’t lose our storage area/attic.

Right now, I have our Christmas decorations, baby things, clothes, and luggage in here.


Here’s more pictures of the space:








And I’m uploading a video tour to YouTube right now, but it’s huge (I ramble) so it’s taking longer than I thought. I’ll embedded the link when it is done.


So that’s my week. How did yours go?



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    Amazing! I kind of did the 40 bag challenge. I mean I didn’t count bags and I never had my act together enough to blog about it, but I did get rid of a lot. Spring cleaning! Our attic is finished and I sooo wish there was a bathroom up there. Kind of cool that you get to decide the layout of yours!

  2. says

    I bet it feels great to have that done! It looks awesome! I finally finished my hall makeover if you’d like to stop by and check it out! Have a great weekend!

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