How to Keep the Toys from Taking Over

tips on toy organization and storage in a small home. Written by a mom of four young kids. MUST READ!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "where are all of your toys?!" Maybe you've been thinking it. Sometimes I shove stuff out of the picture (all bloggers do), but for the most part, we have the toy situation figured out. Toy storage, organization, decluttering, decrapifying, simplifying, it can all be tricky. But once you figure out what works in your home and for your family, you can … [Read more...]

40 BAGS 40 DAYS Week Three Progress


This week I focused on two spaces that needed a large burst of energy rather than a quick clean up: the kids’ room and clothing and craft storage. I also cleaned up my purse and a nightstand, and focused on keeping the laundry going and keeping things put away. Shortly after I wrote last week’s progress post, I got to work cleaning out the kids’ room: their closet, drawers, room, and bins in … [Read more...]

End of Summer Purge and Organize


When I’m not blogging I’m doing stuff, and when I’m blogging, I’m a procrastinating slob. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve had an itch to do some decluttering so I started with my basement. Dun dun dun. One thing that really helped me was this notion, would you want to move it? Even the stuff you like? Box it up, move the box, unload it, and find a new spot for the crap? The answer is … [Read more...]

40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS–Week 6, the basement


  This week, I tackled our basement. I recently was asked for a floor plan for our house, and I love that idea. I like getting a feel for other people’s homes, but I’ll share in another post. Here’s our basement layout: I’ve talked before about our basement laundry room, and our basement play room, and even shared how to build storage shelves. Although it’s unfinished, we have a nice … [Read more...]

Basement Laundry Room Clean-up


Two weekends ago on our facebook page, I mentioned that we had a little mishap with our septic system. Not little, kinda big. As in it needed to be emptied and we had septic poo water back up into our washing machine and into our basement. Gross. In our defense, there was an issue with the pipe leading to the septic field, but it’s fixed now! And the area was ready for cleaning, … [Read more...]

Kids’ Playroom in an Unfinished Basement


Recently, Doug showed you how to make a basement storage shelf and today, I’m showing you what we’ve done with it. Filled it with toys! Not taking over my house, in the closets, in the baskets, in their room, but in the basement! *happy dance* The cost of the shelf was only $60 – I know we would have paid double that if we were to buy it and the shelf wouldn’t have nearly been as sturdy. … [Read more...]

How to Make a Basement Storage Shelf

how to create basement storage in one evening for only $60.

So here’s the deal – the kids got a ton of toys for Christmas, plus we already had way too many toys in this house. There was just nowhere to put them all. So after an impromptu trip to Menards (their lumber is decent and their prices are good) and an evening of work, we finally have a place to put them. Here's how to make a basement storage shelf. Tools Required: - Power Drill - Circular … [Read more...]