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I’m a sucker for a good sneak peek and it’s faster to snap a picture on my phone than to write a blog post. Plus I’m kinda sorta addicted. ;) Check out some of my favorite hashtag galleries below, and follow me on Instagram, @whbsblog.



Have you seen our unused living room turned “Mom Cave”? It’s easily my favorite room in the house. Here are some snaps of the room, you can check out this post for the full styled awesome version and more details on how it came together.


Our family room: the decor, the messes, the people who live in it. I’m always switching this room up since we practically live in it. This is a pretty fun gallery since I joined Instagram right at the start of our family room renovation. You can see more posts on our family room here.


I like garage sales, but I needed a good verb for when I go to them. I call it garage sailing and yes, I know that’s not a real word. You’ll find me out during the spring and summer just about every weekend, and Instagram is a good place to share them quickly. Ahoy!


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