Honey Butter Grilled Peaches


The following post is brought to you by Mariano’s and Collective Bias. All ideas and opinions are my own. I think it's safe to say that our family is hooked on peaches. We've enjoyed them in peach crisp, raw and sliced, but I've been wanting to figure out how to grill and serve them with dinner. Peach season is starting up, so now's the time to try it! Last time we went to Mariano's, a local … [Read more...]

Picnic Date in the Park with My Mom


Many of my childhood memories are of going to the park with my mom. We would travel to parks in other towns and have a picnic lunch, bring our bikes and make a parade there, get ice cream, or go to a park near a pond and feed the fish. We’d drive across town and visit “the train park”, or to the “pirate ship park”, or even just a short walk to our neighborhood park with the really, really big … [Read more...]

Backyard Summer Essentials

the top 12 summer beach towels, via @whbsblog #targetstyle

Spring is here, but summer is right around the corner and I cannot wait for those warm temps.  All of the fun and cute stuff is just starting to roll into stores and if you wait until it is warmer, the cute stuff is gone by then! I've put together three collections of summer essentials so you can be ready when summer is here.   Ahhh, summer in the backyard. Sprinklers, blow up pools, … [Read more...]

Wasting Our Saturday Away


Last Saturday started out productive. I was in the garden for a good 2-3 hours, Doug cut the grass, the kids got their naps in and then later played in the yard. And then we realized after we were exhausted by 1 pm, that it’s Saturday. What are we doing?! Let’s go have fun!             It was a blast. We let loose and actually enjoyed our … [Read more...]

Dirt and Weeds and Bugs and Sun


I can feel it pulling me in, its vines grabbing me. The smell lures me in. The sun on my skin gives an intoxicating dose of Vitamin D and I’m energized. My muscles ache and the sweat drips down my brow and into my eyes. The mud on my knees (and arms, and legs, and face...) is like a hard earned prize. Drinking an ice cold jar of water in the shade is like being on vacation with a fruity drink. I … [Read more...]

Spray Painted Tomato Cages!


Our tomato cages were gross and junky looking, but I’m not about to pay $7 for the nice, painted ones! My friend Erin told me about how she spray painted tomato cages and got that fancy look for a fraction of the price. I tried it on our free, rusty ones (six from my dad, two from freecycle). It took two cans of $4 spray paint for eight cages. I thought a light blue would look nice outside. I … [Read more...]

Gardening with Power Tools


That’s right. Power tools. A cordless drill and a fancy drill bit to be exact. Why garden, when you can garden with more power. (insert Tim Allen barking noise) While we’re at it, let’s throw in some paint sticks. When you’re planting a garden, planting seeds might sound easy: wiggle your finger in some dirt, plant the seed, and move on to the next one. But when you’ve got a ton of seeds, … [Read more...]

4th of July Backyard Bash with #KmartOutdoor !


We have a huge backyard (on over an acre), but we’re always working on it and never have people over to actually enjoy it! Doug and I said that we’re going to have lots of family parties this summer, so why not start with the 4th of July? We’re starting a tradition! We needed some patio furniture to create a party area where we could relax with family and friends. I checked out Kmart’s website … [Read more...]

Summer Family Fun from Mom Endeavors!


Happy Friday, all! I'm thrilled to be joining in the Summer Block Party fun here on White House Black Shutters! I’m Sara from Mom Endeavors, where you'll find me blogging about all my everyday mom endeavors (so really, a little bit of everything)! I'm the mom of two little guys (with #3 on the way in less than 2 months) and we know all about summer here! See, we live in the sunny desert of … [Read more...]

Growing Garden!

My apologies for the massive amounts of weeds. At first, I didn’t know what was a weed and what was a plant and although you can tell NOW, Doug and I have only gotten out there once. Thinking I may clean up some of the big stuff and just use my dad’s trick - put grass clippings around everything! It smothers the weeds and keeps things looking neat. Let me show you around!     … [Read more...]