Foyer Progress–Redesign and Building

A quick recap for ya: our entry way was too small, we’re getting wood floors, so while we’re ripping up flooring, why not tear out some of the floor and redesign it? Sounds like a walk in the park right?

I had to leave to do some tests on Saturday and of course right as I was leaving, Lowe’s delivery man decided to show up. GAH! I didn’t want to miss it! But I did, he delivered it with his fancy fork lift, my mom and dad (a carpenter) came over, the guys got to work, and I came home to this:


My dad was surprised that I wasn’t freaking out, I told him I was more excited than freaked out! Our house was in good hands. Not Allstate’s good hands, their good hands.


You can see here where the old wall was, that area was too small! These trusses would need to come out, but first we had to picture where we wanted the wall.




We originally were going with an area the size of that hole. But we decided going an extra 18” would give us 20% more space down there, and only cut down our room 5%. That’s big. We’re going big.


I hate to perpetuate a stereotype and egg on the Lowes guys who think we don’t know what we’re doing. I know there are many gals who are pros (Mandi, Brittany, and Sandra come to mind) and are at home in the lumber department. And maybe it’s a thing from my childhood, sitting at Menards for what seemed like hours on end listening to those dang ladies crooning out “save big money at Menaaaaaaaards!” every 10 minutes while my dad picked out lumber. But the second we hit the lumber department, I am bored out of my mind.  BORED. I want to climb onto those piles of lumber, lay down, pretend my fingers are people, and play house. BORED.

I could spend hours in the paint department. But the lumber department?


While we bought the materials, my dad cut those trusses (supports) out of the way. They needed to add new ones and rework things so our floor didn’t fall down. We were going to add walls down here, and a floor, unless you think the pea gravel could work for us? No? Okay then.


Fast forward to 10 pm (when this picture was taken). I should have handed the camera off to the guys, but alas, I did not. Easter was the next day and during that time I fell into the hole and hit my head on the floor on my way down, we went to the meat market, made dinner, ate it, cleaned up, put the kids to bed, my mom went home (dad stayed with us), I ran to Trader Joe’s (and maybe picked up Starbucks at 8pm?) and Lowes for some last minute drill bits. I came home to this:

WOW! Walls? And a big wall? Yay!


While I put whined about putting the groceries away and then actually put the groceries away, the guys made the floor supports and started putting the insulation back in.

and THAT is a crap ton of tools.




We were originally going to go with a railing all the way around, but went with a wall here, and will do a railing on the other sides.

You can do so much more with a wall decorating wise, storage wise, it can block a draft, and stop people from peeking in my house and catching me sitting on the couch with pajamas on, feet up, eating bonbons, and watching my soaps. You know, typical stay at home mom activities. ;)


The floor is in!



And the Easter bunny came while we were working!

Whew. We finished, cleaned up, and it was past 2:00 am. Time for bed…


More pictures to come! :)


  1. lori says

    Looks good!!!! I love the progress pictures–you’re really keeping me in suspense! Very exciting! Glad to see we’re not the only ones who have A LOT of tools out when we do a project!!

  2. says

    Holy cow you guys mean biz-nis! That is awesome! Had to totally laugh at the “yawning” through the lumber department– that was sooo me with my dad as a kid. :)

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