It’s Been One Week Since I wrote a Post


last Tuesday, my mom had knee replacement surgery. The surgery went well, she’s in good spirits, but has a long recovery ahead of her. I’d love any extra prayers you can spare. :)

My grandpa lives with my family, so Lily, Ben, Adam, and I headed to my parents’ house last Monday night where we stayed for the week. We watched a lot of the price is right, drank coffee, ate pepper and egg sandwiches, chatted, and just hung out. My 11 year old sister and 13 year old brother also needed a big sister for the week, and I happily took on that role. Being a chauffer, greeting them with excited kids at the bus stop, spoiling ‘em with Starbucks fraps, helping out with math homework, and talking about their life.

It’s been a nice week being back at home for the first time in 4 years, but it’s also been busy. Thank God for my mom’s amazing friends who made sure we didn’t have to make dinner. Doug’s been awesome too, keeping the house clean after a long day of work every day, and coming to visit us. My sister came home from school, so we came back to our house on Friday night to get back to a little bit of normal.

So that’s where I’ve been (hello, one blog post last week!), how was your week?


  1. says

    When my son-in-law was hospitalized for an extended period, my daughter’s Mother’s Club friends brought dinner every night for almost six weeks.I was manning the homefront with a 3 year old and 1 year old twins while my daughter camped at the hospital, and I stayed to help once he was released. The meals were a God send! I am glad that you received help, too. Hope your mom’s recovery goes smoothly.

  2. Kari C says

    Your mother is in my prayers. Hope that she is able to keep patient while she heals as I have heard it’s a long process. Welcome home! How very kind of you to help out , it sounds like your little ones had fun too!

  3. Jess B. says

    Hoping your mama has a swift recovery! I’m sure it was hectic but it sounds like a really nice time spent with your family. I’m sure your mama and the rest of the family were happy to have you there!

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