About Me, Ann Marie

Hi you. Thanks for for visiting my little spot of the web!

My name is Ann Marie, some people call me Ann or AM. Pick one, I’ll answer to ‘em all.

That’s an old picture. I don’t have red hair and that kid is now 2 years old. I’m not changing it right now because I’m stalling on making dinner and should really go take care of that.

My in-laws joke that I’m perfect for my husband, that we share the same sense of humor. I don’t know if that’s a compliment… ;)

I’m 28. I have four kids. They’re all five and under and have huge brown eyes. Find me on Instagram (@whbsblog) to see pics.

I’m a math major who’s bringing her creative back. We bought our house four years ago. I’m DIY-ing and thrifting my way though our life here. I love the smell of sawdust. And spray paint.

I also like bonfires, being outside, margaritas, Queen, and dancing. And the part of “Dream On” where Steven Tyler gets all screamy. I like goofy comedies like What About Bob?, Anchorman, My Cousin Vinny, (I could go on forever), and shows like Seinfeld, New Girl, and The Office. Expect quotes.

I like scarves, flip flops, and jeans.

My style is modern vintage. I have a neutral home, but LOVE color. Why did I do that? Good thing everything I buy is either cheap, old, or able to be painted so I’m injecting a whole lot of happy color in here. (Check out my house tour.) I started my blog in Sept ‘09.

I use exclamation points, “…” , parentheses, smiley faces, “lol” and other type-laughing noises way too much. I promise you I really am laughing about 75% of the time I use them.

I like instagram, and connecting with you on facebook. I’ll be honest, I’m still getting better at twitter, but I’m liking it more each day. Pinterest is like crusing my dream home and blog. All the things I like and wish I had/did/was eating.

Why should you read this blog?

Because you’re cool. And I am too. We’re perfect for each other ;)

Want to get in touch? Have a question? email me at amheasley(at)gmail(dot)com. :)


  1. says


    Wanted to congratulate you on the shout of from Daily Buzz! Huge! I am so happy to see you success – and your great house. Big things are in your future – and not just nap time! ;)


  2. says

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  3. says

    Just popped over to say Hi. Because I think your name is REALLY cool ;) A couple of friends shared your 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, I’m a bit afraid to commit (which is why I have collected clutter in the first place) but am happy to have found you nonetheless.

  4. Gloria says

    So happy to have found this. Tried to go back to the thread where I found your link but can’t find it now! I printed the 40 bags chart and I AM STARTING TODAY (as soon as I finish here). I had 5 kids in 6 years and one more later so I can identify with you. Mine are well into their fifties now, YIKES WHERE DID THE TIME GO.?

  5. says

    Hi, I have been following for a while now and love your blog. Your house is amazing! I have nominated you for this ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers’ award. I hope you don’t mind. Read more about it hereif you like.
    Thanks again for your truely wonderful blog.

  6. Michelle Bieber says

    Hello! Love your site. I have it bookmarked and will be referencing it while taking on DIY projects of my own! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us! :)

  7. says

    I am looking forward to doing this 40 day PURGE. Did you give the bags to charities, churches, etc. That’s what I am planning to do. I’ll post as I go along (with before and after pictures aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!)

    • says

      Great question! I give to a handful of organizations myself.

      Goodwill is easy because they are local, I know that they will recycle unusable clothing, and I can drive up and don’t have to take kids out of the car (with 4 kids, that helps lol). My favorite cause is donating pregnancy or baby items to a women’s crisis pregnancy center. We also have a local resale shop that donates proceeds to the same pregnancy center. Home improvement items go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We don’t have too many church run resale stores, but if I do sell items I like to donate a portion of the funds to our local church or favorite charities.

      Keep going, you can do it!!! :) Those before pictures REALLY help, especially when it doesn’t feel like much.

  8. Gabriella says

    Love reading you..your irony and taking things as they are
    All the best
    P.S I used 64 bags 3 years ago :))))

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