Ombre Nail Craft Fail

Everyone loves a good fail, right? Have you ever tried something on Pinterest only to find that either you stink, or it wasn’t as “easy” as the person suggested? This one was totally on me.


Here’s my take on the GORGEOUS ombre nails from The Beauty Department. And while my nails aren’t the prettiest, I think my problem was that the gray tones I chose made my nails look decrepit or fungusy when opaque and faded. Gorgeous huh?





umm yeah, totally nailed it. :)

Tell me about your favorite craft fail in the comments!


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    Lol! Kudos to you for even trying to do your nails with little ones around. As soon as I do them it is inevitable my hands are needed for something! Now I kind of wanna try this ;)

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    Way to give it a shot though, right?! I had a similar experience and ended up with crooked Chevron prints on my fingers. It was pretty bad and I could kick myself now for not taking a picture. It would have made you feel better. :-)

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    You need to paint your nails with the lightest color, then get the sponge in to water and apply the nail polish while is wet, try to do some spongy motion to create the gradient :) I hope its works!

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    i have a nail blog, and one of the things i recently learned was hoe to do this gradient pattern so it comes out super nice.
    here’s a link to one of my posts–the first half of the design is sponging on the gradient, so that’s the part to look at.

    the secret: paint your nails with a coat of white polish, let that dry then get at them with the sponged on gradient, for which you can use any colors you want!

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