Master Bathroom Tour


A reader's recent question made me realize that I hadn't yet shared pictures of our bathroom space, nor our renovated bathroom from the old house (more on that another day)! I had just cleaned our master bathroom and took advantage of it to snap some pictures. The space is amazing, you could probably fit two of our old bathroom in here! Our master bedroom is on the first floor, so this is ...

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Unrealistic Perfectionism


I've tossed around this post for a while now and then kinda cram it back into my head. Because it sounds like complaining and I'm totally opening up and well, that makes me uncomfortable. :) Unrealistic Perfectionism What is it? It's when you're blinded by a perfect vision of how things should be, when that "perfect" is not quite attainable. I look at the mound of laundry staring me down or the ...

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A Holiday Ready Dining Room Reveal

a holiday ready room reveal, you won't believe the before and after!

Update: I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this brand so all names and links have been removed. I was contracted to write this post and over a year later, have not been paid for the products nor the work involved. I feel this is wrong and while I once loved the brand, I will no longer shop there or mention them to my readers.  Forget the hustle and bustle, my favorite holiday ...

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New House, New Normal


Any time we go through a big life change, there's this adjustment period where you're finding your new normal. That's where we're at now. :) We moved on Saturday, October 25th. We've been here 20 days. (Already?!) We closed on both houses within a few days and that chapter of our life wrapped up so nicely. It was sunny and 70 something degrees the day we moved in which is unheard of for ...

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The Only Moving Tips You Need

the only moving tip you need by @whbsblog. #organization #storage #simpletips

The internet is full of moving tips and checklists to help the experience go smoothly. Those are helpful, but I believe that the most important tip is often overlooked. Here's the only moving tip you need.    If you search Pinterest or Google, you are going to find lots of awesome posts with tips to help you pack and move into your next home. In fact, I was planning on compiling a list on ...

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Cheetah Shoes (Kate Spade Inspired)

okay, LOVE!! how to make these (kate spade inspired) cheetah shoes with a cricut

The last few weeks have been busy. First day of school and the to-do list and running around... selling our home and cleaning for showings... keeping this place from exploding with laundry. And so on. ;) I'm sure you know how exactly what I'm talking about. But in the midst of all that, I really haven't done much creating. And I craved it. Oh, it feels so good to create again. My new ...

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Not An Expert


I'm not mad at Martha Stewart. I'm not an expert. I'm a twenty eight year old mom of four and wife to one. I was raised by a craft-loving mom. I took art classes and spent more time making Barbie's house than playing. Somehow I managed to get a degree in math instead of going into the arts. And while it'd be cool to hold the title of "mathematician", I don't consider myself an expert in that ...

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How to Make a Chalkboard Wall and Not Have Dust in the House


I've wanted to jump on the chalkboard wall trend bandwagon. Really, I did. But the thought of chalk dust and kids drawing on my other walls scared me almost as much as nails on a chalkboard. So I found a way to get around that. Paint a wall in the garage! We have one drywalled wall in the garage so I washed it down and did what any not normal person would do: start painting it at ...

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Shopping Inspired by Pinterest with Spark Studio


I used to love shopping. But once I had kids, it became a chore. Before you could browse, feel, wander. It was magical. Now, you're on a mission to get out as quickly as possible without forgetting something, cause then you'd have to go back. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit here, but shopping is definitely something I try to avoid unless I am by myself. Enter Walmart's Spark Studio where you can ...

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Ben’s Dress

Want to tick off a 2.5 year old girl? Make a normally sweet and adorable kid into an absolute monster for a good 20 minutes? (I hope not, that’d kinda make you a sick individual.) Put her in an adorable blue, plaid dress bought lovingly from Grandma from Janie and Jack. She INSISTED that because this dress is a.) plaid, and b.) blue, that it was “Benny’s dress.” I don’t know where she got that ...

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