Closing and Cleaning

It’s official, today we closed! Yay!

The closing went well, a lot better than both Doug and I expected.

We went home to collect supplies, toys for Lily, the Pack N Play, and some essentials and went to the house. We started by vacuuming, washing down walls, washing off the rust in the tub (looks new!), and just exploring the house.

I went to the store to stock up on some frozen pizzas, sandwich supplies, and disposable goods for quick meals. Made the first of many pizzas that will be cooked in our oven.

My sister-in-law came over later on to check out the house and bring us a pizza cutter so we could eat, lol. She also was there to help us pick our paint colors before we bought them. Doug joked that he liked the color “Everlasting” because of the name. I thought he was just being a goofball, but after looking at it and comparing it to the trim and wood floors, I loved it. We decided to go with it.

a panoramic view of our unfinished attic/upstairs
will eventually be a bedroom/bathroom


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