Simple Shared Kids Room

colorful but neutral shared kids room, love the colors!

You know those rooms that get done-ish, but never quite finished? Meet our kids' room. A few months ago we finally finished things off and created a simple shared kids room that is neutral but still colorful. Here's the room reveal, before pictures, and a bit of back story behind the room that is shared by three of our kids. We have lived in our house for 4.5 years and in that short span … [Read more...]

Letter Tracing Sheet Printable

a simple tracing printable for letters, great for practice or for displaying as artwork!

My 5 year old and almost-4 year old have been really into practicing letters lately. Up to this point, I've just written them out for the kids to practice and we've filled up notebooks fast. I was unimpressed with the ones I found online filled with watermarks and lines and so on. I wanted something SIMPLE! Something that I could easily frame and display as art. So of course being a DIY-er, I made … [Read more...]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

by reusing items and waiting patiently, this kitchen only cost $2500 to renovate. WOW!

One of the first things we did upon moving into our home 4.5 years ago was paint our kitchen cabinets. It was one of my first big DIY projects, and wasn't too tricky! I could write out a complicated tutorial with lots of pictures, but I'm not going to do that. Here is a simple, straightforward guide on how to paint kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that I am not an expert, but this method has held … [Read more...]

Glitter Mug UPDATE

This blogger says her dishwasher safe glitter mug held up after 6 months! Here are her tips, tricks, and the tutorial to DIY your own.

Twenty-nine weeks ago I made a dishwasher safe glitter mug and posted the tutorial. You guys must have thought it was cool or something because it then went crazy on Pinterest. I've had a few people asking for a glitter mug update so here it is after 6 months of use. Still looks awesome, right?! I've forgotten how many times it has been through the dishwasher but I am guessing we use it … [Read more...]

How to Afford a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen renovation over time, wow!

There's something that drives me nuts about first time home buyer shows. Many times they look at a room and say "this needs to be gutted", to which someone replies "oh yes, a kitchen remodel will cost about 15 to 30 thousand" and they get all scared because they can barely afford the closing. They've got it all wrong. You can gut and pour money into a room all at once, but you do not NEED … [Read more...]

Beige to Greige Before and After

beige to greige before and after, you won't believe the difference paint makes in this room!

When we closed on our house four years ago, the first thing we did was grab some swatches, pick out a beige color, and coat our ENTIRE home in 5 gallons of that same color. Learn from me, will you? Don't buy one color for your whole house without living in it. Scratch that, don't buy ANY color without first living in your home! I liked the color in daylight but when it started to get dark out … [Read more...]

Recycled T-Shirt Mini Wreath

make a recycled mini wreath out of an old t-shirt and a canning jar lid!

Yesterday I shared a simple mini-wreath ornament over at Katie of Sew Woodsy's 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments. It's something that you could make (or your kids could make) in a few minutes and was a great quiet time activity. It's  made from recycled materials found around the house, so there's a chance you won't have to buy anything. Woo hoo for recycling! Grab a green t-shirt, canning jar … [Read more...]

DIY Sharpie Letter Garland with Free Printable

make a DIY scribble letter garland! free #printable letters included!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesSharpie Lately I have been crushing on gold, hand drawn designs, and garlands. So I decided to put the three together and made a letter garland. I've attached a few printables to this post so that you can make one of … [Read more...]

DIY Snowball Garland

make this simple snowball garland for only $2! Great kid project. #Christmas #Holiday #Decorations

After having a glitzy tree the last few years, I'm all about simple and handmade decor this Christmas. I'm calling it "Kindergarten Chic". What's more kindergarten-y than cotton balls and string? This simple DIY snowball garland took only a little bit of skill and a little bit of time to make, and at $2 for supplies (if you don't already have them), this is a winner. All you'll need is … [Read more...]

Painted Hallway Trim

dark trim painted white with wood doors. Great before and after!

So a while back I showed you the painted trim in our living room. This unused living room later became my sweet mom cave. I also painted the dark trim in our dining room, and the before and after on that is awesome because it is the same furniture! Really shows the magic of the transformation. But we ALSO painted the trim in our hallway. I still have a  few things to do before it is finished, … [Read more...]