Instagram Photo Coasters

Hey guys, I’m going to be on the latest season of “So You Think You’re Crafty”! You can head over and vote for me for this week’s challenge, “Stashbusting”, aka using up supplies you already own so your friends don’t nominate you for an episode of Hoarders. ;)

Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for the Instagram Photo Coasters that I submitted for the audition round of SYTYC. They were easy to do, save our tables, and add a bit of personalized fun to the room.


I take a ton of photos, and now that I have a fancy phone, I’m always snapping pictures, but I’m bad with printing and displaying them! Anyone else?

If you haven’t heard of the phone app Instagram, it’s like a Facebook news feed with only pictures, square, cute, vintage looking pictures. I’m pretty much crazy about it and also share a bunch of my pictures from there on facebook page or twitter if you’re following over there. But although I take a ton of pictures, they live on my phone or on the app, not so much in real life.

I recently found another app called "Postal Pix” that lets you print the square instagram pictures from your phone and sends them to you. The prices are good, and quality is amazing, I highly recommend em. I printed some of my favorite pictures to display in these Pottery Barn frames I bought from a garage sale.


But then I had a ton extra. Combine that with some clearanced tile sitting in my formerly-not-so-clean basement, and we had instagram coasters! Here’s what you need and how to make them.


Materials needed:

– white ceramic wall tile (4 1/4” by 4 1/4” size)
– craft paint
– printed photos (4” by 4”)
– gloss Mod Podge
– brushes (a large 4” brush makes things SO easy)
– Mod Podge acrylic clear gloss sealant
– felt and hot glue

image(I took pictures with the gold paint, but ultimately used turquoise blue)


1. paint edges of tile with craft paint
2. cut photo to size. Mine were ordered on the Postal Pix iPhone app and already sized to 4” by 4”!
3. apply mod podge to tile, center photo, and place photo on tile.
4. let dry, apply 2-3 more coats of gloss mod podge onto tiles
5. when COMPLETELY DRY, spray gloss sealant over tiles.

6. When tiles are done, hot glue felt to the bottom of the tile so it doesn’t scratch table surfaces.



These tiles are also great to use on shelves or displays as photo artwork when your son’s face isn’t busy holding your drinks. ;)


Do you have family photos displayed in your home?

How do you remember to print pictures, put them up, change them out? Any creative uses or displays?


Don’t forget to try and figure out which craft I am, then vote for me in this week’s competition at So You Think You’re Crafty!


  1. SP says


    I love these, but I was wondering…. were the tiles you bought already glossed? If so, did you mount the picture on the glossed side or unglossed side?


  2. says

    I just ordered 57 photos because I was inspired by your project! Hope I don’t turn them all into coasters because they are so cute! Also, I found a promo code online to get 15% off: fbpix15! Who doesn’t like saving a little extra cash! :)

    Happy Hump Day!

    • says

      ooooh, thank you! I wanted to order some more by the end of this week. Will def use your code! Tweet/mention your pics to the @postalpix people, they replied right away and were excited to get feedback.

  3. Beth says

    I did a few testers and they turned out great! So I decided to give these as gifts (8 sets so far… LOVE Postal Pix) but I wanted to give them in something more than tied in a ribbon so I looked high and low for something that would work… I found these darling little crates:

    I spray painted them dark brown to match the felt I put on the bottom of the coasters!
    You saved me this Christmas!! Thanks so much!

  4. says

    Hey, My name is Laura and I have started blogging about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos. I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas and I just want to let you know I love this idea! I love seeing the crafty ideas that people create to display their Instagram photos! thank you for the inspiration and thank you for sharing. I really hope this idea inspires people to print their Instagram photos!

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