Last week I wasn’t feeling well and took a break from the computer. Friday, I was feeling better and almost wished I wouldn’t have logged on. Post after post, status after status about the day’s unthinkable events. The kids were in other room and I turned on the news to see a fourth grader describing the events, broke down crying, and turned it off. All I could do was pray. Get myself together and pray.

The kids helped me make a big Italian dinner, and we spent the weekend together as a family: making a gingerbread house, playing legos, lounging, watching The Santa Clause, going to church, and visiting with family we hadn’t seen in a while.

I know you you’ve been overloaded with insight from every person imaginable, I know that. I have too. But I’m having a hard time getting back to posting as usual when I feel so much swirling in my head.

We need to pray more. I need to hug more. Be a bit more present. Pay more attention. Live a good life and be a good person. Mend broken relationships. Savor our time here. Get down on the floor and play.

I can’t control the world around us, but when our Heavenly Father calls one of us to join him, I need to be ready and I want to be at peace.

Hugs to you and your family.


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    I feel the same way. Between that and some unfortunate news about a friend last night, I just find myself feeling that blogging about a Christmas craft just isn’t what I need to be doing right now. My heart needs to be in the right place. Kind of a blog’s moment of silence.

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      I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, Nicole. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

      I’m a firm believer in taking a blog break if you need to, no need to announce it, just step back for a bit. It’s probably not the best business-wise, but bah, we’re people before we’re bloggers. Big hugs :)

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    I totally agree, Ann Marie. Being fully present, especially while staying at home with babies, can be so difficult! But what are we doing with this calling if not offering every opportunity to our kids to learn about Jesus and offer His message to them?! Evil will always be here – but we do have a remedy for that!
    Have missed reading your blog – looking forward to catching up :)

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