Dirt and Weeds and Bugs and Sun

I can feel it pulling me in, its vines grabbing me. The smell lures me in. The sun on my skin gives an intoxicating dose of Vitamin D and I’m energized. My muscles ache and the sweat drips down my brow and into my eyes. The mud on my knees (and arms, and legs, and face…) is like a hard earned prize. Drinking an ice cold jar of water in the shade is like being on vacation with a fruity drink. I am almost hesitant to head in and wash it all off, but after I do, I feel cleansed.


I’m being taken over.

I’ve been spending hours each day out in the garden and the rest of my life (and my blog) has been sorely neglected. We’ve gotten one cucumber and some dill so far, but everything else is filled with flowers and swelling vines and is about ready to explode.



But forget the promise of food. Forget that we’ll save money. Forget that our kids are learning life lessons and that the excitement on their face when helping makes everything more enjoyable.


It just feels so good.


I feel at home in the dirt and the weeds and the bugs and the sun. I feel awakened.


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