Beige to Greige Before and After

beige to greige before and after, you won't believe the difference paint makes in this room!

When we closed on our house four years ago, the first thing we did was grab some swatches, pick out a beige color, and coat our ENTIRE home in 5 gallons of that same color. Learn from me, will you? Don't buy one color for your whole house without living in it. Scratch that, don't buy ANY color without first living in your home! I liked the color in daylight but when it started to get dark out … [Read more...]

Sunny Bedroom Update

Sunny Bedroom Update

Our bedroom has always gotten the back burner decorating wise. Does that happen to you? The rest of the house has gotten updates and color love, but all our master bedroom has gotten was stuff shoved in it and laundry folded on the bed. And a super boring neutral palette. Mohawk Flooring challenged me to give a room a colorful makeover for the summer, and I knew it was time this bedroom got … [Read more...]

Two Big Projects – Finished!


I’ve had two projects done since Tuesday and I haven’t posted in all that time because it’s the only project on my brain. I couldn’t wait to finish. I can’t wait to show you. No wait, make that I CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU!!!!!! These are two projects I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Two things that have taken me a long time. Both things inexpensive and both things making a huge impact in … [Read more...]

My Small, Calming Bedroom


In case you were wondering, I haven’t finished our upholstered headboard. Maybe you don’t even remember the headboard I started back in December. You might not even have known this blog then. I’ve done some major cleaning in here and it looks NOTHING like the room I last showed ya. You know what, I owe you guys a view. These are the “before the after” pictures. The only thing that I bought in an … [Read more...]

Headboard Standstill


I know, I know. Just call me the queen of unfinished projects. I posted about planning the headboard. Posted teaser pictures on facebook and instagram. And then I stopped. I’ve reached a sort of impasse. I’m not sure where to go with this, and I’m hoping you can help. I am loving the look of the headboard, but once I added the nailhead trim, I felt like my heart sank a little. I don’t … [Read more...]

Let Your Mess Make You Money with


Although we just finished the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, things are still gonna get messy around here. I’m sure everyone has that one room that has a hard time staying clean, for us it’s our bedroom. Something needs to be moved? Put it in our room. No room in the linen closet? Don’t make space for it, just put it in our room. Laundry not finished and people are coming over? You get the … [Read more...]

While I Was Cleaning


I have pineapple in my tealight holders, completely emptied toy bins and repurposed laundry baskets in the living room, a sleeping little guy “raising the roof” in my bed, a kitchen, in my kitchen (What? Why? How? When did they get this strong?), aaaaaaaaand... a cleaned out, sorted, and semi-organized closet. :) So while this might not be the look I’m going for in here, this … [Read more...]

The Big Bed is OUT!

Well not, completely gone. Still in our garage and still very much for sale – but it’s out of our room! I love our bed, it’s beautiful, but just too big for our super small bedroom. We went from this:   to this: To this! Haha, you would think this would be the “before” not the “after?” It’s like a blank slate. I love it. :) The bedspread is a full, but we have a BIG comfy queen that … [Read more...]