Be My Sloppy Valentine

IMG_5141Valentine’s Day snuck up on me, did it do the same for you?!

Lily’s at an age (almost 3) where she’s starting to understand holidays. Christmas was a blast, and she’s been talking about hearts and love and giving people Valentines.

I feel bad, I wanted to start getting stuff up early and go all out, but with three under three, two toddlers with opposite nap schedules (I’m not complaining – at least they still take naps, period!), and a seven week old who likes to nurse and/or use me as a pacifier for 75% of the day… yes, I’m making excuses, but that’s okay with me. :)

I had the kids paint with watered down acrylic paint onto white paper. After they were all dry, I cut them up into various designs, cut up some red cardstock, and used a glue stick to attach them to blank greeting cards I had gotten from Walmart (40 cards for $10?).

Each card was different and although I wanted to wait until the recipients GOT the cards to post this, each card is different, so you’ll be surprised even if you’re reading this… ;)

 IMG_5142 IMG_5151 IMG_5143   IMG_5145 IMG_5146IMG_5147
IMG_5148 IMG_5150IMG_5149 IMG_5152

My wreath was looking so sad, but I wanted to do something quick.

I took a 1/2 yard of red and white seersucker fabric I had in my stash, cut it in half, and wrapped it around my wreath. Since this would only be up for two weeks, I wanted to be able to use the fabric after Tuesday, and I secured the ends with glue dots!

No bows, no pretty yarn covered anything, just wreath. So simple, and yet so slacker-y. ;)


We needed a bit of pink in the kitchen, so I had the kids paint on some old coffee filters, I cut them into hearts, and strung them on some wire I had in my junk drawer. Again, simple and quick, but it adds a happy Valentine-y touch to the room.





There you have it, three simple crafts for the busy mom who has kids who want to help. ;)

I gotta go. As I sit at the dining room table and write this post, Ben is dancing on said table. Nap time!!


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    These are great! Alexander and I were behind on our Valentine crafts until last week! I kept saying the same thing, I wanted to get things up sooner but it never happened! Thanks for sharing! I love the coffee filter garland, I might have to do that this afternoon!


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    Your valentines are super cute! I also love the coffee filter garland! Looks so pretty with the light shining through.

    p.s. I’m a little jealous that you still get naps from your oldest! We have “quiet time” everyday, but I really only get about one nap a week from my daughter. Two, if I’m super lucky.

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