Creating a Mother’s Day Video with Animoto

Mom. If you are reading this right now, please stop.

I’m serious.

You gone? Phew. Okay!

While I already made my mom her present, I wanted to make something a little more sentimental. I’ve always wanted to make a photo book for her, but the task seemed daunting and I never did it.

When Clever Girls Collective asked me to check out Animoto, a video creation service (both online and mobile), I thought it sounded interesting. I wanted to make a video that captured my mom’s time as a grandma, almost like a timeline.

Take a look for yourself.

After I was finished, I watched it. I cried. Went back in and added more pictures, watched it again, and cried some more. And laughed. Ugly laugh-crying.

It was absolutely beautiful.

This wasn’t just a slideshow, it was like a moving, breathing, card. A card that told the story of our life.


Before I started making my video, I read a bit about Animoto to see what they were about. They are so many video creating programs out there. But what really got me was that they said that it was quick.

Animoto makes it easy and fun for anyone to create and share amazing videos using your own pictures, video clips, and words, and it takes hardly any time at all! Just 3 steps!

Step 1: Select your video style
Step 2: Add your images, videos, music, and words
Step 3: Share with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest — or you can even make a keepsake DVD!

You always hear the words “quick, easy, fun, just a few clicks” and so on and you’re always stuck waiting for things to load, things crashing, blah blah blah. And if it really is easy, usually the quality is lacking.


Not with Animoto! Seriously guys, I wish I could convey just how easy and fast it was! The longest part was tracking down and deciding what pictures to use, but if I had that all set and in a folder, it would have taken minutes.


We’ve had three computers since having Lily and all our photos are scattered across jump drives, CD’s, photo storage sites, and SD cards. But tracking down the pictures wasn’t even an issue, I could upload all of my photos from facebook and instagram!


And they all loaded SO fast!

After I added and moved around my pictures, I selected music, a style, and added text for emphasis and to personalize it even more. They had tons of choices to pick from.

I’ve never seen a photo or video site load this well. I cringe at the thought of uploading videos to other sites because it takes forever, but this took minutes to load and buffer and such.

As in not even five minutes.



I can’t wait to make more videos and try out their mobile app! I want to make one for each of the kids, maybe one with our wedding pictures, and maybe even one with our house! I love that you can send them to a DVD, I will definitely be using this feature.

Want to make one for your mom?

Animoto is generously offering a free coupon code!
Just enter the following code, CleverFL, and you will receive a free, full-length video credit.


And in addition to that, Animoto is giving away a coupon code for a one-year subscription to Animoto Plus!

Comment below answering the question: “Who are you making your video for?”
and I will select a winner at random. Giveaway ends noon CT, on Tuesday, May 7th.

Good luck, and Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. says

    Such a sweet video! Definitely a tear jerker. I’d love to make one for my mom.

    (P.S. My son’s birthday is also April 3, and if he was a girl he was going to be named Lily!)

    -Erin Spain
    DIY On the Cheap

  2. Jes B says

    Ahhh, don’t make me cry at work! What a sweet, touching idea! I will definitely be using this coupon code to make a video for my mama. I know all too well about sites promising they are “easy to use” – with your seal of approval, I will be checking them out for sure. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. says

    Oh Ann Marie I just love this. What a beautiful, beautiful family/life/video. Blessings abound! You made me cry (not the ugly cry). I love, love, love, love it and would make videos for my mom, husband and anyone and everyone.

  4. says

    Your video is fantastic! Your mom is going to be blown away. What really intrigues me is the how fast everything loaded! I have been horrible about documenting my overwhelming amount of photos in a true album because I can’t handle the slow loading, computer freezing issues. I never even thought of making a video…but now I am definitely going to give it a try! I too will make one for my mother – she’s had a challenging year to say the least and I think this would be the perfect mother’s day gift. I would LOVE to win a year subscription!!

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