Nativity on a Shelf

If  you haven’t see my post telling the world that we won’t do Elf on a Shelf, here’s the 7 reasons why we don’t do it. I know, mean mom! ;)

But I decided to do a little play on that idea and put my Nativity set on a shelf this year. I brought in a clipboard (see our Christmas clipboards here) with a little bit of black and gold Sharpie action (inspired by this beautiful artwork by Lindsay Letters). The angel is hanging on a nail in the wall.

Nativity set on a shelf! plus ideas of up high places to put your set.

Normally I’ll put our set down where the kids can play with it, but this year we have Adam. And I’m sorry future Adam who may be reading this, but you are crazy. But it’s okay, little boys should be crazy. So I embraced it, put it up high, and brought out the Little People set for them to play with instead. Wise men, you can thank me for saving your heads.

Here are some other up high places you can put your set:

-on a shelf
-on top of an entertainment center
-kitchen table
-side table
-on top of the fridge
-on a bookshelf
-on top of a hutch

or just put your set on the floor.

Unless you have a super expensive precious hand-me-down, there’s nothing that hot glue can’t fix. And if it is broken beyond repair? Buy one after Christmas on clearance. :) I found this one four years ago at Goodwill for 25 cents a piece thanks to an after Christmas 75% off sale.

Here’s that shot of our tree I shared already, lighting up the set.

Nativity set on a shelf! plus ideas of up high places to put your set.

Where do you display your Nativity set?


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    We have ours on our piano. We usually have another smaller one under the tree with a manger. This year with the way the furniture is arranged it wouldn’t work. Yes, we have many glued pieces and we are even missing one of the kings. Around 10 years ago, Rachelle, when she was around 4, broke one and threw it out and we didn’t notice until the trash was gone. I do treasure this set as it was given to me from my mother over 30 years ago, but the children love to see it up close and play with it. There have been other years when we have had it up high also. It depends on the age of the children and at what stage they are at.

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    We have ours in a cabinet and we keep it up all year long to remind us.
    Our girls each have a “play” nativity in their room.
    My five year old plays with it every day.
    I got a Melissa and Doug set last year for 30% off and it is adorable and non breakable.

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    I bought mine the first year I was out of my parent’s house (1992) and even tho it is basic white porcelain, I still love it. It goes on a shelf over the TV with a red scarf made out of a fire party shirt I used to wear while I was in the Navy. I also have a “Kitty Nativity” where all of the characters are cats and they sit on the coffee table so my real cats can see them (and knock them over)

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    I have a big collection of nativities from around the world, and I usually spread them around the house. But this year I had to rethink the mantel and turn it into Nativity Central. Why?? Because JADE IS CRAZY! She and Adam would have some very beautiful, VERY WILD children! ;) My dad calls her “The Destructor.” It’s a very accurate name.

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