Garage Sale Finds from this Weekend

I really, really need to get going on some projects! That’s my goal… I will have a project tomorrow. Promise.

I went to a few garage sales on my way to and from running errands on Thursday then a huge neighborhood one on Friday (from the neighborhood where my husband grew up).

Since I got a ton of stuff, I’ll just show you some of my favorites.

This, has to be MY FAVORITE garage sale find from this year, if not almost ever.


This adorable antique Eskimo fan! It matches my kitchen perrrrrfectly and works! The cord is just short enough so that it plugs into my outlets while not having tons of extra slack. Needs to be cleaned, but sigh, it’s still gorg. $6 (selling on ebay now for $16!)

That garage sale was by far my favorite, here are some other things I picked up there:

image image

Another glass juice dispenser (yessssss!), cute carafe I’ll use as a vase!


These old baking tins were free! Love em and their rusticisty (is that a word? if not I’m coining it…)

Another garage sale I found an Elmo video (Lily loves Elmo) and this cute rocking chair!


I spent the most at Doug’s mom’s cousins’ (whew!) garage sale. I’ve been told that they always have the best sales. I wasn’t disappointed!


Ooooh! These will replace my failure lamps,  although I’ll still going to remedy them. I can’t end on a bad note with those ug’s…


Cute lamp shades and more baby wipe containers! Weeeee! (told you that’s where I find em…)

image image

Purse, good church toys, the best toy EVER (that ball dog thing, my bro had it, its hilarious!), and a Leapfrog set with a few games.

Also got tons of great maternity and other clothes! When I say tons, think 5 pairs of cute not ugly maternity jeans and like 10+ tops. These girls have the cutest style…

At other garage sales I found a Betty Crocker cookbook with hand written notes! (the best kind!), lots of cute boy clothes, some great books for Lily, and some Melissa & Doug and Leapfrog toys.


Thanks for reading and enjoying my treasure hunt with me! ;)

Will post a project TOMORROW, I PROMISE, haha!


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  1. Bonnie @ House of Grace says

    I was just telling my mom that morning, that I wanted that exact shape puzzle. I guess they can use it at your house! Great finds!Bonnie

  2. says

    You reall hit the JACKPOT…luv that awesome vintage fan and the beverage dispener! Thanks for showing off all yor goodies at NTT!Blessings,Linda

  3. says

    Oh my, are you thrifty junky? I am!! =)so much so that my house is entirely GW or garage sale finds. I found that same fan 2 weeks ago at the GW for $1.00 AND it works YAY!!I'm your newest follower. I'd love to have you follow me and we can share more of our finds =)

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