We Sold Our House and I Am Freaking Out

we sold our home! an update

A reader recently asked "How the heck are ya?" and I can't help but think of the opening scene of What About Bob?, one of my favorite movies. "I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful." Bob (played by Bill Murray) is very obviously not doing well. He's sweating, he looks crazy, but in an attempt to calm himself before he leaves the house keeps repeating those words.  Here's the clip if you … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why You Need a Robot

reasons you need a robot to come clean your floors!

I really don't like to mop. Like at all. And that's really bad because these floors should probably be mopped daily. Ummm, yeah. That's gross. And now I'm embarrassed. :) So when I was asked to review the new iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot, I wanted to jump through the computer and hug the sender. I remained calm and said yes. When the Braava got here, or Mr. Roboto as I like to call … [Read more...]

Hey. Hi. Sup.

I find myself time and time again not knowing quite what to say. So hey. Hi. Sup? How's it going out there? You having a good day? We are. :) One kid is napping, one is in her pjs, one is in his underwear (I don't know why), and one is sitting here next to me chewing his hands and cooing. Welp, someone just lost their temper. I do that sometimes. More than I'd like to admit. And … [Read more...]

31 Ways to Have a Better Day Printable

Oh I SO need to print this out! 31 things to do to have a better day #printable

I've been asked by family, friends, and readers to make my "31 Things to Do to Have a Better Day" post into a printable version. Ask and you shall receive! This list has helped me out even when I just wanted to wallow in my bad day and stay crabby. Darn you, list. You're that good. Here's a preview of the list, but don't print this, it's not very good quality. Click through to download a … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning


6:15 wake up when you hear your husband's alarm. fall back asleep. hear baby, nurse him. fall back asleep. wake up at 6:30 when your husband's alarm again. fall back asleep. wake up at 6:45 when you hear his alarm yet again. hear your son in his crib saying "mooooom! mom! mom! moooom!" take a now sleeping baby and move him, get out of bed. take your other son potty. get kid out of the crib, … [Read more...]

39 Weeks


I'm tired, I'm not DIY-ing much, or posting much. Most of what I feel like doing involves this: Sitting in a recliner, getting up to play with kids, take them potty, feed them, get drinks, or change diapers. And eating, don't forget that. For some reason, I feel like a crochety old lady when I complain and think that you don't want to hear about my struggles and I don't want to be a … [Read more...]

You’re a Better Mom Because of Social Media

social media makes you a better mom. Don't believe it? Here are 13 (hilarious) reasons.

I've seen many discussions on how social media can be a vice, but I was thinking today about how social media has made me a better person. More specifically, a better mom. Instead of a cute project or idea (I've got nothing today, sorry folks), I'm going to tell you why you're a better mom. 1.) You have to get them dressed. If there's a chance we're doing something fun I don't want to commit … [Read more...]

How To Be Crabby and Have a Bad Day

how to be crabby, make yourself feel like crap, and have a bad day. Wait, what?!

Sometimes I feel crabby. Sometimes I don't want to smile. Sometimes I don't want to talk to little people or get 8 different snacks in a day or stop what I'm doing over and over again to take someone potty (as he grabs my hand away from the keyboard so I can take him potty).   And then I feel guilty about it. Super guilty. I take a shower and drink some coffee and throw in a load of … [Read more...]

A Lot More Doing


I’ve said it before, but whenever I feel like my life involves a lot of “doing”, it involves less talking and thinking about doing. Recently I found out I was accepted to Creating with the Stars over at East Coast Creative and...  WHOA. Me? How the..? Huh?! Are you sure that says my name?! Uhhh... YAY!!! I was blown away by the entries, blown away with the other bloggers, and kinda sorta … [Read more...]

Non-Stuff Things to Organize


With our 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS decluttering challenge this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about decluttering the areas of life that aren’t stuff-ish. The stuff that nags on you like emails or your cleaning schedule that NEED to be organized and worked out.   For me, having a flexible schedule and check off lists helps me stay in check. Once I get away from that, I get overwhelmed and … [Read more...]