My Make Believe Dining Room

dining room with greige paint, white trim, black and white furniture.

Do you ever think about what you'd do differently to a room in your spare time? Silly question, I'm sure. Because I do it a lot. Our dining room is done and I won't change it because there's no need to. I love the big white trim, the artwork, the color of the walls. (Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart, The PERFECT grey-beige) But what if? What would I change to make this the perfect ...

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WiFi Password Art

Wi-Fi Password Art

Last February, we did a photo shoot with our mom cave and one of the first things the crew did when setting up was to ask for our wifi password. It was at that point that I had to sneak into the other room, crawl onto the floor, dig out the router from behind the couch, and scribble the key down on a piece of paper. Embarrassing! Like your friends and family? Want to be a good host? Many ...

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Painted Burlap Bulletin Board


Recently, we painted our the beat-up, thick wood trim in our 77 year old home in hopes that it would brighten and update the space. And boy did it ever! I’ve already shared the huge difference painting the trim made in our living room turned mom cave. I couldn’t believe the transformation the paint made in our dining room and wanted to share it, but I needed a little something in the wall art ...

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Painted Votive Advent Wreath

paint clear votives to recreate the look of candles for your advent wreath, via @whbsblog

Advent starts this Sunday, December 2nd and normally on a day like today I am running around to a few stores to find three purple and one pink candle. I've tried painting the candles, which looked like a joke. I've thought about ordering them online, which did not happen cause well, I am not good about that. Last year, I painted some vases and stuck a candle inside and they turned out okay. ...

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1st Annual Fall Beer Tasting Party


We don’t get to see family as much as I’d like, so I needed an excuse. I thought it would be fun to throw a fall beer tasting party. Make it an annual tradition. For the party, I wanted to create a tablesetting that was fun, warm, and inviting, but not too formal. Pretty for the girls, but not too pretty that we’d scare the guys away. ;) I went to World Market for the supplies for our ...

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What Happened Here?


the above post title is the response I get when I ask Lily what happened... she gets a look of confusion and acts as if she has no clue why the milk is all over the floor. Thank you for all your comments and love on our announcement post, and on our photos and updates on facebook! Things are going great here. Last week we kinda sat back and relaxed, woke up late, took a lot of naps, visited with ...

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An Updated Dining Room

As I update our WAY outdated house tour (from March ‘09 - yikes),  I’ll be posting individual rooms one at a time to give you a look at how things really look around here today!   We’ve come a long way. Although I often feel as if there are SO many things I want to do and not enough money, time, drive, inspiration, whatever and I beat myself up for it…   it’s great to look at these ...

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Flatware Flower and Dining Room Refresh

I just about *died* when I saw Jen’s spring spoon flower wreath on Tatertots and Jello last Wednesday! So much so that I got in my car that day (I had to go shopping anyways…), stopped at Goodwill (well, it was  right across the street…), and bought myself some spoons (no excuse there)! Turns out they didn’t have as many as I wanted so I picked up a few forks as well since I wanted. it. NOW. I’m ...

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