How I Clean My Hardwood Floors (with Oreck Grab-It and Steam-It)

With three young kids in an old home with all hardwood floors, I feel like I am constantly cleaning up the floor. We have dust bunnies, the occasional crumb, toddler messes,and a crawling baby who tries to eat any speck of mess that he finds. (yuck)

A few of you have asked how I clean our hardwood floors. I’ll tell you how I used to clean them, and then how I clean them now.image

Here’s how I used to clean:

Sweep or vacuum multiple times daily. Feel like I’m on a game show and go as fast as I can so that kids don’t step in, or eat, my pile of dirt.

Then I chose one of the following two options:

1.) Put the baby down for a nap, then make everyone sit on the couch while I mop. Wait an hour or so for the floor to dry. After the floor is dry, have someone spill something.

2.) Try to find time to mop, but never get around to it. For weeks.

I’ve always wanted a steam mop, but thought I’d have similar issues. I would still have to sweep before hand, and the mopping would never get done.

But then I met this lovely little steam mop, and it was like angels singing:


My cleaning routine was completely changed and simplified, and now I actually get around to mopping my floors. Not only are they clean, they’re sanitized. For the first time ever, I wanted to hug a steam mop.


Here’s how I clean now:

Take out the Grab-it and Steam-it, plug it in, fill it up, turn on the turbo broom and steam mop. Sweep and mop at the same time. Sweep daily, sweep and mop twice weekly, or as needed.

That’s it!

What I Like About it:

The Grab-It and Steam-it is safe for hardwood floors and can easily take care of two jobs at the same time. It’s lightweight, stores easily, heats up quickly, and dries very quickly. I am cleaning with water only, so no chemicals, and it sanitizes the floor my kids crawl on. I love that I no longer have a pile of dirt to be eaten, instead it is collected in the bottom and emptied when I’m done. It’s so easy a husband can do it. ;)

My favorite spot to clean (I never thought I’d say that phrase) is in the dining room, or in this spot of our family room where we have a kids’ table and chairs. Want to see how quick and easy it is? Here ya go:

If you haven’t figured out what you want for Christmas, or still have someone on your list, the Grab-It and Steam-It would be the perfect gift!


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  1. says

    I used to have a Monster steamer. It was nice because its so much pet friendlier and chemical free but it would have been amazing if it swept the floor as well. I love the idea of the Oreck doing both!

  2. Laura Grace Andry says

    I learned That it has a 30-foot cord means fewer stops to change outlets and that means speedier cleaning. It comes with two washable microfiber steam mop pads. The water filter is replaceable. Oh how I could use one of these!

  3. Carolyn Englund says

    I learned that you should not use it on unsealed hardwood, laminates, or engineered hard floor surfaces.

    Also if you give Oreck your email address they will donate to The Susan G. Komen Foundation :)

  4. says

    I learned that the broom function is great for picking up messes on hard surfaces .. this would be so awesome in my kitchen, which has ceramic tile and has plenty of crumbs to be swept up!

  5. Laura Lynch says

    it makes clean up easy since plenty of messes involve needing to sweep debris up and to wipe up the remaining stains and caked dirt. The broom and steam are a perfect duo.

  6. Tabitha P. says

    i learned Just add water, plug it in and in about a minute it’s ready to go & Attaching or releasing micropad is easy with step pedal

  7. Beverly Becraft Blair says

    Hey it can be used on my hardwood floors as well as my tile and with that long cord … wow, just keep on going and no stops to plug in and out.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  8. Phyllis Lundy says

    I like the fact that the pads can be reused and that it’s ready to use in a minute. I would love to own one of these. It would make life easier around here as far as cleaning the floors go.

  9. Leslie Galloway says

    I learned that it only takes about a minute to heat up and be ready to steam!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  10. says

    I didn’t know you could sweep and steam mop at the same time! Plus the washable pasds are so neat and eco friendly! AWESOMENESS! I also have a house full of hardwood floors, a 2.6 year old and a 7 month who is just starting to crawl (an eat everything on the floor) This would be wonderful to have!

  11. Nikole says

    My daughter is on the verge of crawling and I’m right there with the constant vacuuming and mopping. Eek! I love this Oreck concept!

  12. says

    I mistakenly commented before the instructions (not very good at rafflecopter, apparently- sorry). So I visited Oreck and learned that it would take me only a minute to get going- much less than a bucket and mop!

  13. mei-ling says

    I’m dying for one of these! Vacuuming and then mopping hardwood floors just isn’t right! Never had hardwood floors before though…

  14. Susie E says

    It is on sale for under $100! I had already asked for one of these for Christmas, but my family says a steam mop is not an appropriate Christmas present. I beg to differ. Hope I win because I don’t think there will be one in my stocking :(

  15. Julia C says

    I saw these on sale during black friday and had every intention of buying, but couldn’t :( Ran out of money. I’d love to have one with my 3 boys getting everything dirty in their path.

  16. Thomas Murphy says

    I learned the Grab-It & Steam-It features a large capacity removable water tank for easy filling. It can hold 21 ounces of water that will provide about 30 minutes of steam.

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