Peeling Crayons

There’s something about a newly opened box of perfect crayons that is so beautiful and comforting to me.


I normally cringe while she does it, but there’s also something about seeing a box completely destroyed.

The care it took to peel each crayon, put the wrappers in a pile, color a scribble with the crayon,  and then line them all up.


Likewise, pretty beautiful. I need to let go more often…


  1. says

    One time my daughter (who was around 2 at the time) saw me peel down a crayon to sharpen it. After that she would try to peel all of the crayons. I would tell her not to, but you know how that goes. So when I wasn't looking, she'd take a crayon and hide in her closet and peel it, leaving the wrappers in the corner. Kids are funny! Thankfully she grew out of that habit.

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