Chunky Finger Crochet Scarf – Trying a New Skill

making a chunky finger crochet scarf!

This month the Michaels Makers and I were asked to check out a class at our local store and learn a new challenge or skill. I decided to go with finger crochet! I walked into the class not knowing anyone or what to expect. We were told to go to the yarn aisle where Dawn, our instructor, helped us pick out supplies. It was SUPER helpful to have her there, and she gave her ...

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Sweet Simple Things Printable


This quote has been on my mind a lot lately: "I am beginning to learn it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." -Laura Ingalls Wilder We have five children age seven and younger. With the older kids, it seemed as if I was living in a hurry or looking forward to the next big step. Whether that was walking, when a kid would be in their own bed, talking... and so ...

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Wooden Photo Hanging Display


This month, Michaels asked the Michaels Makers team to create something perfect for Mother's Day. I know my mom loves pictures, especially ones of her grandbabies, so I made this wooden photo hanging display. It's perfect for large sized poster prints or collages, this one pictured is a 11x16. This was a tricky challenge for me. The biggest reason: my mom is really crafty. While she'd love ...

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Decluttering Dreaded Areas of Your Home

decluttering dreaded areas of your home - 7 tips to help you overcome the overwhelm

We all have at least one, if not ten. That one spot you are dreading working on and just keep putting off and putting off. Some days it's the dishes pile, some days its a stack of kids papers. Or maybe you have a closet, junk drawer, or a catch-all surface you can't keep clear. Here are some tips for decluttering dreaded areas of your home: 1.) It takes less time to clean than how long you ...

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How to Keep Kids Clothes from Taking Over

This is great! 8 tips on how to keep the kids clothes from taking over

I've been asked many times for tips on kids clothes and how to keep them from taking over. We could always be better, but for the most part, we have things figured out. As our kids get older, things change, so you might find some of these tips better for kids under 5. The key is figuring out what works in your home and for your family. Once you do that, you'll have a system and the clothes will ...

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DIY Faux Tulip Arrangement for Spring


Ahhh spring, it's almost here! For this month's Michaels Makers challenge, I was asked to give our home a refresh for spring. I enjoy adding fresh flowers to our home and it's hard to resist during this time of year. But tulips can be tricky! I've tried flower food, penny in the water, sugar in the water, and they just flop over and die in less than a week. Fake flowers would be great, but ...

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Small Laundry Room Remodel

Beautiful! small laundry room remodel. Inexpensive, doable, great tips if you don't like your laundry room!

At the start of 2015, we began renovation on our laundry room/mudroom. We were happy to have any laundry room at all; but with a family of 7 it could use some improvement. We only recently finished the final touches on the space, and it's been bugging me this space hasn't been blogged or "revealed" for 9 months. In hindsight, it's a good thing, now I can tell you it has worked for our ...

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Moss and Wood Monogram Planter

This is beautiful!! Wooden letter art with real moss added for texture. Easy and inexpensive project.

This month, the Michaels Makers and I were tasked with using their fun new Alphabet Soup line to personalize a space in our home. I chose this beautiful, raw wood outline of a letter H and made this moss and wood monogram planter. Since moving into our house a little over a year ago, I feel like we're finally getting settled, finding solutions to where everything goes. Honestly, I feel like I ...

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Home Office Storage and Organization

office and craft room storage

This month, Michaels asked me and the other Michaels Makers to organize an area in our homes. Our office/craft area has long been a neglected work in progress, so first I decluttered the room, then added finishing touches that solved problems in the space. What do you think?! This room is a small office on our first floor, but we've been using it as a nursery since it is attached to our ...

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How to Update Old Christmas Decorations

snowy, flocked update for a tired looking wreath using spray paint and a secret ingredient.

We all have stressors during the holidays and this month the Michaels Makers were asked to come up with creative and fun holiday hacks and tips to help relieve some of that stress and make holiday entertaining and prepping fun! We were given 5 common holiday hiccups to choose from and I went with updating your old holiday decor. I don't like spending money. I like buying stuff, haha, but I ...

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