Second Hand Family Room Makeover

Okay. I’ve been holding out on you guys. The family room remodel. Never posted it.

But I made Doug hang the map over the couch last night just so I could post this for you. Cause I love you. So I’m going to zip my lip for a million pictures and just let you look at my new, completely remodeled, and almost all second-hand family room. Of course there’s still stuff we need to do, but whatever.

HERE WE GO. New floors. Eeep!












you’re going to hate me when I give you these breakdowns. ;)

Almost everything in here is from a garage sale,a hand-me-down, or DIY’ed. 
The white IKEA LENDA curtains and sign are the only new things. Besides the floor. And trim. AHEM.

I spent $221.50 for all furniture, décor, and supplies.


DIY projects in this room:

conduit pipe curtain rods, revamped garage sale lamps (white & burlap lamps), how to paint a lamp (yellow lamp), painted pillows (coming soon!), and painted and reupholstered ottoman (coming soon!)

I won the “Do More of What Makes You Happy” sign by Pamela of PB&J Creations at a giveaway from Kristin of Simply Klassic Home. I love it, I love the message, and it completes the room. Thanks ladies!


Don’t hate me cause my couch was free. My mother-in-law got it from my sister-in-law who got it for free from a garage sale. I hear a sob story was involved. It’s from Restoration Hardware.

Yes, that map was $1.50. I promise I’m not lying. I was garage saling and saw two big framed maps and told myself I’d buy them for $20 a piece. Maybe $30. I’d talk em down if I had to.

There was a tag that said $3. FOR BOTH OF THEM. Bought em, stupidly resold the other one, and painted the frame white. Still kicking myself. But technically the map is negative dollars since I made money. ;)


We did everything ourselves and spent $2485 on the actual remodel.

here’s the approximate breakdown of everything:

wood floors: $1250, nails & screws: $60, tar paper: $30,
foyer rebuild: $865 (wall, railing, stairs), new doors: $200 (100 each),
trim: $400
paint: $80 (2 gallons for walls, 1 gallon for trim)
labor, family and ourselves: free

The wall color is MS Sharkey Gray, trim is Valspar Bistro White, and ottoman is Golden Maize. The flooring is from Mullican (Lowe’s) and the color is antique gunstock oak.

other prior updates include sliding glass door, new windows, drywall


Total Cost to Make Our Family Room Fancy: $2706.50

Here is what it looked like the first time we checked out the house, in September 2009. We had gross wood paneling, a tiled ceiling, a teeny tiny foyer, and carpet in half the room, laminate tile in the rest.

Yes, I am changing Lily’s diaper. No, I don’t have ANY other before pictures of this room. (UGH.)



better, but not finished:

back in my “holy crap these pictures are kinda awful and I like lots of stuff” phase



And after:

almost three years later, and after a whole lot of work (and simplifying)



Here’s the kitchen remodel (my second favorite room) and the foyer rebuild (my third).


Soooo, I’m dying to know. What do ya think?

I love it. :)


  1. says

    Absolutely WONDERFUL! You guys did a great job – and I am impressed and inspired by all of it!! That room has come a long, long way (by the looks of it). So, what’s next?

    • says

      aw, thanks Ann! It really has :)

      Remodeling wise, the bathroom! It’s disgusting. Project wise, finishing my upholstered headboard. There are too many unfinished projects around here…

  2. says

    Beautiful! I can’t pick just one favorite thing! I’m a huge fan of hand me downs, garage sale/thrift store/craigslist finds, so I am amazed by the deals you got. Great job! :)

  3. Jess B. says

    OH EMM GEEE!!! It rocks a whole warehouse of socks (and I don’t even like yellow)! Its been amazing to see the transformation (not to mention the cost savings!). Go ahead and pat yourself on the back :) Its funny that you mention your bathroom being your next remodel because I have a confession: I see stuff when I’m out shopping and think “AM should totally do that in her bathroom!” I guess its because the only thing I’ve really redone in my place is the bathroom so I know I can’t really do that one over anytime soon ;)

  4. says

    OK, so I AM totally jealous of all your great finds. I especially love your lamps. I’ve been looking for one for my living room – thrifting, TJ Maxx, etc to no avail. Hopefully I’ll strike gold and find the perfect ones to makeover soon! You have done an AMAZING job with your room – such a HUGE difference from the before. So much more bright and inviting.

  5. says

    O-M-G… this looks amazing! You guys did a great job and just think you can truly call it your own because of that! Love your free couch story! You go girl!

  6. says

    I LOVE IT!!! It looks so calm and comfy! The floors look amazing and I love how you did everything so inexpensive! GREAT JOB!!

  7. says

    Wow – loved seeing not only the original pic from 2009, but also the intermediary remodel, as well as all the final remodel after pics! It looks so serene and peaceful. The wood floors are gorgeous, by the way! Kudos to doing this all yourselves – super impressed with that!

  8. Mandy says

    It is beautiful. We are going to be ripping the carpet out of our living and dining rooms in December. You give me hope.

  9. says

    I am beyond amazed at your savvy skills m’dear!! WOW!! I love what you have done!! :) And I’m lurvin those yellow striped pillows!

  10. says

    Great job! LOVE that you reuse, recycle and repurpose! A finishing touch might be the addition of a rug under the couch and coffee table. Lowes and Home Depot have 9 x 12 (nice ones!) for under $100! You’re an inspiration! :)

    p.s. Found you on pinterest. I’m on pinterest, too! ….such great pinsperation to be found there!
    Find me at:

  11. says

    Great finds! Everything is pulled together so nicely. It is all clean and bright and shiny….a far cry from when you got it. Nice work my friend. Tell Doug that the map is the finishing touch and I can tell it was hung with love :)

  12. says

    OMG I love this so much!!!!! I cannot believe this is the same room! And I totally love that you are changing a diaper in the before pic. That sounds like something I would do. Amazing!!!

  13. Ashleen Moreen says

    The room makeover is perfect and I really love the way you arrange the things in order. It is simple but beautiful, love it very much!

  14. says

    OMG…LOVE IT!!! I think you should come to ND and do my new house! LOL!

    I keep telling my husband you can do decorating on the cheap, you just have to work some crafty magic on it. But alas…he has no vision…when he sees ugly furniture, he just sees ugly furniture. I see that I could paint it and then distress it and make it pretty…I think it’s a boy thing.

    Seriously…awesome job!! Love it!

  15. lori says

    It all looks SUPER! : ) I love the touches of yellow! As much as I love the hardwood floors, I think the room would look great with a small rug under the ottoman. Just a suggestion!

    What are of the house do your kiddos play in the most? Or are they all over the place?

  16. says

    Very streamlined! Looks like all those 40-bag decluttering efforts paid off! And great budget, too. I must admit to just the tiniest bit of free sofa envy!

  17. says

    Holy junk! I’m amazed that you could see past that original room and make something so wonderful. I just stumbled onto your blog from Pinterest, and I love your style. Simple, neutral with pops of color, older home. Great job.

  18. Ina says

    I love the transformation but wonder how the window changed into a sliding door and how the tiled ceiling got changed. I have tiled ceilings throughout my whole house and wonder what to do about it …..

  19. Jessica Welch says

    Hi I love your remodel! We’re in the middle of one right now doing all the work ourselves. Looking at those exact same floors. I’m wondering how they’ve held up for you now that it’s 2 years later! =)

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