Best Friends Forever Heart Art

This project is dedicated to my lovely sister, Ashley. There’s also little bit of a background story behind it.

Do you remember those necklaces where you wear one half, and give the other half to your BFF?


One day, my sister and I were at a theme park, and saw one of those booths where they airbrush t-shirts. We both turned to each other and and the SAME EXACT IDEA at the SAME EXACT MOMENT. My sister and I are pretty close, but this was just freaky.

We needed “Best Friends” heart shirts.

We looked at each other with buggy eyes, mouths open, with the lightbulb practically visible above our heads, and blurted out what we were thinking. One shirt would have half of a heart, the other shirt would have the other, and when you stood together, they’d look like they were matched up. Combined with the magic of airbrushing, it’d be awesome.

While we still don’t have those shirts (some day…), I thought I’d make something for my sister so when she’s away on her super cool archeological dig this summer, she can remember me. And I, while I’m washing my super cool dishes, can remember her.


Supplies I Used:

-two simple frames
-a fun fabric
-spray paint, I used Rustoleum Lagoon
-Martha Stewart craft paint in “Yellow Gold” and “Gold”
-brushes, scissors, glue gun


Spray paint the frames, let dry.
Wrap the cardboard frame insert with the fabric and fastened it with hot glue.


In the original supply picture above, I had envisioned using a hot pink felt for the hearts. When I went to write on it, it looked sloppy. I thought, “If I’m making these hearts to resemble a necklace, why not use gold?” I then took a piece of cardstock, cut it into the shape of a heart and painted several coats with the “Yellow Gold”.

When the paint was dry, I brushed on the letters in “Gold”, and it gave a darker, engraved look.

I cut the heart in half, and added foam circles to prop em up. Put your frames back together.

Give one to your BFF.


And then one day, reunite and match em up! :)



Do you have a BFF? Did you have one of these necklaces growing up?



  1. Gracie says

    The artists that are presenting their newest collections are usually at those artwalk showings promoting their art. If your community does not participate in artwalks, then you could always try to just go to a public showing, and talk with the artist there. It’s not as if they feel attacked if you just genuinely want to speak with them about their work.

  2. says

    LOVE this idea! My girlies have BFF hearts from the US and Germany – this is a MUST for us to make before we have to move back. GREAT idea – thank you!!

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