HELP ME WEDNESDAY–Creating a Foyer from Scratch

Today I’d like to talk about a spot in our house that I haven’t mentioned here on the blog. Our true entry way. You may have seen the front of our house and wondered why we aren’t using the foyer that came with the house. I mean, we have a pathway, and it’s narrow, cute, and original to the house.

(Excuse the extreme need to do yard work. Yikes!)


Here’s our true foyer. Arch? Check. Gorgeous 75-year-old door with a glass knob? Check. Hallway closet, spot for a cute table, boatloads of potential? Check, check, check. You may be asking, “you have such a cute entry way, why aren’t you using it?”


Well, here’s the reason. Here’s the front of our house, with a cute little pathway that leads to… the road. Wah wah wahhhh. Yes, a busy road and a line of trees trying to hide said road.

Maybe this entry way was useful and all when people were riding in on horses and the only people that came to visit were neighbors, but we use cars and driveways, and it isn’t practical to make our visitors trek it through the grass in order to get to our front door.



And that’s why we’re stuck using this entry and foyer.


It has come a long way, buuuut, meh.

It’s not as cute, not planned very well, and bam! There’s gross tile and a weird half wall that comes up to your shins when you walk in. Confession? It’s straight-up drywall. Not painted. And the sides of the stairs? Primed. Yep, grossness all around. We planned on putting a railing or half wall or something, but haven’t decided on a permanent solution.


I loved your suggestions when it came to my left-justified table. I did NOT even realize that these circle pictures looked so awkward in real life, or that I needed something with height. You guys were SPOT ON! I’m searching for a tall, old, spraypaintable (yes, that’s a word) Goodwill lamp to fill this spot for now, but won’t be moving the pictures any time soon. Wanna know why?


We’re finally going replace our gross carpet and laminate tile with hardwood floors!

I’m so excited! But before we get to ordering and installing and the fun part, we have to tackle this mess. Something has to be done about this foyer! If we don’t do anything, I really think we’d regret it.


I’ve done a little photo magic to give you an idea of what I’m thinking, and I’d love to have your feedback! Help me create the PERFECT foyer!

I’d like to make the bottom entry area larger, create a half wall, and maybe even some shoe storage or drawers or something built into the wall. We’d replace the hooks that are opposite the mirror, with some hooks on that wall. The wood floors would be on the whole top level, with tile on the stairs and bottom. I don’t think we would want to move the weird awkward door, but maybe? What else am I missing?


Would you make the steps wider? Would you add a railing or continue the half wall on that little area next to the steps? What would you like as far as shoe storage, drawers, slots or shelves? What would you do? So many questions! ;)

Or should we scrap the idea? This project would cause us to lose an area of 4 feet by 6 feet. Would future buyers be deterred by that loss? We are adding that extra tiled space to our existing family room, but we will be losing what could be a little breakfast nook.


So what would you suggest?


What would YOU want in your perfect foyer?


  1. says

    Sorry for giving my Avon page but my blog is invite only to keep my ex-husband out of my business. Anyways…

    I love your idea… what if you added a counter on to the half wall (with a small lip around the edge, of course). Then picked up some stools. Could that work? It would certainly add to the selling points later on.

      • says

        Glad to help!!
        If there is room, you could add cabinets or shelving under the counter to hold a basket of items for the kids to use for homework (pensils, crayons, etc). And you could keep napkins, cups, etc at the ready for a drink station for get-togethers.

  2. Tina says

    I think you should rip up the front sidewalk that leads to the street and add a curved one that leads to your driveway.

  3. says

    Before I even got to the bottom I was thinking half wall with built in cubbies or something. If you are worried about losing square footage is it possible to do the half wall with out widening the stairs? Hardwood floors too! It is going to be awesome when it comes together. I know what you mean about it being a big undertaking. When you are putting the money and time in you want to make sure you get it right. This will be so much more functional for your family!

  4. says

    I really like your mock up as is. definitely go with a half wall and also do make the stairs wider. I don’t think you’ll regret having a more spacious entryway. The way it is right now, it looks like it might take some special maneuvering to get in if you were carrying a bunch of stuff, babies, etc. (But maybe that’s just the angle of the photo.)

    Future buyers won’t even realize there used to be extra space up the stairs, so they won’t miss it!

  5. Jess says

    I think adding the extra space to that lower entry way will make it seem less awkward. I don’t think anyone would even notice the missing space above – especially once the flooring is all one type. Instead of widening the stairs, could you still make the area wider but put a built in bench (with shoe cubbies below) and hooks for coats above? It could be like your own little built in mud room area.

  6. lori says

    Could you switch the steps so that when you come in the door, the steps go up straight ahead into the family room? Then you wouldn’t be taking space away from the breakfast nook area. I’d do a chunky half wall (maybe a foot deep) that has cubbies on the first level (the foyer area) for shoes, etc. with cubbies up top (facing your kitchen or family room depending where you place the stairs) for cute book storage.

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