Master Bathroom Tour


A reader’s recent question made me realize that I hadn’t yet shared pictures of our bathroom space, nor our renovated bathroom from the old house (more on that another day)! I had just cleaned our master bathroom and took advantage of it to snap some pictures. The space is amazing, you could probably fit two of… 

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40 Bags in 40 Days 2015 Decluttering Challenge

join the decluttering revolution! Challenge yourself to simplify and get rid of 40 bags in 40 days. #40bagsin40days

Every year since 2011 I’ve done a project that has changed my life forever. Since then, thousands of people have joined in and changed their lives too. The project is called 40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS, and I’ll explain how it can change your life too.   What is 40 Bags in 40 Days? 40 bags… 

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Kitchen and Laundry Room Tour

our new house, kitchen and laundry room tour

Kinda ironic, as I type this post on the kitchen in our new house, the kitchen in our current house is in desperate need of some cleaning. So sorry, kitchen. I'll get to you in a minute. I promise I still love you. In case you missed it, here's the first part of our house tour with some details and here is the tour of the family room and dining room that won't see any dining in it. Why? Look … [Read More...]

Family Room and Dining Room House Tour

our new home, exterior tour

I can't even remember the last time I posted two days in a row, but I'm just SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU THE REST OF THE HOUSE!!! (yes that needed to be in all caps, I am really that excited) Here's the first part of our home tour, in case you missed it. Today, I'll show you the family room and dining room. When you first walk into the room, you have four options. Walk towards me holding … [Read More...]

Our New House!

our new home, exterior tour

Early last spring we decided to put our well-loved house on the market. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and our family of six (kids ages 5, 4, 2, 1) had outgrown it. After a few months for sale by owner and 83 days with my husband as our realtor, we sold our house!!! And then I was freaking out. We looked at about 50 houses in 6 different towns. We knew we wanted to be closer to my … [Read More...]

We Sold Our House and I Am Freaking Out

we sold our home! an update

A reader recently asked "How the heck are ya?" and I can't help but think of the opening scene of What About Bob?, one of my favorite movies. "I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful." Bob (played by Bill Murray) is very obviously not doing well. He's sweating, he looks crazy, but in an attempt to calm himself before he leaves the house keeps repeating those words.  Here's the clip if you … [Read More...]

Cheetah Shoes (Kate Spade Inspired)

okay, LOVE!! how to make these (kate spade inspired) cheetah shoes with a cricut

The last few weeks have been busy. First day of school and the to-do list and running around... selling our home and cleaning for showings... keeping this place from exploding with laundry. And so on. ;) I'm sure you know how exactly what I'm talking about. But in the midst of all that, I really haven't done much creating. And I craved it. Oh, it feels so good to create again. My new … [Read More...]

Tips to Create a Family Room

simple changes, secondhand furniture, and paint make this family room fun

Of all the rooms in our house, our family room has gone through the most changes. I'm really not even surprised cause we live in this room 80% of the time. That and the fact that I am a changer-upper. Recently I had enough with not doing any projects so I challenged myself to give this room a summer refresh and spend very little. $30 for the pillows and $10 for some plants that I have not … [Read More...]

Falling In Love with the After

" were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness."

A few weeks ago, I did something I promised myself I wouldn't do. I fell in love with a house. When we initially started this journey, I told myself I wouldn't start looking at homes because I knew what would happen. Doug agreed and wanted to focus on selling our house first. You see, I suffer from an affliction called "Falling In Love With Every House Syndrome." One house came along last … [Read More...]

How to Keep Laundry From Taking Over

how to keep the laundry from taking over! Tips and tricks from a family of 6.

I feel like laundry is one of those topics where one method doesn't fit all. It can't. Add kids into the mix and husbands and everyone's habits, and yep. For the first time in the six years we've been married, this year I finally found what works for us. And I've changed a few of my habits and THOSE have stuck. (cue some cheering) Even if only a few of these tips work for you, maybe the post … [Read More...]

The Kid Clothes Survey and Results

do other people struggle with kids clothes too? yes, yes they do.

A few months ago I wrote a post on how to declutter your closet and another on what to do with tee shirts. But kids clothes are tricky! Before I write a post on that topic, I wanted to see the situation in your homes so I posted a survey on our facebook page. Here we go: The Kid Clothes Survey and Results. If you haven't filled it out yet, you can do so below. But first, What is so tricky … [Read More...]

40 Bags in 40 Days Summer Edition

join the decluttering revolution! Challenge yourself to simplify and get rid of 40 bags in 40 days. #40bagsin40days

Maybe you've heard of this thing called 40 Bags in 40 Days. Maybe you tried it and didn't stick with it. Maybe you wished you had tried it, but were scared to commit. Or maybe, you haven't heard of it at all (in that case, keep reading). We have too much stuff in our lives and we have too many people trying to sell us more stuff. We don't need to organize, that's not the focus here, we need … [Read More...]