Hot Glue Icicle Ornaments


Inspired by the look of these vintage icicles that were on my parents’ tree (and now ours), I wanted to make a ton of icicles for our tree!


To make the icicles, take an ornament hook, straighten it out, make a little loop, and hang them on some string


Take your hot glue gun and glue away, letting the glue drip as it wants to to create more natural looking icicles. After they dry, take a look around and add more drips of glue as you need them.

If your icicles try to stick together, just bring your hot glue gun tip to where they are touching, and they should separate.

sorry for the blurry/grainy pics – these were taken last year. Yeah, I wasn’t very good, LOL

Here’s the finished product


and here’s the completed tree! It looks so happy :)



  1. says

    SO cool! Love this! :D I'm kind of happy we both had the same bloggy problem today, otherwise who knows how long it'd taken me to find your blog. :)

    • says

      Seriously. Best compliment EVER, Kim! I was hanging them on the tree today and love the little touch they add. Thanks so much for the pin, share, and love! ;)

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