Mom Cave Makeover Reveal

Are you ready for my mom cave reveal? You are not going to believe this after. Does that even look like it could be a room in my house?!


When I first talked about creating my mom cave, I thought it would be fun to have its own little corner in my family room. But as I tried to work amongst the chaos, it just wasn’t happening.

I decided to take over and transform our rarely-used living room into my own little space. It is away from the TV, the kitchen, the toys, but is still only a few steps away from where everyone hangs out.

But it was dark, beige, and blah! Now was the perfect time to FINALLY paint the trim and brighten the room:


We painted the trim


and at the last minute I decided to get gutsy with the wall color:

This was my mom cave after all!

The room is a light turquoisey blue (Valspar Stillness) and instantly the room felt happy and relaxing – just how a mom cave should feel! But this room had a long way to go. We moved the sofa in…


To finish the room, we made and hung conduit pipe curtain rods and added some $10 a pair white IKEA curtains. $15 a window, baby. Ain’t nobody got time for expensive window treatments!

Next came the fun part. I went for a shopping spree at my local La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery with some friends. Paint chips in hand, and pops of BRIGHT color in mind. I wanted fun accessories to make this a true mom cave!

I was blown away by the selection at LZB (that’s what I call my new BFF). Look what we found!bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and

Way, way, way more than just recliners!


We loaded up, headed out, and started staging and falling in love with the room.

And the big surprise?

My ridiculously awesome mom cave had its own photo shoot and is going to be famous! I’ll update you with more on that when I’m allowed to ;)


But for now, here are some of my favorite accessories from the room:

bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and whitehouseblackshutters.combright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and bright, colorful, and happy #MomCave with #LaZBoy and

Oh and while fisheye mirrors make your room look great, but they don’t do the same for your face…


and secondly: double rugs, double the awesome.


Accessories, schmaccessories. I know you just want to see that before and after again! ;)


My new mom cave is now bursting with color and will be the perfect spot to work, relax, and hang out.

Oh and don’t worry. No one has been stabbed with the horns, our pillows are everywhere, and the fish are now safe on the counter dead. (They lasted 4 days)

Update June 14: See what the room looks like now in our house tour here!



Disclosure:  I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.  #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric  All opinions are my own!


    • says

      Wow, thank you so much, Jenna! I couldn’t agree more with the white trim, I can’t believe how much it updated our old house. :) I am still amazed when I see the room, it doesn’t even look like it could be in my house. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments!

  1. says

    Holy Guacamole. I love that print so much that I’d cover an entire wall with it. Well, not really…well, maybe. Okay, I would. Anyways – diggin’ the new Mom Cave.

    p.s. You Rock.

    BOILER UP!!!

    • says

      RIGHT?! I loved those prints back when we were looking at sofa options… and again when we went in to pick the fabric color.. and again when I was browsing… and again when we picked up everything, LOL. I have too many pictures of them in my phone. My favorite one said “Everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else” but, well, I didn’t know if everyone would think that was as hilarious as I did ;)

      ps. you rock even harder
      pps. TOOT TOOT!

  2. Kim says

    Incredible job! The colors are amazing! I love everything, especially the chair flanked by the fish bowl. Was the fish bowl from the Lazy-Boy Furniture Gallery too?
    Pinned to win my “Mom Cave” too! I love their fabric selections. I’m in love with Cover Color: Ultramarine (J110395)!!!

  3. says

    AnnMarie, I’m so impressed and so happy for you! I’m glad you had this opportunity and hope you get many happy hours doing you thang in this room. Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!

  4. jules p says

    OMG! I was just sitting here reading your blog, all jealous that you got that gorgeous room. And how stinking amazing it looks. (major jealous) THEN…I read about the giveaway. Holy cow! That is awesome. I made a board. And I would give anything to win.
    I would take out an ad and let everyone know I won and that I read your blog if I win!

  5. says

    I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this room. Grey, turquoise and yellow is pretty much the theme running through my whole house, and I’m dyingggg at how much I love your new mom cave!! I wish I was a mom so I couldn’t enter. ;)

  6. says

    Amazing! What a beautiful makeover, Ann Marie. Now I’m off to go win a mom cave of my own! ;-) Hope you’re having a great weekend! (And so glad no one’s been impaled by the horns – cuz that’s where I went after my first, “oooh” and “aaah”! LOL!)

  7. says

    This looks amazing! You did such a great job pulling this all together. I love the bright and cheerful colors and the mix of furniture styles and fabrics. Those pops of colors really make an impact and layering the rugs adds so much depth and dimension to the space. OUTSTANDING!

  8. says

    This really looks beautiful. Funny that I am doing our Living room in grey, turquoise and perhaps yellow. I love orange so I am stuck between yellow and orange. What the heck, I might go a little crazy and use both =-)

    I was wondering if you got the rug at LZB as well? If not, where might I find it?

  9. says

    That literally looks like it came out of a magazine!! You did a stunning job Ann Marie!! Will you come decorate my house when I have one again some day?

  10. says

    Amazing!! You did such a great job and who knew that LZB had so many other awesome items besides for recliners? Not me!! I would love more details on your window treatments — I need something for my dining room that is cheap!

  11. says

    Okay… I hit “enter” and I left a monosyllabic comment. Sorry about that.

    I meant to add on:

    I love, love, love your large rug and that gorgeous blue lamp. I’m dying to make over my living room (which is also our family room, yoga studio, laundry-folding-station, and part-time-play-room. A mom cave is the stuff of my dreams.

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

    • says

      all is good :) sometimes one word says it all, haha!

      The rug is my most favoritest part, and the lamp is a close second. I say go for it! This is just a space where I went a little crazy with color and kinda took over. :) Everyone relaxes in here since there’s no TV, and I can tell you that lots of playing and reading kid books go on. But no more laundry is allowed to step foot in this space!!!! That would be a crime. ;)

      Thanks so much for the sweet words! Hearing that you were inspired makes me smile.

    • says

      let me know if you do, I’d love to see it! I can tell you that it’s so happy and bright in here, I feel like I’m instantly transformed to someone else’s house where there is no laundry nagging or dishes to clean. :) The wall color is Valspar’s Stillness, I highly recommend it! Any friend who has walked in loves the color, even if they don’t normally like color on the walls.

  12. says

    Congratulations on the CWTS! I am so excited to see what everyone creates! My project (#24) didn’t make the cut, but out of 361 entries not everyone could make it, right?! I can’t wait to see what you do in the contest! And I am in the Chicago suburbs, too, so if you need to borrow any power tools…;)

  13. says

    The room looks amazing! I am so jealous and wish I had a little space in my house to make my own. I’m bookmarking this project though as inspiration for our next house :)

  14. Deborah Paterson says

    That looks like wgat i envision for my bedroom! It took me 6 months to decide on paint (Beach Glass; identical to your walls); several weeks for my hysband to actually buy the paint; and we’re “in pricess” of taping so we can “get started”. We have white woodwark & wood floors too. I hope we get this done before i die of old age. Love your color scheme!

  15. Deborah Paterson says

    Your room is what i envision for my bedroom! It took me 6 months to decide on paint color (Beach Glass – identical to your walls); several weeks for my husband to make the purchase; and taping is now “in process”. I hope i don’t die of old age before we complete the project. Your colors are so peaceful & happy; we have, light sheers + white Roman shades at our large windows, wood floors & white trim too. Can’t wait to get it done!!!

    • says

      thanks, Mercedes! The fish bowl was from my local La-Z-Boy furniture gallery. I would look to see if you have one near you and peek in to see if they have it.

  16. djw says

    Great job on the room. It gives such a sense of completion. Where did you find the coffee table? I’ve been searching for one just like it.

    • says

      Hi Kristy,

      It’s from La-Z-Boy! It is the Sinclair line, this is the right arm sofa piece and the left arm chaise piece put together. And it is sooooo comfy. I’m so glad you like it, thanks for the sweet comment!

  17. Kathi says

    I love what you’ve done with this room! Thanks for sharing the name of the paint you used. I’m planning to redo my bedroom soon and Valspar Stillness is the perfect color. :D

  18. says

    Hi Ann Marie ! The change you made in this room is so impressive ! I was wondering if you would allow me to use two of these pictures for an article on my blog Appartement Malin (it’s in French…), in order to show how wide curtains can enlarge a small window. It seems to be so difficult to find clear pictures of this principle, and yours look really great. I would of course mention the source of the pictures and link them back to this page. Thanks !

  19. says

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  20. says

    Ann Marie ~ Your room is beautiful!! I love the colors and I love painting the dark wood white. It brightens up the room so much! Enjoy your new mom-cave! ~Linda

  21. Karen says

    I’d love to do that with our living room but we have a 90# dog who eats pillows and carpets and furniture. Ugh!

  22. Tracy says

    Can you come stay with me for a few weeks and organize and redo my home (on a budget of course)! Love this room!

  23. Amy says

    Love your new room! The colors are so calming. Do the kids have to stay away from your room to keep it staying so tranquil? Never ever thought of double rugs. I have to be careful with tripping. Are these low profile enough to avoid tripping? As in does the vacuum glide easily from one to the next? I have a lazy boy gallery nearby and went in looking for a new sofa/love seat. Was immediately blown away by the accessories. Really nice furniture but none really met my needs. The sales person was so helpful and was the first person to explain how a piece of furniture has to fit your body. I loved their accessories but the prices were a little steep for me. I expect to pay a certain price for a quality piece of furniture. But it is hard for me to pay for accessories. Does anyone else feel that way?

  24. KTW says

    How did you get the wood paneling off the walls? I think I saw in you list of before pictures that there used to be a lot of wood paneling everywhere.

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