47 Bags, Still Cleaning

Thanks for all your prayers! My mom’s surgery went well (about as good as it could have gone) and the doctors are confident that they fixed everything. My mom feels a lot better and is doing great. :)

Yep, I added ‘em all up and I got 47. Plus 7 large pieces of furniture (still waiting on people to want my bed, haha).


You would think I would be totally stoked and happy to be free of the clutter, but honestly, I don’t feel much different than I did in this post.

I’ve tackled most of my problem areas (attic, basement, the kids’ old clothes, and the linen closet), we had a garage sale, and although things look better, I’m kinda disappointed in myself.

I had 47 bags of clutter sitting in my house.

And I could probably get rid of about 20 more!


I do still have some areas left that I never got to, but that’s okay.

IMG_8776 The star means I didn’t get to it yet.


I’m still going to continue on my mission to organize my house, even though Lent is very much over. Anyone else?

Yesterday, I tackled my kitchen cabinets and got 1 bag of garbage (this is the worst kind of waste), 1 of recycling, and a paper bag of half/never eaten food for freecycle.

 IMG_8799 IMG_8800

I hate when organized cabinets look like anything but.

IMG_8799-1 IMG_8800-1

I don’t like having 50 million things displayed on the counters, (I mean that’s what the dishes are for…) so the spice rack went on a vacation to the basement. The spices from the rack are in a drawer:


Also, another thing that I’ve been doing is saving clear glass jars from pasta sauce, jelly, pretty much anything, and using those to store beans, rice, grits, and other dry goods.

I love the shape of the containers for Giada’s pasta sauce from Target (in the kitchen, not the food aisles), those are the pretty ones on the right with the silver lids. The black lidded ones are Trader Joe’s jelly jars, but now they replaced the black lids and replaced them with gold. :(


Gosh, recycling is so pretty.

I’ve slacked, you can link up any posts you have about 40 bags in 40 days right here:


Do you feel finished?

Are you happy with your progress?

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