Mom Cave Makeover Reveal

bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave #before and #after with #LaZBoy and

Are you ready for my mom cave reveal? You are not going to believe this after. Does that even look like it could be a room in my house?! When I first talked about creating my mom cave, I thought it would be fun to have its own little corner in my family room. But as I tried to work amongst the chaos, it just wasn’t happening. I decided to take over and transform our rarely-used living … [Read more...]

We Painted Our Trim White


There’s a project I’ve been wanting to tackle for the three years that we’ve lived here, and it’s finally done. Well, almost. Two weeks ago we dove into the project and didn’t look back. We primed all of the trim in the living room, dining room, and hallway (here’s a house tour with the rooms). It took a whole week. This past weekend we gave the trim the first coat of paint (Valspar Bistro … [Read more...]

Two Big Projects – Finished!


I’ve had two projects done since Tuesday and I haven’t posted in all that time because it’s the only project on my brain. I couldn’t wait to finish. I can’t wait to show you. No wait, make that I CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU!!!!!! These are two projects I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Two things that have taken me a long time. Both things inexpensive and both things making a huge impact in … [Read more...]

Milk Cap Glitter Spiders


I love these little spiders, they make me happy inside. I don’t typically do Halloween decor. I’m lucky to get fall stuff up and blogged. Cause every year it’s the same craziness: you have fall décor that goes up when it’s still hot out. Then you put up some Halloween, and BAM, BIG HOLIDAY! Then you take it down and put up some more fall, then BAM, another BIG HOLIDAY! Then it’s Christmas. BAM … [Read more...]

Monster Bean Bag Toss Game

love this monster bean bag game!

My kids love a certain monster movie and their favorite character is this silly green guy named Mike. My dad made this game for a Halloween party. When my kids saw it in their garage, they sounded a lot like the little girl Boo from the movie. “Mike Wazowski! Mike Wazowski!” First, take a 4 foot by 4 foot board and paint your monster on there. This is probably the toughest part, but think … [Read more...]

Anthropologie Inspired Lattice Tank Top


I’ve painted a lot of stuff over the years. The shutters for our home, many lamps, a box fan, frames, pillows (here and here), furniture, light fixtures. Everything. You name it, I’ve painted it. But I never change clothes when painting. It’s a bad habit that has left me with many good paint clothes. Yoga paints, freshly painted nails, shoes, shirts, my feet, my wedding ring, it’s all met the … [Read more...]

My Grandma’s Milking Stool


It will be 10 years this November since my grandma passed away. I remember the day she asked me to come close and told me to go find something to keep. To remember her by. She had lung cancer. Some days were good, some days were really bad. This was during a good time. I was seventeen, and my naïve brain didn’t want to accept the fact that one day, she wouldn’t be here. I told her no and … [Read more...]

A Stick, Letters, Some Birds, and a Whole Lot of Mod Podge


How’s that for a title? SEO?! Ha! I just returned from Haven (you can tell I learned a whole bunch...) and I have about 3 recaps in draft. I’m sorry, I stink. No, I’m not sorry. Life got in the way, and you are not top priority here. ;) BUT! I have an awesome project to share with you. The lovely folks at Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social (remember the giant Martha Stewart box?), blessed me with … [Read more...]

Best Friends Forever Heart Art


This project is dedicated to my lovely sister, Ashley. There’s also little bit of a background story behind it. Do you remember those necklaces where you wear one half, and give the other half to your BFF? One day, my sister and I were at a theme park, and saw one of those booths where they airbrush t-shirts. We both turned to each other and and the SAME EXACT IDEA at the SAME EXACT MOMENT. My … [Read more...]

Painting the Family Room and Giveaway Winners!


I picked a color, Sharkey Gray. Loved it, loved any room I’ve seen it in online. I second guessed myself when I got to Home Depot (it looked too dark) and then bought two gallons of “non-refundable” Whetstone Gray. I got home, and the color was almost white. Wah wah wahhh. Went back to Home Depot. Bought two more gallons of the right color. Finished prepping the room, and here we are. I’m … [Read more...]