My Small, Calming Bedroom

In case you were wondering, I haven’t finished our upholstered headboard. Maybe you don’t even remember the headboard I started back in December. You might not even have known this blog then. I’ve done some major cleaning in here and it looks NOTHING like the room I last showed ya. You know what, I owe you guys a view. These are the “before the after” pictures.

The only thing that I bought in an actual store was one pair of the curtains (Target), everything else was from Goodwill, garage sales, freecycle, or hand-me-down! I’ll have a supply list and total in the “afters”

I try to keep this room from being the room that gets all the crap thrown in it, and it feels good going to bed and waking up with a clean room. I’ve always said that if I could have one room always clean it would be our room and wouldn’t ya know, most of the time this door is closed when we have people over ;)


Want to see more angles? Here’s the view from the bed.

The closet is too small for two people, so I gave Doug the larger closet off of the living room and this one’s mine. You can definitely walk in the closet, but it’s much smaller than your typical walk-in. I like it.


“whaaaat?! You like having a small closet?!”


Living in a small home forces you to constantly edit your belongings. When we moved in, I had shirts that I wore in high school. Shirts I liked but didn’t wear anymore. SEE YA.

I don’t have room for twenty million shirt options, so now I edit my closet once every other month or so. I only keep around what I wear and buy many of my clothes on clearance or at garage sales. You don’t bad about getting rid of something if you only spend $1 on it!


Here’s the rest of the room. I had to stand in the closet in order to get this angle

Doug’s dresser, a basket hamper, and a big ole chest holds extra linens and doubles as a bench


There’s a lot of wood tones in here! I’d like to paint my dresser and mirror frames, add a bit more muted color in the pillows and wall décor. I want to paint the trim but am wondering if I even want to tackle that job. Oh man, I think I have décor ADD. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, ANN MARIE!

First things first, the headboard.



Here’s a picture from our un-updated house tour, February 2010. Two and a half years ago, guys!


And here’s the space now. Still small, same wall color, same size bed (queen), but man I do not miss that huge bed in this teeny tiny room.


It feels so much calmer and less cluttered. Like a bedroom should ;)


What do ya think of the progress? What would you like to see in here? and

Have you ever had a project that’s taken you a while?

I guess for me the answer would be “have I ever had a project that hasn’t taken me forever?” :)


  1. says

    i think a small space
    can be very endearing
    and you have achieved that

    love the calm colors
    and lack of clutter and extraneous decor

    and my closet is about
    as wide as yours
    and only about 14″ deep
    so i can empathize with your storage issues

    thanks for sharing!


  2. says

    I love this room and LOVE the natural light you get in there! I wish I had more light like that in our room. This reminds me of my Aunt’s home when I was growing up. It just felt so warm and homey…..I still miss it. Love this. :)

  3. says

    first, i only wish our bedroom was the cleanest room. fortunately it’s not the messiest.

    second, i have about a foot between the bed and the wall on my side of the bed, and i’ve considered just pushing the bed over all the way, do you find that one of you doesn’t need bedside table? for us, he has an alarm clock and his phone plugged in on his table. and i have my phone and ipad plugged in on mine (i like to read in bed at night before i fall asleep, and my phone is my alarm clock), but whenever he gets up out of bed, it scoots the bed almost the rest of the way over anyway.

  4. says

    My bedroom door is ALWAYS closed. I have a tiny closet we both share, and that does not force me to edit. It just means clothes are strewn all over the house. I keep swearing I will get my room in order. I have a laundry list of things to clean/organize/decorate/refinish.

  5. lori says

    looks great ann marie! dresser clutter is my biggest obstacle. would you be able to share a floor plan of your home? :) don’t beat yourself up about projects….they happen when they happen…and that’s not always very fast when you have little ones!

  6. becky says

    What a pretty, calming room. A place to call yours, maybe?

    I gave my husband a small office / man cave when we bought our house b/c I wanted him to have something of his own. As for me, I sort of “claim” the guest bathroom and do my showering, etc. in there. My husband & son use the other bathroom (yay!) and it allows me to keep my bath a lot nicer.

    Thanks for the diff. angles on the room. Loved it!

  7. says

    I LOVE your colors and the simplicity of your bedroom. Great job with the progress…Maybe it’s just because it’s what i do for a living, but i could definitely see a canvas hung over your bed.

  8. says

    My bedroom is a disaster. Like pretty much all of the time. I always close the door whether we have people over or not!

    And I’m chuckling because apparently we have the same taste…I see four things in your room that I have either in my own room or somewhere in my house!

  9. Jodi says

    I love the lightness of the room! I love the rug! I do have a question, it “appears” the bed is really close to the side wall. Have you thought of moving it to where the long dresser w/mirror is?

  10. says

    I love that you love having a small closet :)
    My family and I are downsizing and the rooms actually dont have any closets at all and I am more than excited about this!
    I have already purged so much and it feels amazing :)

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