The Family Room Photo Shoot No One Posts

Two months ago I raided my mom’s garage and she gave me these sweet antique tables that were my grandma’s. My parents have had them in their bedroom for as long as I can remember, and I’ve never seen a side table with lines quite like these curvy beauties.


I posted ’em on Instagram, even asked you on facebook if you’d paint them. (I wasn’t planning on painting them.)


I was EXCITED about these tables. Our couch has high arms and our old tables were a bit short, here’s what they looked like:


Only two months before, I had give the room a refresh. (more details in this post). I brought the wood tables in for that post (blogger secret). Picture this room with big honkin’ black tables:

refresh your home with a simple pillow change, love this idea! via @whbsblog

But oh, you know how it is. I was ready for a change.


When the kids and I got home that night, I pulled the tables out of the van, dusted and polished them, moved the old tables, and brought them into my family room.

But I wasn’t done.

I grabbed the new IKEA pillow covers I had bought recently (and had wanted for a while) and added em. I swapped out the old lampshades for PB drum shades I had found at a garage sale the month before. I moved the couch a bit, brought in the recliner from the other room, and added my succulent garden.

And then when Doug was done cutting the grass and came in with his jaw dropped, I asked him to move our old tables to the garage.

The next day I took some pictures to share it all with you.

That was two months ago.

Why haven’t I shared the pictures with you? because, sigh, photo shoots are tough. At least for me.

this one’s okay


and then a hand comes into the picture (way left) and I realize the clipboards are no longer centered over the couch (they’re still that way)


and then everyone comes into the room and doesn’t want to leave




and they make faces



And then they have a party with the pillows while I’m in the room changing the lens on my camera.

Welcome to my lovely home, folks. :)

and no, I’m not ashamed to post this because it makes me happy. This is what it looks like most of the time. We clean up and it looks good but not for long enough to take a picture because they’re back and playing. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Total cost of changes made? $28.

IKEA polka dot pillow covers: $7 each, new-to-me Pottery Barn drum lampshades; $7 each, hand-me-down tables: free-ninety-nine.

I think it’s safe to say this room has had the most changes in the house, but then again, we pretty much live in this room.

Do you like to change things up all the time?

Want every post I’ve ever posted about the family room? Here you go. (There’s a lot.)

Like our clipboard wall? Here’s the tutorial for how to make a clipboard wall gallery for under $25.

and want to see a post with really, really old befores of the room? check out this one to see some wood paneling, ceiling tiles, and gross carpet.


  1. says

    I do love changing things!! Brings me joy :). At,east you only have to move the far left column over to the right and your clipboards are centered. We live in our living room too!! Where do you keep the kid junk?

  2. says

    I ADORE it! It’s a FAMILY room! The family should be IN it!! The pictures are wonderful, and I love that the tables are recycled. They make it amazing.

  3. says

    I hate changing things. I am WAAAAY too lazy. I just say, “meh” and let them be mediocre. That’s the truth. I love your colorful little room! Why not just add an extra row of clipboards?

  4. says

    I love that your home is lived in and you’re not afraid to show it! It looks great! I had a suggestion for the clipboard art and the sofa. You could add two more columns to the right (six new clipboards in total) and it would line up perfectly. With a growing family I can only imagine you’ve got plenty of awesome art to showcase!! :)

  5. says

    I think it’s adorable! Honestly, I love seeing the ‘stuff’ everywhere… It’s refreshing and while I love seeing amazing put-together rooms, sometimes they can be depressing, because my house pretty much never looks like that. I’d much rather see a cute room that looks like real people live in it! :)

  6. Amanda says

    What a happy, comfortable space!! Would you mind sharing where the white children’s book shelf is from, or did you build it yourself?

  7. Jenn says

    I took inspiration from your clip board wall and used thr idea on my fridge. I don’t know how to insert a picture through my phone, but it came out great! NowNowthe side of the fridge, which we see every time we enter and leave the house, looks sleek and clean.
    Thanks again !!

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