Homemade Baby Wipes

Homemade, all natural cleansing wipes. Perfect for baby wipes or as cleansing wipes! #inexpensive #tutorial #printable

For the last four years, we have been making our own baby wipes and cleansing wipes.

While baby wipes aren’t thaaat expensive, cleansing wipes are!

In order to make the wipes you use ingredients that you mostly have on hand. You’ll save money and a trip to the store, and will know what’s going on your skin or on your baby’s skin.


Even if you get the sensitive skin or all-natural wipes, some of the ingredients in the wipes aren’t the best (think harsh chemicals and drying agents). I know and can pronounce the ingredients in my wipes. I can count on two hands the number of rashes we’ve had with three kids over four years – I’d like to think the wipes helped with that!

We’ve made them with different ingredients, mixtures, and brands. Throughout the tutorial, I’ll explain which ones worked for us as well as tricks we’ve learned along the way!


Here’s what you’ll need:

2 containers

1 roll of select-a-size paper towels (Bounty works best, Viva works okay)

4 cups water

1 T of coconut oil (found in a health foods or vitamin store)

FOR BABY WIPES: 1 squirt of organic baby wash or organic cleansing wash

FOR CLEANSING WIPES: 1 squirt of all natural face wash or cleansing wash


First, you need a container, here are the ones I use:


Both are Rubbermaid containers, they don’t make the one on the left anymore (find them at garage sales!) but the on the right can be found at K-Mart, Target, Wal-mart for around $4.99. Both work great, but I love that the one on the right has four tabs that you lift to open it, making it easy to do with one hand.

-Make sure your kitchen or other working area is clean before you start, you don’t want crumbs in your wipes!

We tried using other brands, but nothing works as well as the Bounty Select-a-Size. You won’t waste as much unused wipe since your wipes are smaller. They also won’t rip like cheaper brands.

They are a bit more, but if you’re good and use them only for wipe making, it’ll end up costing you about $0.75 a container – still cheaper than buying wipes!

-Cut your paper towel roll in half.

Use a large, sharp, non-serrated knife and cut your paper towel roll in half, brushing off the fuzz at the end

If you don’t have a sharp knife, you can you use a serrated knife or electric carving knife. You will end up with a lot more fuzz from cutting, just be sure to brush them off.


– Make your wipes solution.

For each container, you will need 2 cups of distilled or purified water.

When adding the water, mark the water level on the side with a permanent marker so you will not have to measure in the future!

If you are making two containers, it also helps to mix everything in a large glass measuring bowl.


-Add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil.

Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees, meaning that it is solid and white at anything less than that (looks like shortening).

To warm it up, take the amount you’re using, put it in a saucepan with a bit of your water and heat it just warm enough to melt (76 degrees, so it won’t take long). Once melted, pour the mixture into your water and stir.

If your house or area is really hot (like our old apartment or my mom’s house), more than likely your coconut oil will always stay melted in the container without needing to heat it.

IMG_1470 IMG_1471

Why coconut oil?

It’s naturally anti-bacterial, microbial, and fungal, the perfect moisturizer your skin, plus it smells great.

This is all that we use in place of lotion and it is amazing.

-Add in a squirt of organic baby wash.

It may not seem like enough, but keep in mind you are not rinsing them like after a bath and you may have a bit of soapy residue left if you use more. Stir gently.

I strongly recommend using an organic, sensitive, baby soap. We use Shaklee products. The other washes are tough your little one’s skin and have chemicals you may not want lingering on their little butt!

You are using a tiny amount and will save money making wipes, avoid rashes and buy the good stuff.


-Pour your mixture evenly into the containers, about 2 cups per container.


-Place the paper towel rolls cut/fuzzy side down into the container and solution.

Your containers might be bigger than mine, but if not, don’t freak out if they look like the containers are too small. I promise you – they’re not. ;)


-Smoosh your paper towel down with the lid and seal it.

See – I told you they’re not too small!

Turn your containers upside down, stack them if you like, and walk away for about 5 minutes.


-Take out the cardboard tube.

Come back, open up (see, they stayed smooshed!), and take out the inside paper towel roll. Don’t try to do this earlier while it’s dry, it just makes a big mess…


-Take out the start of the roll in the center, pop it up for easy grabbing, and close the lid. You’re done!



-When traveling, grab a few and stick them into a zippered baggie – instant travel wipes!

-Two containers will last me between one and two weeks.

USE DISTILLED OR PURIFIED WATER TO AVOID MOLD. I’ve had many comments coming back and mentioning that their wipes molded. If you use good quality ingredients in addition to the purified water, you should be okay! Also keep the wipes out of direct sunlight and don’t make them too far ahead.

I have never had an issue with mold, but our water is purified.

-Once you buy the oil and containers, you use so little that you’re only spending $1.50 for two containers! Store bought wipes are anywhere from $1.50 to $5 each and the wipes are larger so you go through them faster.


Other Uses:

-Make some wipes, gather the ingredients, and give the kit as a baby shower gift! I’ve even done the hard work for you… click for a free pdf printable you print on some cute paper and can give them!

-With the coconut oil, they make GREAT moisturizing wipes or make-up remover wipes! Either leave out the baby wash or use your favorite face wash.

-This process could easily be used to make *cleaning wipes*! I use Basic H, a diluted organic cleaner, so it’s just as simple as getting four cups of water and adding a few drops of the concentrated solution.


Homemade, all natural cleansing wipes. Perfect for baby wipes or as cleansing wipes! #inexpensive #tutorial #printable

Any other questions or comments about the wipes, feel free to ask!

Please let me know if you try them, I’d love to hear your experience and what worked for you. Like I said, we’ve been using them for four years now so we have some experience!



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    I've been looking for one of these-while we don't have kids, I told my Hubby I'd make him some to take to the range. Excellent! Thanks so much!

  2. says

    Love the wipes recipe!! I tried them when Bamm-Bamm was small, but I REALLY like the idea of using coconut oil! This has motivated me to try homemade wipes again with the next little man!- Christin

  3. says

    Love this! I saw homemade baby wipes somewhere else and I def. want to do it when I have kids. So simple and sweet for their bottoms! Has your daughter ever had a diaper rash with these? The other one I read said she had never had one before! Congrats on 100 followers!

  4. says

    Great idea, I make homemade deodorant and use coconut oil for lotion also, I just knew you were a girl after my own heart. I hope you have a great week.Cha Cha

  5. Mama Christina says

    I'm not positive how well this would work with paper towel ones, but for our cloth wipes I just use water, pure aloe, and a couple drops of tea tree oil!

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing this step by step tutorial and with pictures! I also appreciate the tips on where to find the Coconut oil. I'm definately going to try this!

  7. says

    Anne Marie- Thanks for stopping by my blog- this is an awesome tutorial! I was kinda skeptical and thought it would be complicated but it looks seriously cool. I am going to have to try it out and maybe pass them along to my SIL and her girlies. You are so talented! I'm excited to follow you and see what else you come up with :)

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    Great idea – I wish I had seen it when my kiddos were littler!!! Please come plant your creative seeds at my blog party on Fridays: Plant a Punkin Seed at Punkin Seed Productions!KristiPunkin Seed Productions

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    I used these for my munchkin constantly. We would use Dr. Bronners Lavender soap and it would make such a great smell…relaxing and cleansing too. Tea tree oil is a great addition for diaper rash. Thanks for spreading the word….it's good to steer people away from those mainstream wipes, Yuck!!!!

    • linda says

      TThanks for this comment. I was thinking of Dr. Bronners but all we have is peppermint and thought that wouldn’t be nice on baby bums. I read something about lavender causing problems hormonally with boys. I don’t have the actual study info just heresay but it is worth checking into.

  10. Anonymous says

    So glad someone posted homemade baby wipes! We used them with all 3 of our babies (our children are 6 to 9 now), and I actually kept making them until only a couple of years ago because they came in so handy with messes around the house or in the car. One way to alleviate the chance of souring or "mold", as well as keep them smelling fresh, is to add a half teaspoon of baking soda per container to the mix. I totally agree with you regarding Bounty paper towels – they are the best. One more idea…I found an electric knife at a yard sale, and it revolutionized our whole wipe-making adventure; no more "sawing" :)

  11. says

    What a GREAT idea! I have two grandsons in diapers and we never seem to have enough wipes on hand. Plus, my older grandson has very sensitive skin and I'm betting this will be so much better for him. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Anonymous says

    love these…we have been making our own since our little monkey was a baby and he's two now…i find they work better than the store bought ones..we just use an old (clean) ice cream container and use 1 cup of boiling water..1 tbsp baby oil..1 tbsp baby body wash…and 1 tbsp of baby lotion…love them!…and they last so long!!

    • Tracy W says

      thanks for this comment! I’m unfortunately allergic to coconut, so the idea of 1 tbsp baby oil is something I’ll try. Appreciate it!

  13. says

    Instead of using wipes you have to throw away I highly recommend using cloth wipes. They save tons of $$ and you can use your same recipe as a solution. Just a thought :)

  14. says

    Hey, I found your site through Bonnies!I second the homemade wipes – they are SUPER easy to make and if you use cloth diapers they are so much easier because you don't have to separate the wipe from the diaper before throwing them in the diaper pail. They wash up perfectly! I actually put my solution in a squirt bottle and spray the wipe or baby bottom – I have a whole page on cloth diaper-know-how linked on my site:http://www.afarmhousefull.com/clothdiaperinfo.htmYour house is adorable and I LOVE the name of the blog!

    • claychica says

      I used cloth wipes with our cloth diapers, too. I put my homemade solution in the reused squeeze pericare bottle (it had sort of a sports pull-top on it) they used on me at the hospital post-partum. It was perfect. I used an old baby wipe container stacked with dry baby terrycloth washcloths. We had some squares of flannelette with serged edges as well. I traveled with the same sort of bottle stuck into one of the diaper bag bottle slots full of solution and a travel wipes container with dry folded cloths in it. Rice paper diaper liners (available online) are a fantastic way to cut down on messes with cloth diapering when you are away from home, and cut down dramatically on diaper bag smell. All used diaper bag supplies went into a drawstring wetbag meant for carrying diapers. It was a great system. As a bonus, after I switched to cloth diapers (we used Kissaluvs fitted adjustable and super basic nylon covers) I never once had another blowout. Not once. The diapers lasted through 3 kids and I passed them along to another mom when we were done to be used again.

  15. says

    I'm a little behind the times, but just found your blog, and LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! Even though my babies are big boys now (3 & 5), I still use baby wipes for everything and just ran out. I was thinking I did NOT want to go buy another huge case at Costco. I am totally going to do this!! Woo-Hoo!! Thanks for just saving me $20!

  16. says

    I have an aunt who did this. What a great idea! I just might have to do this when we run out of all those free pampers ones we got this summer using the $2 off 70ct of higher coupon. :)Blessings!

  17. says

    Very nice post! I shared it on my coupon blog as I don't think I've seen an Organic tutorial for this. Thanks! Love that table cloth in first pic, gorgeous. :)

  18. says

    We have been making our baby wipes for almost 3 years now! My first had such a bad reaction to every wipe out there, that I started making my own, slightly different from your recipe but pretty much the same. water, avveno unscented baby wash and jojobah oil (as an esthetician I get a great price on that oil, and it's closest to the oil your skin naturally produces. I may have to try coconut oil as well) And we use Viva brand paper towels, they're from kleenex and are SO soft, especially for your new baby skin. :) thanks for sharing!

  19. says

    These look great! I have found that using distilled water can prevent mold problems. (My daughter even uses distilled water in her fish bowl to prevent the slime build up. Bowl stays clean and the fish live long!)

  20. says

    Made baby wipes when my daughter was little, but never thought to use them as makeup wipes. Thanks for the great idea! Also I did have a problem with mold and a couple of drops of tea tree oil solved that.

    • emma says

      I would use either Olive or Jojoba oil, as they are quite mild. They do the same job as coconut oil. Hope this helps!

  21. says

    I found this a few months ago when my little girl was having awful diaper rashes. The wipes helped the rash to heal and we haven't had a major one since! I've tried a couple of paper towel brands and bounty is definitely my favorite. I also accidentally added Olive oil with the coconut oil (pregnancy brain…) and it turned out really nice! I put a few drops of tea tree and lemon essential oil and we are set to go for the month :)!Thanks for letting me know about it!

  22. says

    Made them, used them, LOVED them, blogged about them this morning – http://handmadeandheavenly.blogspot.com/2011/10/saturday-version-of-frugal-friday.htmlI may go a little lighter on the coconut oil, since it's a tad to heavy to go on the face…might try a mix of coconut, vitamin E, organic aloe gel, and grapeseed oil next time, but I'm really pleased with how well they worked AND the cost savings. Thanks for the handy tutorial, I linked to you in my post so others can see how you did this.?hugs?

  23. Anonymous says

    This is the MOST amazing thing I have ever seen! NOT! I do not have time to make my own baby wipes, I charge people 145.00 and hour for my services and this looks like it would take about 1.5 hours to complete. That means these wipes are costing me about 215.00 or so… not to mention having to explain to my significant other why I have wasted my afternoon cutting up our paper towels!!! w.o.t.

  24. says

    I think these wipes are the FASTEST to make! I can make them faster then I can get in the car and drive to the store to buy them! :) Ever since I read your post last year I have been making my own and its so simple to do! :)

  25. says

    I found some coconut oil in the baking section next to olive oils, veg oils, etc. Does anyone know if using coconut oil intended for cooking instead of virgin coconut oil would make any difference? Has anyone already tried this?

    • says

      Yep, that would work! Some of the coconut oils found in the cooking section may be “expeller pressed,” which means that they are processed a bit more so that the coconut flavor and odor is removed and all of your food won’t be coconut-y.

      We don’t use the expeller pressed anymore since we don’t mind the taste when cooking, but it’s perfectly fine to use in the Baby Wipes. Great question, thanks for your comment! :)

      • KimberlySJohnson says

        I use a Wipes Warmer… Am getting ready to use this mixture of yours for my homemade reusable cloth wipes- 1st time making them! My concern is I’ve read using a warmer will cause them to mold-mildew… Any suggestions to prevent that? And can I boil the watwe instead of buying distilled/purified?

  26. Anonymous says

    Something to add to your arsenal: A spray bottle. When I cloth diapered, I used this wipe solution with bounty paper towels. I then moved to cloth wipes with the solution. But I digress :) I filled a spray bottle with the cleansing solution and sprayed the wipe or just the poopy bottom for added help with clean up. You can even keep the spray bottle in one of those bottle warming contraptions (I didn't) but I know some who did and it made the spray warm.

  27. says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just bought the ingredients and tried it for the first time. I just ripped the paper towel and folded them into a smaller container, because I wasn't sure how much I'd like it and I didn't want to waste my paper towel (because its very $$$$). I don't have any kids, but I figured I'd try them out as make up remover wipes. I am in my 20's and still break out like a teenager. I've exhausted all other options, so I hope this helps!

  28. says

    Okay, so I woke up this morning, and the size of my acne has reduced!! In one day! I'm so excited, I will be making a large batch of this soon!

    • says

      yay!! That’s awesome! I also recommend just using straight coconut oil applied to your face as a moisturizer. I used to break out like crazy and haven’t been since doing this.

      • Shayna says

        I will try this but I am scared to death! how does using straight oil not break your face out more? :)

        • Megan says

          Most other products dry skin out and actually are causing more break outs. The coconut oil is so good for your skin that it helps heal and moisturize, so your skin is glowing, rather than dry and pimpled, like mine used to be. I actually use coconut oil as a face wash, and every third day or so, I mix in some baking soda for extra scrubbing, and it works great for me! Hope you’ve found success. : )

      • Chris says

        I am also a big fan of coconut oil for acne. I used to suffer from acne. I’m 33 and have battled it since my teens. I’ve tried so many commercial products and none worked. Some even bleached my towels and pillowcases (Proactiv). About a year ago I started washing my face with coconut oil. I apply it to my skin, rub it in really well, then wipe it off with a hot, clean wet rag. It removes makeup better than any makeup remover I’ve ever tried, including waterproof eye makeup. The rag exfoliates and when I’m done, my face is clean and perfectly moisturized. I don’t even need a commercial moisturizer anymore. People now compliment me on my skin when they never did before. I rarely ever get pimples anymore, and when I do, I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment. Ann Marie is right, coconut oil is amazing for your skin. And, as an added bonus, my skin smells like my favorite Girl Scout cookie ;)

    • Leah says

      I was thinking of making these today because I have everything I need except we’re almost out of coconut oil and I don’t want use the last bit because I’m craving a fried egg and coconut oil fries the best eggs. Sorry, random. Anyways, I was thinking when I do make these, I will add a drop or two of tea tree oil because that always helps dry up my acne while the coconut oil will moisturize.

      I’m also thinking of making some as craft wipes but I may need to skip the oil on that one. Oil tends to stain paper and fabric and since I’m quite clumsy I just see me turning a cleanup into a major mess.

  29. says

    I just found this tip and it's BRILLIANT!! I have horrible skin and have been using coconut oil as body moisturizer for a long time now but this is a PERFECT solution for how to most efficiently dispense/disperse it. :D Thank you bazillions!

  30. says

    Just saw this and immediately had to make them!! I don't have any children, but I love love using make-up remover wipes because I never feel like washing my face before bed. I just switched the baby wash for a squirt of my own sensitive skin face wash and kept the coconut oil the same. They feel amazing! This is going to save me so much money and no harsh chemicals! Thank you! :)

  31. says

    Hey Ann Marie – just curious – have you heard anything about the bounty paper towels being coated in pig fat? My cousin mentioned it to me, so of course I went to the most reliable research database (Google) and couldn't find anything about it…but even so, I would think that at least pig fat is natural and still far better than using store bought wipes…what do you think??Kayla

  32. Melody R. says

    My girls are early adult and teen now. Oh well, I’m thinking makeup removal now, Lord knows they wear enough of that, lol. And since I don’t wear makeup at all, I’m thinking one for cleaning wipes. Thanks a whole bunch for this tip and the .pdf download. Also, thanks to others who also gave their tips concerning their experiences. I will share with my girlfriends too. Hope you have a blessed year.

  33. says

    I used to make these almost 20 years ago for my (then) little ones. We used baby oil instead of coconut oil. Just an FYI: slicing through these will ruin your knife, so get one just for doing this instead of using your best kitchen knife. You can also use an electric knife, but you will get fuzzies that have to be cleaned up.

    • says

      That’s a good idea! I usually bug my husband to sharpen our knives, and he does it pretty often, haha! Thanks for commenting. I love that you made them over 20 years ago, that’s really cool!

    • says

      I’m not sure, but have been wanting to look for an answer.

      I know in our house we’ll back up the septic by flushing paper towels. But I don’t think the toilet paper would work, as toilet paper is made to break down quickly when it gets in water. I’ve used lesser brand paper towels and they kinda fell apart and were really mushy and sloppy – I’d imagine that’s how it would be with toilet paper. :-/

      If you do decide to try the toilet paper, let me know if it works or not!

  34. Michelle Lubbers says

    I love the use of coconut oil here and not mineral oil (baby oil) as it is not very good for your skin. It smells so yum too! If you like coconut that is. Thanks for an alternative. I just made a batch of make-up cleansing cloths following your method. I might even get some washable cloths and soak those for less waste? hmm… we shall see.

  35. heather says

    sooo just had to make this after just buying coconut oil…i have two brands of facial cloth/makeup remover that just burns my face…i can definitely see why a certain brand works I just used sparkle (i think) and it wanted to fall apart on me lol…i think next time that i make it i will divide the recipe (i put in 2 tbl of coconut oil with water with a touch of tea tree oil) because the one i poured the 2 cups of the mixture first got most of the oil…regardless of my stirring..

    • says

      I hate that! Haha, I’ve accidentally grabbed the wrong paper towel roll (yes, we’re too cheap to use the Bounty ones on our counter) and they fall apart and are mushy.

      Tricky coconut oil… that’s a good idea to separate it! Lately, I’ve gotten lazy and put the coconut oil and soap directly into the container (hard and all), and add hot water so I know that each batch will get the coconut oil.

  36. says

    This is genius, Ann Marie!! Seriously.. I love this idea. I don’t have “babies” anymore, but lots of big, messy kids.. so this would be great for on the go cleanups!!

  37. says

    I made some this weekend and so far so good. I featured your recipe on my blog and even made a cute label for it at detailorienteddiva.blogspot.com if you want to check it out.

  38. Shelley Smallwood says

    I can’t wait to try this! My 3 yr old little girl has ecsema really bad on her bum bum and also at times on her face around her mouth and her dermatoligist said for us not to use wet wipes anywhere at all on her skin… and always wetting a washcloth or papertowel can be very inconvienent at times so this may be just what we need!

    • says

      I’m sure it’d work great! I’ve also heard that straight coconut oil works really well on eczema, maybe try doing that? Let me know how they work out! :)

  39. Shanna says

    I found this on Pinterest and let me just say I’m in love!! I’m trying to go all homemade/natural with this baby (it will be my 3rd) and your baby wipes looks to be the closest to the wipes I love. (Parents Choice Sensitive!)
    Love that you chose coconut oil! Can’t wait to try this! Thank you!!

  40. Lori says

    I have been making wipes for 4 yrs now and different changes and different brands paper towels. I now use baby wash cloths as wipes with cloth diapers too. But I ALWAYS use TEA TREE OIL. We had mold issues before we used Tea tree oil. Your coconut oil prob has same or similiar properties but I love the smell of TToil and how well it cleans. Thanks for posting, more people need to make wipes. It is so easy. Oh, I also boil my water first then add ingredients.

    • Lisa says

      How many drops of tea tree oil do you use? Looking forward to trying this out. I wonder if the Charmin Extra Strong toilet paper would hold it’s shape? I’m thinking it would be softer than paper towel.

      • says

        I would guess 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil, but no more than that. We’ve never added tea tree oil to the wipes, I guess just never needed to.

        I don’t think the toilet paper would work, as toilet paper is made to break down quickly. I’ve used lesser brand paper towels and they kinda fell apart and were really mushy and sloppy – I’d imagine that’s how it would be with toilet paper. You’d be surprised at how soft the Bounty paper towels are, they feel just like regular baby wipes!

        If you do decide to try the toilet paper, let me know if it works or not! Thanks! :)

  41. Kandy says

    I found this on Pinterest. I immediately made them as I had coconut oil and baby wash here at the house already. I have now made 3 batches — everyone of them has gotten little “mold” spots on them. WHAT THE HECK!! Please help because I a all about saving money and making my own stuff, but it is getting expensive when I have to throw them out. Thanks :)

    • says

      Kandy – I’ve never experienced an issue with mold, but previous commenters have and offered the following solutions. 1.) Use distilled water. We used store bought water at first, but later filtered water once we installed a whole house filter. I think this is why we’ve never run into the mold issue. 2.) Add a few drops of tea tree oil. I would add maybe 1 or 2 but no more, as too much might be kinda tingly for the baby down there.

      If your spots are more reddish in color, it may be a result of the pigment from the paper towel roll. I have had this happen before if I left it in too long or forgot about it. In this case, the wipes are still safe to use.

      Good luck, let me know if you have any more questions or if this helped!

  42. Jessica says

    I just found your site via Pinterest and whipped up some of these wipes tonight…amazing! So fast and easy to make and SO much better for the babies than store bought wipes. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • says

      Thanks for coming back to let me know! :) We’ve been using them for almost three years now and I will never go back to store bought. I’m glad you like them!

  43. Nicole A says

    This is great! I’m going to try and make my own face cleansing wipes because I’m always too lazy at the end of the day to wash my face.

    • says

      Thanks so much for sharing this and the links to the coupon code sites! As for the tutorial, I’m glad to hear that! I read through this sometimes and worry that I was too wordy. :)

      Have a wonderful day!

  44. says

    What an awesome idea. We go through wipes like crazy at my house. I even use them on my counters for a quick, clean smell. You’re never too old for a baby wipe. Thanks…

  45. says

    I’m dying to try this as an eye makeup remover option, but does anybody know a good soap item to put in there (so it doesn’t get in your eyes and burn?) :)

    • says

      Since posting this, I’ve used straight coconut oil (no soap) and it works great! You might want to add a little more than in the recipe for the baby wipes. It’s very gentle and leaves your face soft. Hope this helps! :)

  46. Darcie says

    I just made these today for the first time (I did the face-wash version), and I’m excited to use them. My only caution is not to “cheap out” on the container. I bought the Walmart brand (Mainstay) containers, and when I flipped it over it started to leak. Luckily I was working over the sink. Now I’m worried that my wipes will dry out, since I know the seal isn’t air tight. I have a feeling I’ll be making these again, but I’ll be buying a better container first.

    • says

      Oooh, great tip! Thanks for coming back to share your input! Sometimes my the Rubbermaid ones will leak because they’re so old, but I haven’t had an issue with the wipes drying out, so hopefully you won’t with this batch. If you’re looking for another one, I really recommend the red snapping ones shown in the post. After more than two years, I haven’t had one leak or break. Hope that helps.

      I’m planning on writing a post with “Frequently Asked Questions” about the wipes and I will be sure to add this tip in there. Thanks so much!

      • Darcie says

        I just finished up my first container (I only made one the first time around, since I was using them as face wipes and wasn’t sure how long they would last). The one container ended up lasting me ~5 weeks, and that was using them once in the morning and once at night. I did not have any problems with the wipes drying, despite my “cheap” container, so I’ll stick with this container for now. I was able to store the other (dry) half of the paper towel roll, the face wash, and the essential oils in the 2nd container, so that was convenient. My ingredients included: unrefined coconut oil, Neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleanser, 3 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of lemon essential oil. I did not have any problems with mold, even after 5 weeks. I kept the container under my bathroom sink, to keep it away from sunlight. Time to make the 2nd container!

  47. says

    I use sensitive skin, no fragrance baby wipes to remove make up and/or clean my face (cheaper and gentler on my face than the regular make up removing pads). But I love this idea of making them homemade. I also have all the ingredients so will make the wipes this week. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hope they turned out great! Let me know if you have any questions, either here or on our facebook page. I know that the sensitive skin wipes are better than regular wipes, but I think these are even better as you KNOW and can watch what’s going into them! Good luck! :)

  48. Jaicy says

    Hey! loved this idea! one question : After you make them..do you like store them in the fridge or where???
    Thanks just made them right. Loving it already..Hope it lasts mold free!

    • says


      I just store them where ever I’d store my wipes. If you do have an issue with mold, I’ve heard that using distilled water will keep it away. We haven’t had any mold in three years and our water is filtered. I’ve also heard that adding a drop or two of tea tree oil can help, although I’ve never tried it. Good luck, hope you’re falling in love with them! ;)

  49. Tamera says

    I made baby wipes with my first baby, using baby oil. I have been thinking about making them again (5 years later)! I like that you use coconut oil, I think I will try that! Thank You!

  50. Rachel says

    Hi! I just found these and love the idea! I also love that I already have everything on hand today. I’m assuming, and just want to make sure, that it would be ok and divide the reciepe in two and only make in half batches. I want to use them for makeup remover wipes and I would imagine it will take me a while to go through the whole tub. I’m afraid of the mold in the other tub if I let it sit for too long.

    • Maureen says

      The MOLD issue:Hi, I sold Tupperware. It depends on the container used. If it ever had mold in it before, the spores stay in the container unless you wash the container and then put vinegar and water in it and let it sit overnight to kill the mold spores (a little more vinegar than water about 1/4 full, then turn it over with airtight seal on it). If you bought the containers at a garage sale, they may have had moldy food in them and never had the spores killed with vinegar. I sold tupperware and this is what they told us. I will make this recipe and use a spore free container to prevent mold.
      I have granddaughters overnight once a month and I can use these wipes on them and also use them to remove my makeup. Thanks for the recipe!

  51. angela says

    i live in Boston. typically, my house is about 65 degrees in winter. if i make these with coconut oil in them, will the oil stay in liquid form or will i end up with little oil chunkies in/on the wipes as it gets to my chilly room temp?

  52. says

    I love using homemade wipes! We’ve used them from the beginning with my first child. One tip I have is that if you don’t want to mess with a Ziploc bag for travel, you can still use the flat portable wipe holders. Just pull the center section out of a new batch or you can pull a bunch of wipes out and wrap them around your hand so they fit in the plastic containers.

  53. says

    I LOVE THESE WIPES! My daughter Nataly has not had a rash since and also really helped her clear up the one she had before I started using this recipe. I have been using the “VIVA” brand paper towles because they were a little cheaper and work fantastic. They will not shred when pulling them out of a tear out lid. You ROCK!

  54. Paola says

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this recipe, as soon I sow it at pinterest, I knew I had to do it for my child. When I was in the store looking for the paper towels I found the new “cottonell roll covers” on clearance so I wondered if this will work as container?…. And it did! … Now I have great wipes in a good looking container. thanks again !

  55. says

    I came by your post via Pinterest. Brilliant, brilliant idea. Super easy and fast. I followed all of your directions exactly!

    Except for the one about THE BRAND OF PAPER TOWELS. Grocery was out of the Bounty single-rolls, I didn’t want to buy the evil Koch Bros GP brands, so I figure what the hey, I’LL JUST USE THE STORE BRAND. REALLY, HOW MUCH DIFFERENT CAN IT BE, RIGHT?

    Anyone reading this…I beg of you to learn from my mistake.

    Suffice it to say what would have been a five or ten-minute operation turned into a 45 minute peel-n-stick session trying to salvage wipes. Oh, I guess I could have thrown everything away but I didn’t want to waste it, for I am nothing else if not frugal. I managed to get the bulk of it into two flat Rubbermaid dealys, so for now, it’s okay. By tomorrow morning, however, it will probably resemble the floor of my grade school’s bathroom. IF THE BATHROOM AT BC ELEMENTARY STANK OF LAVENDER DOCTOR BRONNER’S SOAP.

    Ugh. Next time I make this, I shall not buck the system. Thanks again for sharing your recipe.

  56. Michelle Moss says

    I heard there were tiny tiny bits of glass woven into paper towels- therefore scratching the skin- anyone else heard this?

  57. Tammy says

    Made these yesterday. Great idea, but you do need a REALLY sharp knife. I had quite a time cutting thru the roll of paper towels. Still turned out good, I think. Thanks for the recipe!

  58. debb says

    I have been making this for 18 years! I started when my oldest child was born. I prefer the Rubbermaid medium canister from the 4 piece canister set. I also recently used the Scott brand paper towels and I love how smooth they are. This is my favorite “go to” shower gift. Also, if you have a 31 company representitive, you can order really cute bags that fit the rubbermaid containsers perfectly. It is a super cute gift idea!

    Also, you can do this same thing to make your own cleaning wipes. Use your favorite “cleaning” ingrediants…weather that is store bought cleaners or all natural stuff! Saves tons of money and I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. debb says

    you do need a sharp knife, but I have found that a bread knife works best or make your hubby cut them on a table saw! :)))))))))))))

  60. Ashley says

    I really like this idea. We are contemplating having a baby soon, but I’m already hyperventilating about the price! I think my husband will think I’m crazy, but then he doesn’t monitor the budget.

    I also love how it can be a face wipe. However, typically I have pretty sensitive skin in that almost everything (lotions, makeup, makeup removers, looking at it wrong) makes me break out. Is this still a suitable wipe? I’ve heard tea tree oil is good for skin, but wasn’t sure about the coconut oil or extra moisture on my skin.

  61. Katie says

    Thank you!
    I’ve had fun finding your site & finding this most excellent idea!
    After my mom had a stroke, it became a challenge to wash her face as her right hand (of course her dominate hand) is ‘frozen’. A friend suggested the Oil of Olay wipes. They worked like a charm, so well that I’m now hooked on such an easy bedtime habit :-D And now to make them knowing what’s mixed into the paper… lovely!
    The ingredients are on my ‘To Get’ List.
    Again, thank you for sharing.

  62. Marilee says

    Since I use cloth diapers, I also use cloth wipes. I made a bunch out of old flannel sheets, moisten with a similar recipe, then toss and wash with the diapers. Saves just a little more money and less trash.

  63. Heather says

    Absolutely WONDERFUL idea.. my mom has been bugging me about using paper towels to wipe my kids butt because its cheaper BUT I only buy the cheapest paper towels. This has made me rethink it, although my moms suggestion was to through a dry roll in the diaper bag and go but of course not ideal for me! lol Seriously considering this..

  64. rachel says

    I made these to use as face wipes. I used coconut oil (a little too much, oops), Johnson’s Natural baby wash (what I had on hand), and a little pure aloe. I also cut the paper towels in thirds instead of half, and it’s a good size for a face wipe. I did have a heck of a time cutting the paper towels…maybe my knife was too dull? I didn’t want to use one of my better knives, so maybe that was the problem. The cut edges were pretty mangled.

    Anyway, as to how these work…they’re fantastic! They have a fairly strong coconut oil smell, which may take a little getting used to. They clean nicely and make my skin feel sooo soft. Because I used too much coconut oil (I used a big heaping spoonful) my skin has a bit of a residue for a few minutes until the coconut oil fully absorbs.

    I’m thinking about making another batch to use for wipes for my son. My main objection is the hassle of cutting the paper towel roll, lol. Any tips for making that part easier?

  65. Dee says

    For anyone dealing with mold: for my first batch I followed the instructions exactly and they started molding before I could use up the container (and this is with twins babies so it’s not as though I’m not using them often!)
    For my second try I bought distiller water plus I cleaned my containers with bleach to kill any mold spores that may have been lingering.
    Success! No mold!

  66. says

    I might also suggest adding a few drops of LAVENDER Essential Oil. It smells good and is awesome to help quickly heal skin conditions. I prefer the doTERRA brand myself.

  67. Megan says

    Thanks for the recipe and pictures! I LOVE these wipes and the mister does too. The first batch did get some mold after a few weeks, so I started over and added about 6 drops of tea tree oil to the mix (gotta love the damp Pacific Northwest!). Crossing my fingers that takes care of it because these are so convenient and I love the feel of the coconut oil on my skin. Very moisturizing! Thanks again, ~Megan

  68. says

    I personally can’t stand the smell of coconuts, so I was wondering if you know of any substitutes that would still produce the same results.

  69. Amy says

    I wish Pinterest would’ve existed when my son was younger. Alas….. hehe. I’m so glad I came across this. I’ve been finding some great DIY tutorials for household products and this one will fit right in! I love that I can use these as cleaning wipes. I love the anti-bacterial cleaners (like Lysol or Mr. Clean). I’ll have to try one of those and I’ll let you know how they work. Thanks!

  70. Jess says

    I am going to make these tomorrow and wonder if the Viva brand will work just as good? I’m not able to get the Bounty ones. Thanks

  71. Betty says

    Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to find your site. DIY is the bomb. I am a senior citizen who likes to use wipes when I potty to always be clean, fresh and smelling nice. I have to have flushable wipes. Did you figure out an answer for this? These homemade recipes are so cost conscience for someone on a tight budget. Thank you so much,

  72. says

    Made these several weeks ago, just for cleaning, left out the coconut oil and added a little white vinegar. I use them everywhere and the two tubs have been very long-lasting! I can’t wait to try them for facial wipes! Thanks for a tip I’ll use forever!

  73. says

    I love these wipes! I was not able to cut the roll of paper towels in half. I tried a knife as pictured, a bread knife and an electric knife, so I found a tall juice container at Walmart. It actually works better for me as my hubby has had several strokes and the larger wipes work wonderfully!

  74. Morgan says

    Thank you sooooo so much! Personally, I’m allergic to baby wipes, even though my daughter isnt, and the past 10 months has been painful on me because I can’t just take face clothes with me everywhere I go. This is brilliant and I can’t express enough of my graditude.

  75. says

    Thanks for this. I have only been using these wipes since my daughter was born in February. Only thing different I do is use the full size Bounty instead of the select-a-size. I like the bigger wipes. Also, PC has a great super strong paper towel that also works well. Another tip for you all is I found my containers at ta dollar store for $1.25 instead of the $4-7 you pay for the Rubbermaid variety

  76. Keerika says

    I absolutely LOVE this idea!! Thanks so much!!! I’m going to try this tonight. But do you think this recipe would work well if I sustituted our baby’s wascloths instead of pape towels because I’m attempting to reduce our family’s waste as well…

    • says

      my kids do have sensitive skin and we’ve never had an issue. I actually didn’t think about that until you brought it up, but articles on how they’re made say that the bleach is washed out. I don’t know if I believe/trust that, but we’ve never had an issue, we’ve only had irritation if we used commercial wipes (even “sensitive” ones), but it cleared up once we went back to the regular wipes.

      There are other natural chlorine-free paper towels, but I don’t know how they’d hold up. You could also try pieces of square flannel. Good luck, hope this helped! :)

      • Alex Golden says

        Many people are very sensitive to bleached paper products (myself included), and due to so much lifetime exposure there are more of us every day… so I can tell you that there is no way bleach is completely washed out in manufacturing process. Your recipe is great and I can’t wait to try it myself! But it makes sense that if you have chosen so carefully the gentle ingredients of the wipes, you may want to go the next step to choose safe, bleach-free paper towels. So if anyone has had any success with a strong bleach-free paper towel brand, I would love to know so I can recreate…. Also as regular paper towels are not originally designed for use on sensitive baby parts, I would suggest anyone interested in this line of thought might try researching bleached toilet paper online, as you will discover from some very trusted sources the various issues which can be traced to these papers (including chronic vulvar irritation in girls) so you can make your own conclusions about whether you may wish to switch.

  77. Krystle says

    I made them and loved them, better then any store bought wipes but they molded after a week. :( Is there something I can try to prolong them besides making smaller amounts?

    • says

      try using distilled water! Our water is run through a filter so we don’t have this issue, but another commenter suggested distilled and I’ve heard that it worked. Let me know how it goes! :)

  78. says

    Hi Ann – I must say I love your blog! I actually did my own organic make-up remover wipes last week and I loove them! I used organic tea tree body wash that I had instead of baby wash. I must say you have inspired me to even start my own blog. I will def. post this idea on my blog and will make sure to have the link come back to yours. :) Keep it up! :)

      • says

        Hi Anne! Thanks for your reply. I posted the tutorial way before your reply. Sorry! Not to worry though, I just read all your policy and rules on sharing and I think I did a pretty good job at posting my own pictures and using my own ingredients. :) I did copy some of your tutorial but I made sure to change it up a bit or delete some of the content that really didn’t pertain to me or the actual tutorial. Please feel free to check it out and let me know if there is anything that I should remove. I am a newbie at this and want to make sure I do not do something I am not supposed to because I love your blog and would love your advice. :) Goinggreennotblack.blogpost.com

  79. Avani says

    I love this idea and will for sure be making household wipes but I’m concerned about the bleach and chemicals in bounty and most paper towels out there, sorta eliminates the organic in the title and the whole idea of avoiding those pesky ingredients… Do you have any experience with using some of the “natural” paper towels on the market? Id think they are not as sturdy as bounty and wouldn’t hold up. I love the idea though.

    • says

      I didn’t even think about this until another commenter mentioned it. I have not tried them yet, but will just so I can add it in. I don’t know, I guess you have to pick your battles. You could go nuts thinking of all the things that could affect you. If I noticed any sort of reaction, I would probably switch or find a different option, but I haven’t. My kids have only gotten rashes when we introduced new foods, or used commercial wipes. You could always make cloth wipes though. I’ve heard cut pieces of flannel work nicely.

      Let me know if you do try them and how they work out! :)

    • says

      Avani, I finally have an answer for ya. I haven’t yet tried the “natural” paper towels, but just talked to a friend who said: “I’m not sure about the paper towels but 7th gen IS bleached. They just don’t use chlorine bleach. Recycled paper towels, while perhaps earth friendlier are less baby friendly. Recycled paper has as much as 30% BPA in it (receipts and TP have tons of BPA in them), not to mention the metal content. So it may seem that recycled paper towels are the better way to go for some household uses, baby wipes aren’t one of the uses that makes a lot of sense.”

      Hope that helps! :)

  80. Kate Bartemus says

    I work at a dental office and the containers that hold the wipes that we wipe our rooms with fits the paper towels and even has a convenient spout that helps rip each wipe. They are white and fun to decorate.
    **Ask your local Dental Office for their old containers…most get thrown out!!

  81. Susan Bryant says

    I used Bounty paper towels (not the select a size) to make glass cleaning wipes & bleach wipes & when I went to use them, they were MUSH! Any suggestions for another brand to try?

    • says

      I think the problem might have been the chemicals in the glass cleaner or the bleach. Whenever I’ve made the wipes, it was with a natural soap and water. The bleach or glass cleaner might break down the fibers in the wipes and turn them to mush. I have made disinfecting wipes with Shaklee’s Basic G and cleaning wipes with Shaklee Basic H, both worked great, and the paper towels were intact, but they do not contain any harsh chemicals so that might explain why.

      The only other brands I’ve tried were Viva, which worked great, and store brands, which worked awful. Hope this helps, thanks for the comment!

      • Sirena says

        Hello. Could you tell me what the measurement of Basic H2 and Basic G you used when making your own wipes? Thank you in advance.

  82. Brynn says

    I wonder if you just added a few squirts of like a feminine wash if it could become a feminine wipe? keep the coconut oil but just use a feminine wash instead of baby wash.

    • says

      Good idea, I’m definitely sure it’d work! Honestly, I’d probably just use the coconut oil by itself, I’ve used it on my face and it worked great. I haven’t tried any feminine washes and don’t know of the ingredients, but I’m sure any natural soap would work too!

      Just be sure that the wipes or thrown out, or okay to flush for your house. The paper towels are not always septic or sewer friendly. Thanks for the comment! :)

  83. Sarah says

    Just tried making a batch of these as I am trying to get into more DIY stuff to help save since we have #2 on the way! I think they work great so far! Love that my hands and my Lil’ girl smell like coconut! I used Dr. Bronner’s (almond) for the soap and seems to work great!

  84. Kaleigh says

    I’m trying to make wipes right now. I’m having a wicked hard time cutting through the papertowels even though I’m using a sharp knife. Any suggestions?

    • says

      I’d try using a serrated knife or even an electric knife if you have one. You’ll get more fuzzies, but they’ll brush off and work just as well. Hope you’re loving the wipes!

      sorry for the repeat response! wanted to make sure this was responded to in the comments :)

    • says

      awww, thanks Eileen! I don’t know why I haven’t thought to do just that. There is an anti-abortion clinic nearby and we have donated stuff or supported church drives for them, but that would be a great way to donate my services. Thank you for commenting!! I’ll be praying for you and for them.

  85. E says

    While I love the idea of this, I think that the Bountry brand is probably bleached and not organic and with chemicals. I love that you say you know what ingredients go in your baby’s skin, but I think maybe this was one area you didn’t consider. Has anyone tried this using recycled, non-bleached paper towels from a brand like Seventh Generation or Whole Foods, by chance?

    • says

      I have been meaning to try the non-bleached kind, but have not. I’ve asked on my personal facebook page and on my blog’s page to see if anyone has tried them. When I try them, I’ll get back to you. I wrote the post two and a half years ago and I’m sorry that the title is misleading, I’ll take “organic” out.

      I guess you have to pick your battles, just like these use plastic containers where we normally use glass. I can tell you that we’ve never had a rash with these wipes unless introducing new foods, and any time we’ve used commercial wipes we have. If do you try them with non-bleached paper towels, please come back and let me know how they work out!

    • says

      E, I got an answer from one of my friends. She says: “I’m not sure about the paper towels but 7th gen IS bleached. They just don’t use chlorine bleach. Recycled paper towels, while perhaps earth friendlier are less baby friendly. Recycled paper has as much as 30% BPA in it (receipts and TP have tons of BPA in them), not to mention the metal content. So it may seem that recycled paper towels are the better way to go for some household uses, baby wipes aren’t one of the uses that makes a lot of sense.”

      Another friend says that she uses organic cotton cloths with the solution, so there’s another option. Thanks for commenting, let me know if you do decide to try them!

  86. Ashlee says

    Hey! I was so excited to try this out and when I did, I was so happy that they not only smelled great, but worked wonderfully. Unfortunately, I made them maybe a week ago, tops, and both of my containers of the wipes are growing tiny little spots of black colored mold. Have I done something wrong??? They just started causing redness on my daughters skin yesterday and I just now realized today that they have little spots of mold…

    • says

      (sorry for the double response, I emailed back before I realized it wouldn’t show up up on here)

      I would try using distilled water and see if that helps. We have never had an issue with mold, but do use filtered/distilled water and that is probably why. I’ve heard of other people adding tea tree oil, but I would only recommend that if you’re using it for face wipes (and I see you’re not), as it might be harsh on sensitive areas.

      As for clearing up the diaper rash, a small bit of coconut oil can be applied to help that along.

      Please let me know if you’ve gotten this cleared up since you’ve posted! Rashes stink (we had a teething one not long ago) and I feel bad for your little one!

      • Ashlee says

        Her rash is gone now, thank you! Let me ask you this, too… When you’re done making your wipes, do you put the lid on them and seal them completely between each use? My husband was trying to tell me that I needed to cut a hole in the top of them, and while I think making a little makeshift lid would be cool, I feel like they might dry out…

        • Ashlee says

          I made another batch two days ago with distilled water and less of each ingredient and have mold again… :( I don’t understand.

    • says

      While I really love coconut oil, I’ve heard that sweet almond oil works well! If it is the smell that bothers you, expeller pressed coconut oil does not have any smell or taste, but it still has the great properties of coconut oil.

      I wouldn’t recommend olive oil cause it would stink, and other cooking oils because they aren’t made to be on such sensitive areas. Are you not able to find it or hate the smell of it, allergic or something? I’ll help ya dig deeper to find a good substitute. It’s hard though, because I love it so much and know you will too, haha. :)

  87. Monica says

    Thanks for the inspiration! As a single mother, I’ve found a time saver to this – simply mix the 2 cups water, 2 spoons of coco oil, and 2 squirts of soap directly in the bucket!! one less dish to wash and i can make 1/2 at a time if i need to. :)

    • says

      Great tip! I’ve been doing that but forgot to update the post. Also, take a sharpie and mark your container at the 2 cup line, another less dish to wash. (I hate washing dishes.)

      I’m so glad you’ve tried them and liked em! Single moms are awesome, thanks for being an inspiration to me and for stopping by to help us out with the tip. :)

      • Monica says

        ooooh! That’s an even better idea! I’ll also let my daycare provider know. I shared the recipe with her and now she uses the wipes for all the kids at daycare! She’s told the other moms too and they are all excited about it too! :)

        Each one, reach one has turned into reaching many thanks to your excellent blog! :) Cheers!

  88. says

    Saying Hi from the UK!
    Just made my first batch of surface wipes this morning, I used water, some anti-bacterial surface spray and 3 drops of tea-tree oil to inhibit mould. So far so good! Lol, seriously, I’ve used about 10 wipes so far to give them a thorough work out on my kitchen counter top (baking day today) and very happy with them. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    I’ve just made another batch of cleansing wipes using water, a mixture of coconut oil and grapeseed oil, face wash (Avon) and the tea-tree again to be on the safe-side – will be trying them out tonight. My husband thinks I’ve turned into a domestic goddess since I recently starting making liquid laundry detergent, liquid hand soap, salt scrub and now wipes! (Anything to save money, lol).

    • says

      Hi Asha! *waves* I’m so glad they’re working well for you! Isn’t the coconut oil the best? Yay for homemade products and saving money!

      If you want to impress your husband even more (or make him think you’re crazy, either one haha!), I recently added a post on how to make your own deodorant. It sounds weird, I know, but we’ve been using it for a year and love it. And we don’t stink! ;) Here’s the link: http://www.whitehouseblackshutters.com/2012/08/how-to-make-homemade-deodorant.html

      It’s night over there, right? Hope you’re having a good night!

  89. Caryn says

    Hello! I’ve made these wipes several times and I love love love them! I keep one on the changing table and one in the kitchen to wipe my little one with after meals. For some reason, the container I keep in the kitchen keeps molding. I’ve used distilled water,but it still gets moldy after a couple of days. Any suggestions?? The only thing I can think of is that maybe it’s warmer in the kitchen than in his bedroom? It can’t be that much of a temperature difference, but that’s the only thing I can think of… Help! I love these wipes, but I can’t keep throwing away half a roll of paper towels every time. Thank you in advance!!!

  90. Lynn Parr says

    I just wanted to add if you are having trouble with mold at a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar…still all natural and won’t hurt skin but is a natural deterrent to mold..it is also an easy way to keep animal water dishes & birdbaths slime free and it’s good for your pets..also great for your horse water trough’s in the summer..no chemicals here!!

    • says

      THANK YOU, LYNN!!! I haven’t had issues with mold, but many readers have and I didnt know how to remedy the situation. I will pass this on to the commenters who had issues. This truly made my day when you posted it, I want people to try them but don’t want them to have moldy wipes! I will hop on and update the post. Thank you so much for commenting! :)

  91. Erica says

    I am due for our first child at the end of Jan. I will definitely be using these wipes once we get through our stash of commercial wipes from our baby showers. I’m confused about one thing: doesn’t the coconut oil just resolidify once it’s mixed in, making it useless? Or is the trick to keep the mixture warm while soaking the paper towels so the oil can soak in too?

    • says

      First of all, congratulations Erica!!

      To answer your question honestly, I really don’t know. Maybe it gets absorbed into the wipe somehow? Maybe it’s magic? :) However, I do notice a big difference between wipes with and without the coconut oil. The ones with oil glide better when wiping while the others drag a bit and aren’t as gentle. Also, if I leave the oil out, I feel like we are more prone to redness. I do not have to keep the wipes warm, but they will freeze if I leave them in the car.

      I wish you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everything goes wonderful! I know I don’t know you, but hearing that you’re having your first brings back great memories. So happy for your new family! :)

  92. tania says

    Homemade wipes are WAY faster to make once you do it the first time. Definitely faster than going to the store, and much better for baby’s skin. I wanted to highlight the importance of using 100% natural soaps and oils with no fragrances/additives/preservatives etc. otherwise you’re adding the things you’re trying to stay away from.

  93. Lisa says

    I made the wipes and LOVED them. They were great for removing my makeup and leaving my face feeling soft and non greasy. However, after only a few days my wipes began to grow mold! I had them sealed in a Tupperware. Wonder what I did wrong? :(

  94. says

    I’m having a baby this June and was looking for a homemade baby wipes tutorial. I stumbled across yours from a Google search and I liked it the best so I wrote a little about my plans to do these in my blog and then provided a link back to this tutorial. Hope that’s okay and thanks so much for this great tutorial and wipes recipe!!

  95. Vicki says

    I started making baby wipes for friends and now my first grandchild. I use them at home for make up removal or just cleaning my hands. I have a different recipe, but like you, I know exactly what is in them!

  96. Sandra says

    I would really like to make these for my own classroom especially when we go on fieldtrips. Because I can show that the ingredients are NOT chemicals, my district shouldn’t have a problem with me using them. Thanks for the tutorial.

      • says

        Hi Jane!

        Expeller pressed coconut oil will have all the same great properties, but no coconut taste or smell. I’ve been meaning to try sweet almond oil, but have heard from readers that it works well! I’ll report back when I try it :)

  97. Addie Hall says

    I am considering making these for my mom. (The need for bottom wipes is sometimes re-visited in old age!) Can you tell me what size containers I am looking for? The print is too small in the photo to discern. Something that would fit the roll of towels’ circumference, and about half the height (before squishing) ?? Thanks

    • says

      instead of using distilled or filter water? I’ve never tried it, but it doesn’t hurt to try! Just make sure the water is completely cooled before adding it to the container.

  98. Mara says

    My first baby is due in a few weeks and I am super excited about making our own wipes. Can you please tell mw what size tupperware you use?

  99. Tamara says

    I have tried this recipe for the past few months following the instructions exactly, and usually within a week I start to see mold spots. I remove the outer layer of towels and can stretch it another week or two, but cannot do anything about the spots on top of the roll. I have used purified water, warmed coconut oil, and dab of baby wash. One time I added a small amount of distilled vinegar to help combat the mold and still it persisted (wasn’t even slower to develop). I make one container at a time since it goes bad so quickly. I end up having to throw half of the container away when it gets too bad. I use them for everything from changing diapers to cleaning mouth/hands after meals, and wiping down the table or car interior (very nice on leather). I guess next I’ll try boiling the distilled water and letting it cool as mentioned above. I don’t want to put them in the refrigerator because that would be too cold when I need to use them. Do you have any suggestions to deal with the mold?

    • Mara says

      I had the same problem with the mold even after trying the apple cider vinegar. A number of people suggested using a few drops of tea tree oil, so I am going to try that this time and see if that makes a difference…

  100. says

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    I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on a number of websites for
    about a year and am worried about switching to another platform.
    I have heard excellent things about blogengine.net.
    Is there a way I can import all my wordpress posts into it?
    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!


  101. Nancy1108 says


    Maybe you have already answered this, but when you first make the wipes and are soaking them after you remove the tube from the paper towel roll do you keep the original liquid in the container for storage or do you pour it out? Great idea! Thanks.

    • says

      I am just now seeing this comment, I apologize! All of the liquid should be absorbed and the wipes should damp, but not super wet where they are dripping. If there is any extra liquid, pour it out. If the wipes are SUPER wet, squeeze some of the liquid out until they are damp.

  102. says

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    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and wkll be tweeting this to
    my followers! Terrific blog aand outstanding style and design.

  103. Brenda says

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

    My daughter is multiply disabled and has worn incontinence briefs her whole life- she is 19 now and has very little problems with rashes up until about 1.5 years ago. She had infection after infection following a back surgery and the antibiotics gave her a massive rash so bad she had skin breakdown. Her skin has really never been the same since then and she has had more rashes in the last 1.5 years than she has her whole life.

    I started looking for recipes for homemade wipes about 2 months ago because she had yet another rash and regular wipes were HURTING. I had been using super soft paper towels with warm water for a few days and that was way more comfy for her but the rash was still there despite niacin cream and powder (heavy hitting stuff lol). I knew I didn’t want to use baby wash and baby oil like a lot of recipes called for since they are so horrible for the skin (and she would also be quite offended if she saw the bottles :) ) so I kept looking and was so happy that I found your site.

    We are big believers of the wonderful properties of tee tree oil in this house and we love coconut oil so I knew I had found the right recipe :) The rash she suffered with for 2 weeks was GONE 3 DAYS after I began using these wipes! Furthermore she has not had a single hint of a rash in the 2 months since I started using them, I cannot say enough good things about them!!! I swear, she let out a sigh of relief the second that first wipe came in contact with her skin!

    The first batch I made I used a few shavings of my melaleuca gold bar soap (it’s what I had on hand), coconut oil and a couple drops of tea tree oil but after that batch I have used Dr. Bronners lavender soap in place of the melaleuca soap. I also used Viva select a size paper towels the first time but I found that they didn’t hold up quite as well as I preferred and I really needed a larger wipe than that. My daughter is tiny for her age but her hiney is not baby sized lol So from that point on I have used regular Bounty paper towels and love love love the results. I only make one half of the roll at a time because I live in a fairly high humidity state and I don’t want them to mildew. One half roll lasts me a week ( I change her a LOT and use at least one wipe every time)

    I had resisted making wipes for a long time because I thought it would be such a pain in the butt (haha) and now I can’t believe how ridiculous I was!! It’s so fast and easy, takes minutes to do and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this all along!


    • says

      Brenda, your comment brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come back here and let me know how much they helped your daughter. I’m so happy they worked for you and helped her out! You sound like a great mom. A big hug to both of you, thank you for inspiring me and making my day better. :)

  104. Qualeen says

    I like the idea of these wipes for teenagers and tired moms who don’t want to wash their faces at night. Can you tell me how much coconut oil is best? The instructions say 1-2 tablespoons. And how much is a squirt of natural face wash – a teaspoon, tablespoon? I like the idea of tea tree oil as well and the baking soda. Since you have made this for years, you must have figured out the right proportions for the ingredients. Thanks so very much.

  105. Qualeen says

    I didn’t get an answer to my question, but I tried a mixture in a little squeeze bottle and it works well! Recipe: 1/2 cup water, 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of Clean and Clear facial wash for sensitive skin. The coconut oil does not separate or solidify in this mixture. I use it on a little square cotton pad to clean my face at night. It’s quick and easy, and feels clean and moisturized but not too greasy for nightime.

  106. Bree says

    I put together a single batch of the makeup remover wipes, but have not had quite the same results as everyone else. I used 2 cups of filtered water, 2 tablespoons coconut oil (which I first heated into liquid form), a spritz of tea tree oil and 1 squirt of face wash (Aveeno). It all feels great on my face, but barely removes my foundation, and merely transfers mascara/eyeliner from my eye to under my eye. I used 2 sheets and finally gave up, and used makeup remover – basically defeating my purpose. I let it sit for 5 minutes and noticed when I took the roll out that most of the coconut oil had begun to solidify. Suggestions?

  107. Carla Jo says

    I have a tip about getting the cardboard tube out: I pour a little warm water on the tube and let it soak for a couple of minutes, then pull it out. This way I am not wasting some of the good stuff on a tube I am going to just recycle!

    I think this is the best recipe out there and have shared it with many.

    I make cleaning wipes for my kitchen and bathroom by omitting the oil and just using an organic liquid soap- Like Dr. Bronners. Right now I am using a squirt of Life Tree bathroom cleaner. I use the plastic coffee cans, and find that they work great. They do not seal completely, so wouldn’t be great for travel wipes.

  108. Katie Lewis says

    Hello! Thanks for this post!! I use Coconut oil and olive oil as a face cleansing regimen at night and these will be great to remove make up as well!! My only question, and forgive me if it was asked already, but when you put the half rolls of paper in the tubs and smoosh them down are you waiting for a bit so that they get soggy? I don’
    understand how you smoosh a roll down like that….wouldn’t it be too stiff and hard to smoosh?

  109. Carlie Davis says

    Question: Could I substitute homemade castile soap (I dissolved a bar of castile soap in hot water) in place of the organic baby wash?

  110. Cris says

    I used to work in a nursing home and we made our own wipes for the residents. We used the one gallon pitchers w/ lids. We used water and baby bath. I like the coconut oil idea. We were able to have bigger wipes with using the pitcher.

  111. says

    I use these all the time for face wipes/makeup remover cloths for me and my daughter. The last time I made them, I used the Scott brand paper towels and they hold up REALLY well and are less expensive than others.

  112. Lacey says

    I saw this question a couple of times with no answer.. does the oil solidify to where you need to warm it up if your house isn’t at 76 degrees? We live in the north and do not keep our house that warm in the winter. Thank you!

  113. Alissa says

    Hello, I want to make these as make-up remover wipes and I was wondering if I should use a squirt of makeup remover. It’s lotiony, not just clear liquid. I know you said use face wash but I was wondering if you think this would work better? Thanks!

  114. Kara says

    Love to see this! My aunt gave me all the makings for homemade baby wipes at my baby shower 20 years ago. Seven children later and we still use them!

  115. Kris says

    You said you’ve used Shaklee products for this. Which ones? I have the Shaklee liquid hand soap, but it’s scented, which I don’t want for delicate parts. Have you ever tried them with Basic H? I’m not sure if the improved version (Basic H2) is good for skin, but I used to use Basic H original on my face all the time, it was the only thing that cleared up my rosacia and was gentle enough for my extremely sensitive skin. Thanks for the additional info. As a Shaklee user myself, I just wanted to know which products worked best for this. :)

    • says

      I have not tried cloth wipes or diapers (yet. I’m thinking about it!), but a friend recommended mixing sweet almond oil with a teeny tiny bit of baby wash and water in a spray bottle to spray onto cloth wipes. Hope this helps! I’d love to hear what you end up using and how it worked.

  116. Audrey says

    Hi beautiful hearts! I am wondering… (i know you said not to make the wipes too far ahead in advace to not have a mold problem but) what if i make a gallons worth of solution using the distilled water and subtracting the 2 cups and 3 tbs of watter to account for the displacement of water after adding the other ingredients to the watter and stored just the solution b4 you put it in the container w the PT

  117. Heather says

    I was just wondering about making these for my MIL who uses wet wipes in place of TP. How would it work to use castile liquid soap and leave out the coconut oil since it is made with it and then have the scented ones by using the infused castile soaps? I wonder if the castile would not be good using in sensitive areas as replacing the TP?? Any ideas or suggestions on this?

  118. Lily says

    Did you ever try to make these using paper tissues instead of paper rolls? Rectangular stack would fit nicely into the baby wipe container that I already have, but I wonder if they are strong enough to pull out the next fold…

    Also, how exactly do you purify the water?

    Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try it out!

  119. [email protected] says

    Heyy! Firstly aren’t you tierd responding to these hundreds of feedbacks. You surely are an humble person.
    So yeah! I made these and they r just awesome and smell great.
    But the problem is :
    what do I do with the excess water that floats..shall I drain? Because I fear that the wipes will eventually fall and dissolve
    And, do I have to keep it airlocked??

  120. says

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    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create my own. Do you require any coding expertise to
    make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  121. says

    I seriously need to make some of these! I use cloth wipes at home that I wet with a bottle right before use , but whenever I’m on the go I seem to either forget to pack cloth wipes all together, or find myself changing a diaper in the park with no sinks to wet the wipes at. I end up falling back on my “just in case” store bought wipes quite a lot. Thanks for the idea :)

  122. nancy says

    I Love coconut oil on the body and hair, but not to use on the face, due to it being non-comedogenic, and will clog pores with continued use, as also will olive oil, vegetable glycerin and jojoba oil is a smarter choice of oil on the face.
    And even purified water should be boiled and held at a temp of 180 degrees for 20 minutes to kill pathogens that are even in purified water, but even then without a preservative mold and bacteria will eventually form even if you cant see it thinking you dont have a mold issue, when you can actually have a bacterial issue. and the bacteria can be present for a while before mold starts to show up, so these people who have experienced mold, were using wipes that had bacterial growth, yuck….Its always wise to suggest using “Optiphen Plus” a safe and nearly Natural, preservative, when making any product that will be used on the face or body that is using water as an ingrediant.

  123. Megan says

    When using these as a make-up remover, do you have to rinse after you use them since they have face soap in them?

  124. Kathy says

    Can these be used in a wipes warmer? I have the Prince Lion Heart wipes warmer. Will these be safe in the warmer? Thanks!

  125. Marilyn says

    I have 2 havanese dogs and use tons of wet wipes for in between cleaning, mainly their rear and genital area. Would this be totally safe to use on them?

  126. Melanie Good Meyers says

    I love these wipes but still had a “red mold” problem even with purified water. Could it have anything to do with how quickly you go through the wipes? It took about 5 days for the pinkish mold to show up–I’m only using them on my 4 year old right now so it’s taking a long time to get through even one container. But I’m due to give birth next month and thinking I’ll go through them much faster with a newborn and maybe the mold won’t have time to be an issue?? Also, do you have any tips on cutting the paper towel roll? It was EXTREMELY difficult–absolutely impossible to do with a non-serrated knife and even with a serrated one I was sawing away for a good 5 minutes and completely exhausted afterwards. Didn’t realize it would be that much work!

  127. Donna Manning says

    Hi and thanks so much for this great idea. I was wondering if you could make ‘Cleaning/Disinfecting’ wipes for the bathroom/kitchen area by replacing the lotion with Lysol? Just and idea and don’t know if it would work or not but I will try it.

    • says

      I haven’t tried them with Lysol, but I have tried them with Shaklee’s Basic G, which is a naturally based germicide. They worked great with the Basic G, but I only needed a VERY small amount, about dime sized. Hope that helps!

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