HELP ME WEDNESDAY–Left-Justified Table and Mirror?


Hey, it’s Wednesday! I loved seeing the responses in the comments here and on facebook as to what you thought I should do with the bench in question. I really like the idea of covering it with a fabric that has the aqua color in it, but also other colors in it to give the colorful punch I’m looking for. Someone suggested something wipeable, and I LOVE that idea!!

Although if you commented saying that you want it and want to come hang out, ummm, yeah I do like that option better! ;)


I cleaned and moved things around in our foyer area and thought of a good question for today’s post.


So here’s my question:



I mean, I know I can do what I want (snap, snap, snap) in my house, but does it look off to you? Does the left justified mirror make you want to break in to my house, slap me, and slide things over so that the mirror is centered?


I like it. I think it changes things up a bit and makes more space in the area. Plus I do what I waaaant so yeah. ;) But I’m curious to see what you think!


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  1. Kori says

    I love things to be ‘off’ once in a while and I like your mirror to the left, however, I’d move the framed prints over to left to be within the space of the table. :)

  2. Lisa says

    Hi! I think it looks good, but like the previous two said, you need something to balance the other side. A tall lamp to the right and/or move the framed pictures in closer. But I do like the Not centered look!

  3. Jess says

    I, too, LOVE the off centered look but think either the 2 frames need to be moved in closer or something needs to go there to balance it some. It looks great though!

  4. says

    Personally, I love the off-centered look! In fact, for the past 5 years I have had a mirror above my dining room buffet that is off-centered. To me it goes along with the whole design “rule of thirds.” Here’s my unsolicited opinion based on your picture– bring your two small wall hangings closer to the mirror (you need their soft lines to offset the angles and straight lines of the table and the mirror) Then just reverse the other stuff. Put the birdcage on the other side and the plant and the fan where the bird cage is. Not sure about a tall lamp since you have your entry light hanging right there? Might be an awful lot of “lights” for that small area? Sorry, probably more “opinion” than you wanted……! :D Good luck!!!!! ~Jenn

  5. says

    I guess I am with everyone else. I think off center totally rocks, but I do feel like you need something on the other side to balance it a bit. Something taller on the table (like a picture leaning) or something on the wall. You are so brave to ask people their opinions. You can mail me that fan ASAP. Love it!

  6. Lana says

    Hi, I think centered looks better! Off center looks as though you slid the table down but didn’t have a chance to re-center the mirror. Or maybe that your hubby is limiting the number of holes you put in the wall, lol!

  7. says

    LOL! I’m sorry, being a graphic designer in my past life, I liked your comment about left justified. I think it could work. Do you have a painting you could lean against the right side of the mirror to (as everyone else has said) balance it?

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