Creamy Tomato Sauce

I posted the below picture on instagram of my creamy tomato sauce and had a few people ask for the recipe, so here it is!




The tomatoes were from our garden and smaller, so that amount is variable.


Creamy Tomato Sauce

– 1 medium sweet onion, diced
-1 T butter
– 6-8 tomatoes, diced
– 1 c cream
– 1/2 c sharp cheddar cheese, grated
– 1-2 cloves garlic
– basil, parsley, celtic sea salt, to taste

Sauté diced onions with the butter. Stir. Start chopping tomatoes, add them as you are finished chopping them, keep stirring as you go.

Add cream. Stir. Add spices. Stir. Add garlic. Stir. Add cheese. Stir.


I served the sauce over store bought raviolis, and next to cupcake meatballs.

What are cupcake meatballs? Make meat like you would for meatballs, and stuff it all in a muffin pan. They cook really fast!

Devour, and drive all of your friends on social media crazy. ;) Enjoy!


  1. becky says

    Cupcake meatballs. How great! Love the looks of the tomato sauce, too. Now I know what ‘s for dinner tonight – I’ll go ahead and say “thanks” for my husband ’cause he’s gonna love this!

    Still lovin’ your blog!!!

  2. says

    That looks sooo yummy! I wish I had all the ingredients on hand. :)
    Would love if you came and linked up at our party. We’re just getting it up and running and are trying to get the word out!

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