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I asked on our facebook what you’d like me to post about, and one of our readers left the following comment:

I need to hear from other moms of 3 or more children – on how they maintain/keep up with house and balance time for themselves and their family. I am drowning these days and it doesn’t help that I have an infant waking up a lot through the night!!! Yawn!!!!!!

I love this idea and also love hearing how other moms manage things and get through their day. I thought I’d start by sharing our daily schedule.




Doug wakes up around 6:30, Adam and I wake up around 7-7:30 and he eats. Sometimes I get a shower in, sometimes this has to wait.

The kids get up around 7:30, we say goodbye to dad, I put Adam down on his play mat, and start making breakfast. This is what our kitchen usually looks like in the morning.


I have my breakfast in here, with my laptop or phone to catch up on everything, check mail, enjoy my coffee.


While they’re eating, I’ll empty the dishwasher from the night before, and do any dishes leftover. Usually we do them after dinner, but some nights we leave them for the morning.

The kids play and I’ll throw in a load of laundry. I do try to do one load a day, and have figured out a laundry system that works for me. Sometimes I sneak down, but if I have laundry to fold, I’ll bring them down with me and they play in their playroom in the basement.



Adam (3 months) starts crying around 9:00-9:30, I feed him, he passes out, and I put him in our room where he’ll sleep for about three hours.

If Ben (almost 2) is cranky, he takes two naps. I put him down after Adam, around 9-10. He’ll sleep for an hour to hour and a half, wake up, play, eat lunch, then go down again.

After lunch, any where from 12:30-2, I put both Lily (three) and Ben down for a nap. Most days she takes one, some days she doesn’t, and those days she’s usually over tired.


I’ve been asked how I get two toddlers to nap in a room together. Here’s how:

1. Invest in blackout curtains. If you only listen to one thing I say, listen to this one.

2. Put one kid down 15-30 minutes earlier. If I put them both in there at the same time, they get silly and want to play. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t want them to get cranky later on. I put the younger kid down first, he falls asleep, the room gets boring, then I put the older one down. 

3. Don’t let them get over tired. Seriously. It’s a bad idea…

Don’t ask me how to get three in a room for naps. I’m thinking pack n play in my room for Adam? I’m not ready to tackle that territory…

I highly recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. While I didn’t do CIO (cry it out) like they do, I agree with their views on sleep and naps and used them as a guideline.



Let’s be honest here. I’m not as productive as I’d like every day. Some days I need Ann Marie time. Some days I’m a cleaning machine. Some days I need a nap. BAD. So this one is pretty variable.

But I’m actually quite predictable. It’s usually a handful of these things:

– on Mondays I try to log in for the Crafterminds twitter chat at 3pm Central.

– cleaning, decluttering, getting my bag for the day

– laundry

– working on or starting a project, spray painting

– write blog posts (guess what I’m doing now?)

– “networking” on Facebook or Pinterest

– napping

– reading. Right now I’m reading The Maker’s Diet and Patient, Heal Thyself.

getting an idea for dinner, preparing that.

– taking a shower.



Once the kids wake up, I feed Adam, we get a snack and I either take them to the park or outside, play with them, or turn on Netflix instant and keep working. *gasp!*

Yes, I know. You think TV is bad. I think moderation is a healthy thing and as long as they don’t overload I’m not going to beat myself up as a parent. And neither should you. I grew up on PBS and turned out awesome. At least that’s what I tell myself. ;)

Overall, I try and play with my kids as much as I can for that day and still be productive. Some days it’s not much, some days it’s most of the day. I would have a messy-ish house and play with my kids than be Ms. Neat Freak. That’s just me. They don’t go to school yet, they play, and that’s important. I think independent play is important too, so I don’t know what I’m trying to say.

image image


These are the hours when you’re trying to get the house clean, make dinner, and keep the kids from killing each other while they all scream and want your attention and all decide they want to be fed and cry, “I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.” Even Adam. *shakes fist*

I just try and survive. Sometimes my good pals Thomas and Bob (he’s a builder) are involved.

I try to let them help me in the kitchen as much as I can. You’d be surprised at how much toddlers can do!


I also try to get myself together and not look like a complete sloppy mess.



Again, this one is variable. We’ll talk about our day, play with the kids, maybe go to the park, if it’s 6:30 we’ll watch Wheel of Fortune (Lily and Ben LOVE it.), we eat. Just spend time together .


Adam nurses while I eat, and I put him down for the night. We play a bit more, read books, and Ben goes down first. Lily goes down fifteen minutes to a half hour later. I try to have them both down before 8:00 pm.

I try to spend as much time OFF the computer while Doug’s home, which is sometimes hard, but it’s my goal. If he has to get on and work on his work laptop, I’ll hop on too, but otherwise no. I feel like if one of us is on and the other isn’t, we get sucked in and tend to ignore the other person. I feel like we need that time together, to connect and share.

We’ll watch TV, play a board game, pray, or talk. We either both fall asleep on the couch watching Seinfeld (9 pm – we’re lame), or go to bed around 10-11.


What about you?

Are there some things you have to do every day? Do you specific goals? What works for you?
If you have a post on your schedule or anything similar, please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to learn from you!


  1. Rebekkah Smith says

    I usually have one or two house cleaning goals for the day. Like, yesterday, we were gone all morning, so my only goals were to clean out the fridge (which I did halfway) and clean the kids’ bathroom. Today, it’s clean the living room and laundry. It helps me to set really clear goals and a schedule for each day. My boys nap at the same time now, so that helps too.

  2. says

    OMG! You had me laughing out loud at “I grew up on PBS and I’m awesome”. Your day sounds a lot like mine, except for the part where you try to not look like a mess for your husband. Maybe I should try that (no wonder you are one baby ahead of me ;) ). Love this post!!

  3. says

    I love reading about other’s schedules! We also invest in a little PBS during the day. We’re still working our schedule, since the Biddy is still deciding how many naps he wants to take. One of the best things I’ve done that actually allows me more time for me is to designate one night/nap time to plan a week’s worth of meals:.plan a menu, start a grocery list, perhaps cut coupons, etc., all while still taking some time with the hubby and watching a little TV. It frees up other times for me to do ”me” things…like shower

  4. says

    I was intrigued to find out how someone with 3 little ones survives the day! Sounds like you have it pretty much under control. I was enlisted in the Navy when I had my daughter (she’s 14 now) so I didn’t have any choice but to put her in daycare at 6 weeks. I divorced her dad when she was 2 1/2. Sometimes I was really upset about having to basically pay someone else to raise my kid, but I also appreciated my time with her more. But overall, she’s a good kid (you know, for being a teenager!) so I guess all is good!

    Keep up the good work! Love reading your posts!

    • says

      some days I have it under control, some days not so much, haha! I agree with you on appreciating your time more, just before Adam was born I worked nights. Although it was crazy, I felt like I managed my time better, but also took more time to play with them and just enjoy things. I’m sure your daughter appreciates the sacrifices you made for her!

      thanks for your comment, I love reading them! :)

  5. says

    On the whole, our day isn’t highly structured. I homeschool my 7 year old, so that takes most of the day. My 1 year old usually takes 2 one hour naps (1 around 10am and the other around 2pm). My 3 year old doesn’t nap–and it’s painful. I TRY and get all of my chores done in the morning and I do a toy clean up before dinner. My youngest goes to bed at 7pm and the other 2 go to bed at 8pm. Then my husband and I work out together. I did a very short run down of my schedule on my blog http://parentsadventures.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-daily-grind.html

  6. krista says

    Do you have family/friends over to your house or go to their homes during the week? Or is that more of a weekend activity? I am a SAHM of 3 little ones and I think because I’m at home, family and friends assume I’m bored and constantly want to visit or expect me to meet up with them to do something during the week. It’s a bit stressful. I like for my daily routine to just be me at home with the kids. Any advice on this AnnMarie? Your routine looks good! Thanks!

    • says

      We live farther out from everyone (hour from my parents, hour and fifteen from his), so we really don’t see a ton of family and friends during the week. I try to visit my parents once during the week, then save the weekends for getting together with other people. I love visiting, but on the days that we do, I TOTALLY feel thrown off and then like I have to catch up.

      It’s tough. I would maybe set aside a day or two a week where you’re open to doing things during the week, schedule em, and then go from there? It’s tough to say no when you do like visiting with those people, but that’s what I would try to do. Good luck!!

  7. says

    I loved this! You inspired me to post my own schedule! :) We watch Wheel of Fortune every night too! And, I completely understand what krista above is saying. For some reason because I’m at home, people think that means I’m uber available and I can talk for long periods of time on the phone or that I want to hang out or go somewhere every single day.Sometimes it’s ok but for the most part, I agree, I like for the weekdays to be just me and my family. Without that daily time with just us at home, I can’t get anything accomplished. I too would love to hear your advice if you have any . Have a good Easter with your family! :)

  8. says

    Good crap I thought MY life was crazy!! I totally grew up on PBS too but my mom was quite a Nazi about it and we did NOT watch much. That being said, my kids watch TV. We’ll leave it at that. There a hilarious thing I saw on Pinterest that said “My mom used to read me stories but now she blogs and I raise myself.” Hahaha!

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