Antique Desk Put to Work

In local desk news, an antique variety has been my saving grace the last two weeks. I finally have a spot!

It was Doug’s grandma’s desk growing up. She gave it to my mother-in-law, who gave it to us.

It fits perfectly next to the fridge, it isn’t too deep, it doesn’t have a lot of storage, which is perfect. I can’t have a desk that has a lot of space. I have trouble with restraint. And stuffing crap into desks. This desk is the perfect size cause I can’t do that.



It holds a laptop and things like business cards, coffee, receipts, measuring tape, painter’s tape, oh and washi tape. Only the essentials in here! ;)


The bottom has a basket with commonly used tools (so I’m no longer hunting for them), and a basket with mail and my camera. The antique stool fits nicely on the right.


I was going to paint it yellow. But it’s staying white. I’ll clean it up a bit and treat it to some nice knobs, but there is no way I am painting this desk. Why, you ask?

IMG_7537(sidenote: look at the bokeh.)


This spot gets the PERFECT amount of afternoon light. And is perfect for naptime crafting tutorial pictures.



it also doubles as my own little photo studio:





It also gives me the perfect view of our family room so I can see what the kids are doing while I’m working. Uhhh…


Because it is close to them, it is also easier to get buried in the computer. Maybe that downfall will help me work on it. Be a bit more present.


Look up at these paintings and remember what’s important. Close the computer, and get back to them. :)


  1. says

    You are soooo funny! I love it. I need something like this, but I have nowhere to put it right now. I MUST go to the next flea market in town and I NEED to weed out my useless junk!

  2. says

    Love it! It is soo perfect. Perfect studio, perfect work place, perfect fit. Love the little guys tearing it up in the living room. Mine are napping as we speak. Instead of working on my own stuff I am indulging in my guilty pleasure…blog reading :)

  3. says

    Don’t you love that all we need is a tiny little corner to call our own? My spot is set up by the window too for all of that lovely sunlight and a bit of a view.

  4. SusanF says

    It’s awesome how a desk that has survived generations of use can work with modern technology. I love the photo to of the open desk with the laptop on it. That is a story in itself.

  5. Emma Briggs says

    I love your desk, it can do so many things, and even if you put something modern object on it still can fit in.

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