Repurposed Garbage Wreath

Did you know that we Americans throw out an average of 4-5 pounds of garbage a day? That’s crazy. And sad. We need to end the waste and start doing something with that garbage!


Repurposing, recycling, upcycling, whatever you want to call it, I love taking something that you would normally throw away and turn it into something beautiful.

Why stop at making wreaths out of book pages, garbage bags, or VHS tape? We’re discriminating against the other less pretty garbage. Well, I think it’s all pretty so I decided to do something about it.

Want to make your own? Here’s how:


1. Get a wreath. I like these ones from the dollar store.
2. Spray paint your wreath in a bright, fun, glaring color. Something that will draw attention and scream “look at me, I recycle, and therefore am better than you.”
3. Assemble your garbage
4. Grab a glue gun and go to town


5. If you have a toddler handy, ask her to peel some oranges. The peels add a nice touch and their beautiful fragrance counteracts the smell of the garbage.

Cost? Free!


And here it is all completed!


Here’s what everything is:







Don’t you just love it? Feel free to pin and share this with everyone you know!!!





did I get ya? ;)


  1. Patsy says

    you had me fooled, too. As I was looking at the pictures and info, I was thinking, “How silly.” But it is cute!

  2. says

    I meant to comment on this in a more timely manner….

    You totally got me! It was the orange peels that really made me think you were losing it!

  3. says

    My first visit to your site and happen upon this, a few days after April Fool’s. You absolutely had me and I was seriously wondering why in the world I was still reading. Maybe it was the sheer factor of figuring out how why in the world you would create something like this, take pictures of it, and make a tutorial. Whew! That was a good one!

  4. Jobie says

    Haha, awesome! I though the orange wreath part was a discarded extension cord. I bet that would work. We do have an extra one with a broken plug. Hmm…

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