Tips to Create a Family Room

simple changes, secondhand furniture, and paint make this family room fun

Of all the rooms in our house, our family room has gone through the most changes. I'm really not even surprised cause we live in this room 80% of the time. That and the fact that I am a changer-upper. Recently I had enough with not doing any projects so I challenged myself to give this room a summer refresh and spend very little. $30 for the pillows and $10 for some plants that I have not … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Carol Wall Prints

deck the walls with this DIY Christmas Carol art! Even shows how to make a clipboard wall.

Last spring I added a clipboard wall over our couch and up until now the clipboards have only held up kid artwork. To dress them up for Christmas, I made some simple DIY wall prints with the help of a super cute font and an even simpler garland. I shared it on Instagram and y'all BLEW UP MY PICTURE with likes!! So here's the tutorial on how to make your own. Have family coming and want to deck … [Read more...]

The Family Room Photo Shoot No One Posts


Two months ago I raided my mom's garage and she gave me these sweet antique tables that were my grandma's. My parents have had them in their bedroom for as long as I can remember, and I've never seen a side table with lines quite like these curvy beauties. I posted 'em on Instagram, even asked you on facebook if you'd paint them. (I wasn't planning on painting them.) I was EXCITED … [Read more...]

How to Make a Clipboard Wall

clip board wall art

Recently I added some fun colors to our family room, and replaced the map over the couch with a gallery of clipboards. When I say this project couldn't be simpler, I mean it. The toughest part was the planning and pre-measuring. Or maybe it was making a trip to the office supply store around dinner time with three kids? Yeah, that was probably the toughest part. :)   First you need some … [Read more...]

Family Room Spring Refresh

refresh your home with a simple pillow change, love this idea! via @whbsblog

  Even though it doesn't feel like it outside, spring is here and I couldn't be happier! I've been seeing lots of bright and bold color lately and wanted to bring those colors into our home. After adding our new breakfast bar, renovating the other half of the house, and adding a bright and colorful mom cave, I thought our family room could use some love. I added Threshold pillows from … [Read more...]

Floor Board Breakfast Bar

diy breakfast bar made from 70-year-old wood

Right now I’m competing in a competition called Creating with the Stars and this breakfast bar was our entry for Round 1. It is one of my favorite projects to date and has transformed this space – it’s practical and completely changes the way we use this room. (check out the history of our foyer and before / afters of our hard wood floors!) Lily and Ben love it because they can eat, color, … [Read more...]

40 BAGS 40 DAYS Week One Progress


This past Wednesday, we kicked off our third annual 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS decluttering challenge. Want to join in? It’s not too late! Check out this post, get our printable calendar, and join the closed facebook group for support. Are you already joining us or want to see blogs who are? Link up at the bottom of this post!   This week, I wanted to start small and tackle the places that were … [Read more...]

Designing My Mom Cave Corner


I have always wanted a little spot to call my own, a “mom cave” if you will. But with a small house and three young children that need me close by, it’s hard to carve out a space that is all my own. Recently, I asked on our facebook page what you’d have in your mom cave and I loved the ideas! That’s it, I need my own spot. I find myself migrating between two spots – one where I work, one where I … [Read more...]

Spice up Your Home with World Market!


I have been wanting to create a photo wall in our home for a while, but have been lacking inspiration. Bland frames, bland colors, all from a garage sale, none I truly love, and a whole lot of blah. This space when you first enter our home was equally bland, and I needed to create an impression. I wanted to spice up my home a bit so I headed to World Market last weekend to check out their new … [Read more...]

Second Hand Family Room Makeover


Okay. I’ve been holding out on you guys. The family room remodel. Never posted it. But I made Doug hang the map over the couch last night just so I could post this for you. Cause I love you. So I’m going to zip my lip for a million pictures and just let you look at my new, completely remodeled, and almost all second-hand family room. Of course there’s still stuff we need to do, but whatever. … [Read more...]