Anthropologie Inspired Lattice Tank Top

I’ve painted a lot of stuff over the years. The shutters for our home, many lamps, a box fan, frames, pillows (here and here), furniture, light fixtures. Everything. You name it, I’ve painted it.

But I never change clothes when painting. It’s a bad habit that has left me with many good paint clothes. Yoga paints, freshly painted nails, shoes, shirts, my feet, my wedding ring, it’s all met the fate of getting paint on it. I was once asked by the lady at Kay jewelers, “what do you do for a living? I see white, green, blue, black, yellow…”

uhhhh, I’m a mess. That’s what I do for a living. ;)


Here’s my paint stain. I don’t even know what I was painting, I haven’t even used brown paint lately. But there it is. Looks like the evidence of sneaking chocolate 24/7, and it conveniently shows up right on the tip of my, ahem. EMBARASSING.


I was walking around anthropologie, for the first time ever, and was drawn to this pillowcase and quilt. So bold, so out there, so not neutral, but so expensive. I wanted a to recreate that pattern.


I strategically placed my first piece of tape to hide the stain, but after that, it was pretty easy. Across one side, across the other, and pretty soon my tank top looked like one of those pictures of people duct taped to the wall (google it).


I brushed on my fabric paint in a gentle, circular motion using an Annie Sloan paint brush,


and removed stencil tape as I went on.


When I was finished with the lattice, I needed something to make the square in the center of the unpainted criss-crosses. I thought about it, ran downstairs, and ripped off a corner chunk of a puzzle piece from a foam play mat. Cut it to square with scissors, gave it a tape handle, and it worked!


Like, really well. So much so that I might need to use this method to make stamps in the future.


Here’s the progression: taped, painted, stamped, and the stain was covered.


What do you think?



This project was originally entered into week two’s Refashion challenge at So You Think You’re Crafty! Did you see me over there? Did you think this was my project? The shirt came in 3rd place, woo hoo!

Be sure to head over and vote for this week’s contestants! I can’t tell you who I am, but I’d love if you guessed! This week’s theme is Halloween and I had so much fun with the project.


  1. says

    Nicely done! Your shirt won a medal :). I have a hoodie with grease stains that needs some love. I’ve been toying with painting it. Maybe I will just send it to you ;)

  2. says

    So clever!
    I never change clothes while painting either and I somehow always manage to be wearing my favorite clothes while I’m painting..not a great Idea lol

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