make a no-sew DIY superhero costume for your little one!

DIY Superhero Baby Costume

This month’s Michaels Makers challenge is costumes! I made a DIY superhero baby costume for our little one. It was simple and can easily be whipped up last minute. A few years back I made superhero costumes for our kids with each of their initials. To this day, they still play with the capes and woosh…

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Recent Sale Finds

This past weekend I went to the St. Peter’s Barn Sale in St. Charles, IL at the Kane County Fairgrounds. The prices are fair, the selection is amazing, and I usually walk away with a car full of furniture packed in like Tetris pieces. :) Here’s a few of the finds I bought this weekend,…

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faux concrete pumpkin planter, made from a craft pumpkin!

Faux Concrete Pumpkin Planter

I am not your typical holiday decorator. I deny holidays are coming. I forget to put decor out, forget to take it down, and forget to do a blog post until the holiday is almost over. I can't be the only one who does this... This month's Michaels Makers challenge is pumpkins: our task was to transform a foam craft pumpkin. Which means time to stop dragging my holiday feet. I got ...

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always wanted to paint? take a free watercolor course here..

Making Time to Create

When I was little, I was more excited to go to the craft store than the toy store. So today, I'm even more excited to announce I'll be partnering with Michaels craft stores as one of their Michaels Makers bloggers. It's kinda like Michael himself called (I don't know if there is a real Michael) and said "hey, would you be interested in coming in, buying all the craft supplies you want, and ...

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You can deduct charitable donations from your taxable income? Use this handy printable to keep track of items as you donate them.

Donation Values Guide and Printable

I know this isn't a super fun post, in fact, it's talking about taxes. But I for one am super excited about this post. If you live in the US, our current tax code allows you to deduct charitable donations from your taxable income. When you are decluttering 40 bags in 40 days, (and throughout the year as well) donations can add up pretty quickly. But they're annoying to keep track of. I've ...

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stop feeling bad and ditch these things: a list of items to declutter (that you won't miss)

Stop Feeling Bad and Ditch These Things

We all could stand to do some decluttering, even if you're the minimalist-iest minimalist that ever minimally lived.  Stop feeling bad about the mess in your home and get to work. Grab a box or garbage bag, walk around the house, and ditch these things taking up space in your life. Don't start now, start today. I promise you'll feel way better! Here is a short list of things to ...

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coconut mason jar mojitos - yum!

Coconut Mason Jar Mojito Recipe

I really like mojitos. There's just something about the tangy lime taste, the refreshing mint, and just a tiny bit of sweet. Coconut reminds me of all things tropical and therefore I like that too. Combine the two and you've got a mojito recipe that's out of this world. This recipe is great even without the rum, because I'm guessing that's frowned upon when home with 5 kids at 2 in the ...

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Colorful Outdoor Living Space Makeover

This post is brought to you by World Market.  Do you remember the thrifted wooden patio set I shared back in April? Today I'm sharing a colorful outdoor living space makeover. The before and after is crazy, it doesn't look like the same set! When we first took a tour of our house, there were many details and features that convinced us to put in an offer. But when we stepped outside, we were ...

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New Normal, New Changes

Three weeks ago today, we added a new little person to our family. Her name is Kate Louise. She's snuggly, a tad bit fiesty when she's mad, and likes sleeping in our arms. Also, she's super cute. Louise is after my sweet (yet also kinda fiesty) grandma, who passed away 12 years ago and would have just celebrated her birthday. She had the best laugh ever and her eyes made you feel ...

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Things I would tell my first time mom self, from my almost 5th time mom self.

Things I Would Tell My First Time Mom Self

I started writing this post a while back (forty weeks ago to be exact). It started as an instagram post, but at the time I felt I needed to expand on it. Something called me to it this morning, and I needed to put it out there today. It's a funny little list. Not funny because I'm hilarious, funny because it hasn't changed. These were things I worried about six years ago with my first, 10 months ...

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