Designing My Mom Cave Corner


I have always wanted a little spot to call my own, a “mom cave” if you will. But with a small house and three young children that need me close by, it’s hard to carve out a space that is all my own. Recently, I asked on our facebook page what you’d have in your mom cave and I loved the ideas! That’s it, I need my own spot.

I find myself migrating between two spots – one where I work, one where I chill – but I need a spot that can combine the two activities. And a spot that is actually, you know, one spot. :)


Instead of a “mom cave” where I’m off in a locked room hiding from everyone, I need a “mom spot” where I can work, relax, play with kids, and get creative. A place that is near the family and I can keep an eye out while working from home, but is my own little haven to get down to business or get away from it all.

I’m thinking that I’ll take this little corner in the family room where the old recliner is, and make it my own. Maybe with a chaise lounge (I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A CHAISE LOUNGE.), colorful throw pillows, homemade artwork, and plenty of kid-proof but pretty storage.  My own little “mom corner”, if you will :)


I created a pinterest board with ideas for my mom cave. Colors, furniture, patterns, ideas, and DIY projects:


And I sat down and made a list, cause I mean business. Here are the requirements for my “mom cave”:

  • be near the kids and family
  • near windows and natural light
  • have a comfy spot to sit, work, create, or relax. Or nap.
  • have bright colors, bold patterns, and fun artwork
  • have kid-proof, but pretty storage for electronics and equipment
  • a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Or a beer.

We headed to La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries to get ideas to spruce up the space with a new sofa, sectional, (maybe a chaise lounge?!), or chair. Here are some of the sofa/sectional options I liked:

Daphne Sectional at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Sinclair Chaise Sectional at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Collins Sectional at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

some recliner options that don’t look like your typical recliner:


I’m a traditional person, there’s no getting around that. :) While I’d like to be fun and pick a bold print for the sofa or chairs, I just can’t do it! I’m thinking of a medium warm gray for the sofa and chair, I’m stuck between these two:


However, I’d like to add a big punch of color and a bold pattern with one of these pillow options:



La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries had a great selection that was comfortable, stylish, and affordable. They are much more than just recliners! My only problem now is narrowing things down.


What would you have in your mom cave?


Check out La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries’ latest product catalog for ideas for your own mom cave makeover!

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  1. says

    Love it! That pinterst board is so inspiring. The colors and the fun. Funny how a family friendly space where you can work is a mom cave. That is just how it goes when you are mom. I blog right from a desk in the middle of the living room. If it was in another room I would never have access. Totally digging the Ikat in Tourmaline. How gorgeous would that look with pops of yellow or pink. Yummy!

  2. says

    How exciting! I’d LOVE a ‘mom’ cave! Right now my (theoretical) cave is wherever I can sit with my laptop and be sure that my kids aren’t getting into too much trouble…. But sometimes that’s on the floor.
    Same as you, I *love* colored fabrics and bold furniture – but I just CAN’T Do iT! I everything in my house is brown/tan/beige… everything. Yuck.

  3. says

    Love your board! I’m a neutral girl myself and that’s after years of trying color everywhere and getting tired of it after a few months:0) It helps so much when you really know your decor style so when you make big purchases like this you don’t make a costly mistake! I can’t wait to see all those pretty bold colors around the room, though!

  4. Laura Grace Andry says

    This looks great! I like the damask patten because it has the grey color but pops with the yellow. I would accent the couch with colorful pillows in turquoise and yellow. I love pillows! How fun. I would love to make myself a mom cave. But it will have to wait until after we finish the basement… Then I am taking over the formal living room and turning it into my library/office mom cave.

  5. Marilou Purpura says

    I have always wanted a chaise with a bright color blanket and a lamp that hangs over and of course a little table to hold my coffee, and a bookcase…..yeah sigh, in the spot where my computer desk is now….so I can look up and see the upstairs that little nook by the stairs.

  6. says

    Love your pinterest board! So many ideas! :)

  7. says

    I would love a couple of book shelves, a tv, a super cozy side chair and matching couch, but I think when this does become a reality for me some day, I’m going to have fun with the side chair and go with a pattern. Not typical for me, but I’m ready for something different. Of course, it’d have to have a nice little desk to do my blogging from. I’m thinking a miniature “den”. =)

  8. says

    Ooooooh – I’d love a Mom Cave or Corner. I think I’d need a wing back chair with an ottoman or recliner. But I’d need my desk nearby so I could go from desk to recliner and back to desk if I had an idea or needed to get something done.

    • says

      That’s a good point, Carolyn! Sometimes you just need to sit at a desk in order to really get down to business. I’ll have to build that idea into the corner. :) I hope you get a mom corner, you totally deserve it!

  9. says

    Love your board and I need to do something like this when I redo our playroom/study next month. I love mood/design boards. Keeps everything visually in front of me :) I love the sectional. All their stuff is awesome though, you can’t go wrong with them.

  10. says

    I think your goals for a mom spot are great. It’s important to have a space where you can oversee the kiddos, and yet be comfortable and be able to work. A space that keeps you alert, and inspired. You’ve sure got some fabulous ideas rolling!

  11. says

    I found the only way I get anything done is by including the kids, so I made a long table surface and brought in another chair. Now while I’m sewing or drawing or anything he’s at his side of the table drawing or doing baking soda experiments. It’s amazing how good they’ll be if you can include them!

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