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Although we just finished the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, things are still gonna get messy around here. I’m sure everyone has that one room that has a hard time staying clean, for us it’s our bedroom. Something needs to be moved? Put it in our room. No room in the linen closet? Don’t make space for it, just put it in our room. Laundry not finished and people are coming over? You get the picture…

When cleaning a space that has gotten a bit out of control, I think it’s best sometimes to devote all of your attention to the task and just GO AT IT. Put your phone in another room, put the kids to bed, turn on some music, and just CLEAN!

I devoted an hour of my time to our bedroom and it went from looking like this


to this! It’s amazing what a little focus (and naps) can do for a room.


Now what if you had more time and money to clean up your space, can you imagine how big of a difference you could make? A big difference, that’s what! ;)


Is your apartment messy? Do you want to spring clean but need a little inspiration?

How does $3,000 sound to you?

ForRent.com is on the hunt to find the Nation’s messiest apartment!


The contest will run from April 2nd to April 23rd. Contestants just have to like the Facebook page at facebook.com/aptsforrent and upload their messiest apartment photo under the contest tab!

Their panel of judges will choose five finalists who have the messiest apartment.

Don’t have an apartment? You’ll still want to like them! After the finalists are chosen, they will turn the voting over to their Facebook friends! The public will decide from the five finalists who wins the grand prize of $3,000. Not a grand prize winner? Not to worry! Four finalists will each win $500! The winners will be announced on or around April 30th. Sound exciting?

Use the money to clean, buy new apartment goodies, or do whatever you need to give your apartment a facelift!


What would you do if you won $3000?

Stop being ashamed of your mess. Let it make you some money so you can clean it up! ;)


Disclosure: I was compensated by ForRent.com to review their contest. The opinions in this post are my own and I only recommend companies or services I believe my readers (you guys!) will enjoy. :)


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    LOL! Our bedroom is the exact same way! Put it in there and shut the door. It ends up being a catch all. I am so proud, because we have kept it clean for a whole week. Eleanor’s baptism was the only reason it got cleaned in the first place.

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