Family Room Goes Green

Normally my life in the family room, blogging and living, is from the inside looking out

(especially lately with this HUMIDITY and these MOSQUITOS!)


Inspired by some botanical prints I picked up earlier this summer at two different garage sales,


I decided to bring the green of the outdoors into my family room.


A window I saved when we replaced the old ones,


with some accessories found at garage sales.

 image image

A 7-Up crate to hold magazines, remotes, and a vintage milk bottle filled with clippings from the yard.


and since we’re pretending this is a photo shoot for a catalog, lets throw in a weird prop like peppers for no good reason at all:


The pillows were from (left to right) Goodwill, garage sale, ones I made myself, and PB from a garage sale. The coffee and side tables and lamps (although I’m looking for new drum shades) were both bought at a garage sale and painted. A big basket next to the couch keeps toys corralled and out of sight.


As you can see, Ben likes to coordinate his outfits with the throw pillows  :)


The painted window frames and the curtains have really brightened the room.


With a toddler and minus a million pillows, this is how it really looks most days:


care for a flashback to see how it used to look?


image  and the lovely, green, not-so-blah after



for more befores, check out this post 


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  1. says

    OK, so I would rather have a darling baby gurgling on the floor than a perfect sofa any day! I wonder…I love pillows. But, like you, mine always (or mostly) end up on the floor? Do you have a special place that you put them? I usually just end up picking them up all day long!

  2. says

    Ooh.. everything looks great!! I LOVE that old window… I have been searching high and low for some of those bad boys… What a great idea to save some from your own house! I think the pop of green makes everything look so fresh. And your kids are adorable… :)

  3. says

    1. I LOVE your reference to "Catalog Living"–the peppers made me smile. 2. This is a great before and after post…everything looks fabulous3. Love the crate with your catalogs and stuff inside. 4. You kiddos are the cutest accessories. ;)Thank you so much for linking up with me. I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  4. says

    Your additions are so pretty. Love the ferns. I used/pressed some between glass years ago. Always enjoyed them. Such cute babies you have!Also, I wanted to let you know about Atticmag's new linky party – Giveaway Friday! It's a convenient place for bloggers to link their giveaways each week. We've kicked it off with a fantastic giveaway of our own. Five lucky winners will win material to do a backsplash in their home. Hope to see you there!AllisonAtticmag

  5. says

    Oh wow! I love what you did with your room! I am big on green right now and love finding ways to add my kiddos in so they are comfortable. Most of our pillows end up on the floor for them to roll around on! I have a toddler too…a boy who loves pillows LOL.

  6. says

    I love your makeover…the pillows and the fern prints and the crate. And your kids are beautiful…I had to laugh when I saw Ben, he is so cute…and your daughter is beautiful!

  7. says

    I just found you over at New Friend Friday! I love your family room makeover! Great job! Becoming a follower, and looking forward to seeing more of what you do! :)

  8. AM from White House, Black Shutters says

    Thanks everyone!Mommy of Monkeyshines – I do have a basket under the other coffee table that holds the pillows, but regardless of that, they're usually on the floor! ;)

  9. says

    I'm so glad you visited my blog…because now I've found your blog! Loved your comment, by the way, it made me laugh. I'm going to have fun taking a look at some of your projects, now. I'm already really, really liking what you did to your family room. What is it about a nice, fresh, green that makes everything look better? Perfect for a room so close to the outdoors.

  10. says

    Those wee ones are just too cute. All smiles for sure. Love that. I also really love your room. The pictures are fabulous. Looks like a magazine. I would be so flattered it you would consider linking them up to my first linky party over at Becolorful. I know others would like to see them too.Pam

  11. says

    What a lovely and inviting family room…but the babies are the best accessories in there. Congratulations on creating such a special place.

  12. says

    Thank you for linking up to BeColorful's Motivated Monday. This is a post that deserves to be shared. Your images are great and the flow of color in the room is perfect … subtle but with those occasional pops of black for drama and depth. It is awesome.Thanks again,Pam

  13. says

    Hey there…new visitor here! I found your blog through *Remodelaholic; I really like what you've done with your family room – it's like a breath of fresh air! My husband and I have the exact same color palette in our living room – lots of greens, black accents, etc. We are in the process of trying to decide what color to paint the walls and are stumped. What color/paint did you use for yours?P.S. I am coveting your 7Up crate. ;)Aloha,Angie

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